Eruptions: We Are A Match

As I am getting off at my exit, I see my phone light up. It’s Marley, telling me that she is heading my way and wanting to know if I have made it home yet. I let her know that I have just pulled into the parking lot and will be ready as soon as she hits the door.

I waste no time. I immediately head into the house and turn down the comforter on the bed. I have a few candles so I lit those. I want that sex vibe from the moment she walks in. I scope the room and make sure everything is just how I want it and hit Marley up letting her know I have the door unlock and to just come in after she makes it in the building. Now it’s time to prep myself. I undress and hop in the shower, cleansing myself of my day and the moment that was in preparation for a new one. As I finish up and turn the water off, I’m startled.

Marley: Am I too late to join you?

Clay: SHIT! Damn you scared the shit out of me!

Marley: HAHAHA! Sorry. Now it time for me to fuck the shit out of you. First, let me freshen up a bit.

She kicks off her heels and removes her dress from her shoulders and lets her dress hit the floor. She grabs my hand and ushers me out of the shower and she begins to walk in. She turns the water on and stands under the water, letting the drops rain down all over her hair and her beautiful chocolate skin. She asks me for a washcloth so I hurry to oblige. Then, I watch her cleanse. The soap running off her shoulders. Her nipples sprouting as the steam builds up. The way she rubs and caresses her clitoris while cleansing that delicious looking pussy I can’t wait to devour. My dick is harder than the shower glass I am looking through. It’s time for what she came for.

Clay: Shower time is over, Miss Marley. Time for you to make good on your promise to fuck the shit out of me.

I open the shower door, turn off the water and just look at her. Her body is glistening. She reaches her hand out and I walk her out the she shower. I kiss her lips, then begin to pick up and carry her over to the bathroom sink. I set her down on the sink and slide my dick inside of her. Her legs tighten around my waist and I start pumping hard and strong. She’s breathing heavy, eyes closed and is slowly losing her grip around my waist as I drive deep in her with passionate force. I kiss her neck and pump harder. She thens makes a request.

Marley: Let me watch you fuck me, Clay. Let me watch you beat this pussy up like only you can.

I ease up and pull out, she pushes me back, hops off the sink, turns around and faces the mirror. She pokes her ass up and out in a bowlegged stance.

Marley: This pussy needs more disrespect, Clay. Fuck it up like you did earlier.

I immediately hover over her body, putting myself deep inside her. So deep that she raises up. I have both of her breasts in my hand and I’m licking on her neck. She’s panting and I try to put my dick in deeper as my hands caress her nipples and torso. I ease some of myself out, grab her hips, let her get in position and begin to thrust in and out of her. She’s watching me. She’s enjoying me.

Marley: Just like that, Clay Bae. Don’t stop what you’re doing.

Her moan is driving me crazy. Her hair is dancing to my rhythm. I grab a handful of it and tug gently as I continue to stroke.

Clay: Keep that head up, baby. This what you wanted right? Watch me fuck this pussy real good like this right?

Marley: Yes! Yes Daddy! Yes I did!

Clay: What you call me?

Marley: Daddy! Get your pussy Daddy!

The word Daddy has never sounded sexier to me than right now. She pulled it off. I am overly turned on by the way she says it. I definitely want to let her know how much I enjoy that soon.

I release my grip from her hair and apply more pressure to her waist. She’s now grabbing the sink like she’s trying to hang on for dear life. It’s no more talking, just moaning which turns to hollering. Then she begins to scream as her body shakes in my hands. As she shakes and hollers, I hear splattering on the floor. I look down to see a puddle forming under us.

I made her squirt again. Much more intense than last time. This one caused her body to quake uncontrollably. I pull out of her some and begin to tease her pussy with my tip, to see if I can make more of her juices spray out. She’s still shaking and she puts her hand behind her back to stop me. She turns around and lays her head on my chest. I wrap my arms around to hug her. I pick her up back in my arms and carry her to the bed.

As we lay in the bed, I can still feel her body quivers. She’s relaxing on my chest and I am basking in the moment that was.

Marley: Damn Clay. I don’t ever think I’ve been hit from the back like that before.

Clay: I hope that’s a good thing to hear.

Marley: It’s a great thing. My body is shaking and I squirted. You put it down. I want more, but I got to get myself together first.

Clay: HAHA! Take all the time you need. I’m always going to want more of you. By the way. You saying Daddy, Almost me nut all in your pussy.

Marley: LOL! for real? Why?

Clay: Something about your voice when you say it makes it sound sexy. That word has never had a great sexual undertone to me, but you just changed all that.

Marley: Well you was definitely dropping that “Daddy Dick” tonight. Type of dick to make a bitch listen to anything your ass say, lol! Clay, have you ever felt like this before?

Clay: If you’re referring to this unexplainable chemistry we have, no?

Marley: That’s exactly what I mean. I’ve had guys that felt good inside of me, made me cum and peaked my interest, but none of them have been all three with incredible intrigue like you.

Clay: I’m glad you’re feeling these things. I feel them too. You’re an incredible combination of a lot of things I’d thought I never find. You’re so beautiful, creative, hustle hard and you can take all the rough dick that I can dish out. I haven’t gotten the feeling that I’m overbearing or too much for you. You haven’t been focused on what I can do for you. You’re just living in the moment. I really like that about you.

Marley: I like that you fit this pussy like a glove.

Clay: I like that your pussy squirts.

Marley: I like that you knew to grab my hair while fucking me from the back.

Clay: I like that you can give neat or sloppy head and it still feels great.

Marley: Clay, How important is sex in a relationship to you?

Clay: Very. Like vital! I know that’s not deemed the right thing to say, but that’s what it is for me.

Marley: I understand. It’s very important for me too. I know we don’t know how each other truly lives and our core habits, but I think we got this sex thing down.

Clay: Agreed. It may sound crazy, but every time I’m with you it’s almost like I’m with a different woman. It’s all you and you are incredible, but it’s like you’re giving me something new every time. I really enjoy that.

Marley: I’m glad you are enjoying me, Clay. I’m enjoying you too. But the million dollar question is, could you see yourself fucking only me?

Clay: Asking me right now, based off what I feel, yes. But you’re like no woman I’ve ever encountered sexually before.

Marley: Oh really? How so?

Before I begin to answer Marley has put her leg between mine and is rubbing my dick. It’s sensual and clear she is trying to get something started. I start to harden in her had and begin to rub her back.

Clay: You’re not waiting for me to make the move or set the mood. Your secure with yourself and your sexuality. Oddly that’s not common. You can take charge and work the dick, but you also like when I just go to work on you. Hell, just you squirting is the ultimate turn on for me!

She begins to lick in a circular motion around the tip of my dick. She sees me enjoying it so she puts the entire tip in her mouth and lets me throb in her hand.

Marley: So what you’re basically saying is, you think you may have found your sexual match. Someone who you feel is compatible with you in the bedroom that’s not making you look or even think about “new pussy” for the moment.

Clay: I really like that explanation. I’m comfortable running with that statement.

Marley: Well I always want you comfortable, Clay.

Clay: I feel the same way. I also don’t want these feelings to end.

Marley: Let’s not think about our feelings, Clay. Let’s just feel.

Marley straddles me in revere with my dick in hand and proceeds to lick up and down my sack. I caress her back and ass and ask her to bring her gorgeous legs back and put her pretty pussy in my face. She does it. I cup her ass in my hands and start tongue kissing her pussy. While I’m doing that she tilts her head back and moans. I bury my face deep and stick my tongue in her pussy. Rolling it around as she rapidly strokes my dick.

Marley: That’s the kind of games you want to play, huh?

Clay: Yep! All night! I say while still buried between her legs.

Marley: You bout to make me cum again, Clay.

Clay: You came to cum right? Chill and let me do my thing.

Marley: But you got to cum too!

Clay: And I will. You’ve never failed in that department. You got me. I know it.

Marley: That’s right, Daddy. I do.

Marley lifts her pussy off of my face and begins to slobber all over my dick. Then she took as much down as she could and began to bob on my dick while rubbing inside of my thighs. I couldn’t control myself. I grip and slam her pussy back in my face and begin licking everything my tongue could reach. She’s moaning on my dick. I’m moaning in her pussy. I yell inside of her, “I’m going to nut” and she grabs my dick with one hand and starts stroking, slobbering and bobbing. I feel her starting to fuck my face. Riding me rough while trying to stay focused on taking care of me. I’m licking her so good that she raises up for air and to moan. Then, she goes back down and starts stroking and bobbing her head so fast that I holler for a leg shaking eruption that almost made me knee her in the face.

Marley: You like that, huh?

Clay: Oh my God!

Marley: That’s a yes, lol!

Clay: That nut came from parts unknown. I’ve never felt that before. You never cease to amaze me.

Marley: Well that’s good. Cause as soon as you’re ready for more. I’m going to ride this dick like I will never see it again. I came here to fuck the shit out of you and definitely got more than I was prepared for tonight.

She would lay on my chest and we would began to talk more. We talked life goals, movies, favorite songs. Found out she stays in Orland Park which isn’t far from me at all. We would talk and sex again. To be clear, she rode my dick till I literally fell asleep in her pussy. I woke up with her in my arms and it was a great feeling. One I could definitely get used to.

I haven’t had a dynamic like this in a long time. This feels really good. I think I really have a friend in this woman. Someone who seems to not only understand me, but also shares a lot of my same thought process. There are twice as many women on earth but this isn’t something you find in a beautiful woman every day.

Finally a woman that is not trying to compete with me. Finally a woman not obsessed with proving herself to me and just being who she is unapologetically. Marley is so secure with herself that all I am is icing on her cake. And I don’t mind covering her cake in every physical and metaphorical way. It’s refreshing. It’s making me want her more. I don’t know what we have, but I like it. I like her. Like the LL classic says, this is more than a crush.

Image by Saulius Rozanas from Pixabay

Eruptions: Do I Know You?

It’s morning. I slept like a baby from all of that good nut busting from and inspired by Marley. I’m up and wide awake with many thoughts. Today may be very telling. The intel we receive on each other could determine just how serious our feelings and this situation is.

I look forward to this moment to talk with Marley. Although she is becoming a clear weakness, I want to know if this is something real. Yeah, I got options and I haven’t really cut anyone off, but she’s honestly got me thinking I can fall back and things would be good.

My day isn’t slammed, but nothing is going to make me miss this moment in time during her event. Another thing that I must not miss is my appointment with Dr. Thomas. I got to run down everything that’s been going on and let Doc know that I’m all good. Dr. Thomas is so cool. Dr. Thomas also knows my deepest darkest thoughts. Our therapy sessions have gotten very candid and I feel as connected to the doctor as I do Marley. They truly have been the two people that have been the easiest to open up to in my life.

*Clays regular routine includes a good workout, sometimes twice a day, breakfast, periodic snacking and lunch with friends or sometimes a client. This is all throughout his workday, which can be 8 to 12 hours.*

*Today he’s done a lot of brainstorming with corporations that are trying to cut corners while trying to keep up with the content and technology needed for businesses today. It’s exhausting to say the least, but Clays not paid by the execution. It’s 5pm and Clay is officially ready to make his way to Marley and her event. In his mind the day has officially begun.*

Plush is a brand new lounge in the South Loop. Looking it up it appears that the Grand Opening is today. This is intriguing, because Marley said she has business here. Looking forward to see what that means. Also, glad that I am prepared for whatever attire wise. Tailored Royal Blue suit, Slim fit black shirt, square toe hard bottom shoes. No tie, it’s just not that kind of day. As I walk up to Plush I see a moderate size line. I figure let me text Marley and let her know I’m here. It’s about 5:45pm

*Text Thread*

Clay: Hey Lady! Just made it up here. Be inside in a minute

Marley: Clay! One minute!

As I’m standing in line I look up and see her. Great minds thinking alike, because she is wearing a Royal Blue sleeveless dress with matching suede blue heels. Everything hugs her body so right. Her hair is in a ponytail that is curled and draped over her right shoulder. We lock eyes and she ushers me over to her. I hop out of line, she tells security, “He’s my guest” and we walk right in.

Clay: Look at you, looking incredible as always

Marley: Aww, listen at you. Thanks! And I see you got the Royal Blue memo.

Clay: Apparently! haha! Matching you is definitely something always on my mind

As we are walking through the lounge, I’m noticing how dope this spot is! Low lights, music not too loud. 2 Bars and several group booths and intimate tables. There’s even a small stage for live music. This is definitely a spot I would like to frequent.

We make it over to the bar and Marley introduces me to a couple guys named Eddie and Steven. They’re the owners. I congratulate them on the opening and tell them how nice the place looks. They thank me and began to praise Marley for all of her hard work in making this happen. I give her an impressive look and also join in on the praise of her. We close out the conversation exchanging business cards, ordering a couple drinks and Marley then takes me over to a 2 person table in the corner of the lounge. Time to get to know who this beautiful woman getting all of this praise is.

Marley: Thanks for coming Clay!

Clay: Glad to do it. So the owners are impressed and praising you. Why? What is your role in all this?

Marley: I planned this entire night. I’m an Event Planner. Also gave them a little decorative advice. Least I could do for a client that pays on time and stays out of my way and let me do me, you know?

Clay: Wow! That’s what’s up! So do you work for a company?

Marley: Not anymore! Went Independent about 3 years ago. Took 10 clients with me too. It was a little scary, but I knew I could do more than what the company was allowing me to and you know how they will try to keep a Sista down in Corporate America if they can. I don’t ever want to give any company or person that much power over my work of my appearance ever again.

Clay: I hear that! That’s commendable, Marley. You have a truly inspiring story here. I feel the same way. A lot of these predominantly white companies want the flash, flair and flavor of our culture, but they don’t really want the people that can make it happen being who they are. It sucks, but we got to make it happen until we can make it happen for ourselves.

Marley: Exactly! Even in a segregated city like Chicago, I’m thriving. I have no idea what’s next as far as Chicago goes, but I’m definitely enjoying this ride and will make the most of every opportunity coming my way.

Clay: Cheers to that. So what’s the next main goal? I know you got one.

Marley: Smart man. Traveling. Taking this show on the road. Operating out of Chicago, but trying to get events planned in other cities and states. I like my privately owned and low key operation, but I want to expand to the point, I’m good in any city and I’m planning some of the best events in that city, regardless of the celebrity or the spectacle that is coming to town.

Clay: Big Dreamer. I love it. So let’s get personal.

Marley: Let’s do it.

Clay: You have boyfriend? A side nigga? Children that you conveniently didn’t tell me about when you were riding me and asking if I did?

Marley: lol! No to all the above. I had a relationship. It wasn’t serious, because he chose not to be.

Clay: Foolish man.

Marley: If you say so. He wasn’t giving me what I needed in any way, but had the nerve to make it seem like I was in need of him. Communication, respect, satisfaction, all one sided. I was starting to really loathe his ass, but was keeping him around to get stroked down time to time. He was decent at best in that department though. So I wasn’t sweating him for it.

Clay: Refreshing to know a woman who has this scenario and is keeping it a buck about it, ha!

Marley: I was going to hit him up one day during my lunch and then I seen this very handsome Brotha at the Bar Louie in the city. He had on a nice black slim fit suit. Vibrant purple shirt, black loafers. He was a real fly dude. He looked to be about 6’4, I assume with a Clean cut and low shaped beard.

Clay: Oh Word? How did that turn out?

Marley: First day I saw him, nothing. No approach. Just spotted him and wondered. I’m almost positive he didn’t notice me.

Clay: Damn. Sounds like you might have missed your ideal replacement.

Marley: Missed? Oh no, not at all. By fate or circumstance we would meet again. Literally about 2 weeks later.

Clay: Really?

Marley: Yep! I would see him at a birthday party I planned for a Mr. Williamson.

Clay: Whoa! Wait! Mr. Williamson’s party? That’s where we met. It was me!? haha! Get out of here! lol! You seen me at Bar Louie one day?

Marley: I sure did. You trying to be all casually fine, with your friends or whatever. I was definitely not going to approach you in front of your friends though. Just didn’t seem like the right time. I was scoping you though. Definitely liked what I saw. Was hoping I’d see you again.

Clay: Wow! That’s crazy! So you seen me before I ever seen you?

Marley: Yep. And since that day, I been plotting a way to get your attention.

Clay: Well I’m glad fate or circumstance brought us together. It has been incredible getting to know you.

Marley: Likewise sir. You were definitely all I expected and surprisingly, so much more.

Clay: Good to know. I had no expectations. I was just drawn to you and wanted an experience. You’ve been nothing short of a great experience. As we talk, I am genuinely liking you more.

Marley: Shout to Mr. Williamson and his bomb ass party!

Clay: Indeed, shout to Mr. Williamson and his party!

Marley: So any other questions?

Clay: What’s your last name?

Marley: Strong. Marley Strong. Yours?

Clay: Ellis. Clay Ellis. Do you think you’ll ever get tired of fucking me?

Marley: I should be asking you that same question, Mr. 4 I can call anytime. But to answer directly. One good dick is all I need. I’m not wired for fucking a lot of guys and enjoying it. To be honest, I tried and it’s not my thing nor is something that’s easy to accomplish with 2-3 men. As freaky as I like to get, I know that’s not for everybody. Men say they want “a real freak” I’d say less than 10% are truly mature enough with the stamina to really handle it. I’ve been judged for how I’m willing to get down for my man and I don’t need that bullshit.

Clay: I like that answer for so many reasons. I agree. Most men want to be possessive as they roam. Keep one all to themselves as the run wild free and recklessly. It’s just not realistic.

Marley: So what’s your deal? How are you operating out here.

Clay: In dating there’s no rules. In a relationship, I try to do the traditional thing, but honestly, it’s just not for me. My appetite for women is just too great. I’m not out here actively trying to fuck everything in site, but when I do see something I like, I definitely want the experience. Even if it’s just for a couple nights. I don’t sell dreams or make it seem like I’m trying to wife every woman I want sex from, but I would like the opportunity to occasionally dip just to get a different feel.

Marley: So you want love, but you want all the sex you can get.

Clay: Exactly! That is literally it! But you know like I know a lot of women are not trying to hear that shit. So I just avoid relationships until I really feel something I never felt before.

Marley: Haha! True. Well for clarity, if I had your heart and your honesty. I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

Clay: Really?

Marley: Yes.

Clay: To be clear. You are saying right now, if I was able to commit to you, I and you knew I loved you. You would let me indulge in other women?

Marley: Yes, really. I’m not saying treat me like a don’t exist or “play single”, but if you really wanted to conquer another woman time to time, it’s honestly not a deal breaker for me.

Clay: Wow…This is too good to be true

Marley: Sex and love are not the same thing, Clay. We are all sexual beings. Men obviously more than most women. I’ve definitely met men who I knew would only be a good fuck and if they failed at that, it was literally nothing to talk about. I think part of the reason why most men get a bad rap for “stepping out” is because they are shunned for desiring the feel of another woman, because we are all taught that “a real man only needs one woman”. That sounds cool, until you really get out in this world and realize no one has everything for one other person.

Clay: Facts! Just like the general, “I cook, clean, take care of home” but can you suck a mean dick though? Can you ride it like a young warrior and put me to sleep? Can we vibe to a rap album and watch UFC pay per view and genuinely enjoy it and not cause “That’s what he likes”? Then it’s women that just flat out don’t listen to you because all of their needs are top priority.

Marley: Yeah, it’s not as easy or cut and dry as society makes it out to be.

Clay: At all!

Marley: So, Clay, even though I prefer just one king in my castle. How would you feel if I wanted to step out and get some extra dick?

Clay: Great question. It wouldn’t be right to forbid you to do a thing like that and then have the option of the same freedom.

Marley: It sure wouldn’t be.

Clay: I don’t know. I guess the main thing is I wouldn’t want it to be someone I knew or close to me. Also, worry about how random it would be knowing how good your pussy is. I can’t see any man wanting just one night with you and that being more than enough. Part of me would like to watch you get fucked though.

Marley: Mmmm! Kinky ass Clay! Sounds like you’re down for a hell of a Saturday night, lol!

Clay: HAHAHA! You know know! Sometimes I amaze myself.
Wow. Marley. Never ceasing to amaze me. You’re not the average woman, Ms. Strong.

Marley: Thank you Mr. Ellis. You’re pretty exceptional yourself. This is a really good conversation.

Clay: It is. And it is making you even sexier to me. I love your thought process as much as everything else.

Marley: Is that right?

*As we lock eyes, the DJ throws on Gangstarr “She Knows What She Wants” and Marley looks over my shoulder*

Marley: Clay come with me, I got something to give you.

Clay: Right behind you.

She takes my hand and she ushers me over to the utility closet. We move swiftly and are out of sight to anyone in the mix and mingle. As the door closes behind me, she leads in to kiss me while reaching for my belt. As she unstraps me she reaches in forcefully and pulls out my dick. I’m throbbing as she drops to her knees. She looks me in the eyes and pecks on my tip.

Marley: As much as I want to take my time. I’m working so we got to make this quick, she says while beginning to rolling her tongue across my tip

Clay: Do what you must now cause I’ll get all I need later.

She closes her eyes, opens wide and starts inhaling my dick. Wetting it just right. No sloppy suck this time. A nice saturated bob with a soft stroke. She begins to pick up speed instantly and I feel a rush. She takes my dick out of her mouth and strokes it fast and starts to lick on my balls. I tilt my head back as the sensation becomes better than the show.

Clay: Marley, I’m gonna cu…

I couldn’t even get it out before she put me right back in her mouth as I erupted while her head bobbed down to my pulsating explosion. I grabbed the back of her head and tried not to be too loud but man was she incredible. My knees were weak. I’m sliding down the door and she is drinking me. Stroking my dick and draining every drop of me on her tongue

I watch as absolutely nothing spills. Not one drop or mess has been made. As she finishes swallowing, I lift her chin up, bring her up to me and tongue kiss her. I know we got to go, but I got to feel that pussy now.

Marley: How long were you holding that for me?

Clay: Since I woke up. Marley, please…

Marley: Please what?

Clay: Let me get that pussy from the back real quick? I don’t have a rubber on me but I really got to feel you now.

Marley: Right now? she says, as she grabs a hold of my dick and teases the tip with her index finger

Clay: Yes! I’ll pull out. I got you.

Marley: No, I got you…

She lifts her skirt, turns to the utility rack and arches her back. I slowly but forcefully put my raw dick inside of her. My first 3 strokes are long and passionate. Then I proceed to annihilate her guts as I pick up speed and force.

Marley: Beat this pussy, Clay! Disrespect it! Let it know you want to own it! She says in a panting voice.

I am loving this! The excitement, the danger, the feel of her pussy as I glide in and out like grease lightning. She is gripping my dick with her walls and the sensation feels wetter than ever. She is talking her shit and I am losing my mind!

Marley: Fuck it up, Clay! Fuck it up! You want this to be your pussy baby? Is this pussy all yours?

I tell her hell yeah, and the strokes get stronger and deeper. I feel myself about to cum and from the sound of things so is she.

Marley: Clay! Hang on baby, I’m gonna cum.

Clay: I really don’t know if I can.

Marley: We got to save this moment for a better time.

She takes her hand and rubs her clit vigorously. She began to give a quiet screech, pulls away and turns around and catches my next nut right before I erupt again. She’s still rubbing her clit and moaning as she takes me deep in her mouth. Again, no mess. This was perfect. She is incredible!

Marley: Damn, Clay! You shooting a damn Brady Bunch today! I would like to eat actual food today as well, ha!

Clay: You know how to bring the best out of me. Lunch and Dinner is on me next time.

She kisses my dick and lets me know we have to go. The moment is one of a kind. Even within the circumstance it feels like it’s only us in this entire building. It’s like the world stops when we touch.

I hurry and buckle up. She checks the door and makes sure the coast is clear before we exit the utility closet and make our way back to the main area of the lounge.

Marley: We were going to cum at the same time Clay.

Clay: I know. That was a little piece of heaven right there.

Marley: I want to cum at the same time with you, Clay.

Clay: So do I, Marley. I would love that.

Marley: It’s almost 7pm. Time for me to wrap up. What are you doing tomorrow?

Clay: I was thinking more about doing you tonight. Want to come over?

Marley: I do. Can I run home and get some clothes for the next day?

Clay: You can do whatever you want, long as I can feel that pussy again tonight.

Marley: Well, I guess I’ll see you soon.

Clay: Glad to hear it.

As I make my way out to the car, I am beaming. Another layer to Marley and I am still all in on this woman. She’s so rare and not for surface level reasons. We still have so much more to talk about. But right now. It’s all about me being deep inside of her for another eruption as soon as she makes it to my house.

Image by Saulius Rozanas from Pixabay

Eruptions: I Want Her To Watch

I’m home. Beaming in the face and I can feel the night all over my body again. Marley is the truth! Damn that is a phenomenal woman! My thoughts of her keep me just as aroused as her presence.

Remember when Method Man said, “5 minutes alone I’m already on the bone”? Well I feel that shit more than ever and she ain’t even here! It’s 10:45 and I want to hit her up. I want her to come get some more of this dick! But I also want to know if she made it home safe. I really care about her safety. It also dawned on me that I have no clue where she lives in relation to the city. In fact, it’s a lot I don’t know about Marley. We really need to have a conversation about us. Not as a couple but as individuals.

Our world is pretty much “2 basic questions and sex”. Not that I’m complaining but that’s what we are. The dates are going different but going very well. I’m very interested in her. The pussy truly is the icing on the cake. And boy would I love to put more icing on her cake right now. Let me see if Miss Marley made it to the crib safe.

*text conversation*

Hey Lady!

Hope you got to your destination safe. Thank you for another incredible evening

*instant response*

Thanks for checking in on me, Clay! I appreciate that. I am home safe and I agree that tonight was every bit of incredible

Good to read!

So, the dates have been going well, but I want to meet again soon. Not for a “date” but a chance to really talk. I realized that I don’t know much about you, but I really wanna know more.

I know a cool lounge called Plush that we can meet at tomorrow. I have business to attend to there. Would you like to meet there?

A chance to see the Boss Lady in action? I’m down for that! Definitely will do. What time?

I’ll be there 3-7pm. Come whenever you can and I’ll will definitely make my way to you.

Cool. I’ll come in the 6pm hour. Handle that business. I don’t want to be a distraction or burden while you work.

You will be neither and I look forward to seeing you sooner than later.

Night-Night Clay Bae! Keep your mind on me tonight.

Goodnight and to be clear my mind hasn’t been off you all night.

Is that right?

That’s real right.

Well good. I like to be unforgettable.

You are succeeding Miss and I thank you for that. Hey…Got time to have some fun with me?

What kind of fun?

Well, I unfortunately have to wash the scent and sex of you off of me before I hit the bed. I was wondering if you wanted to watch.

Ooh! Clay’s kinky! 😍😍😍

But is Marley??? 😉

She is….but give me like 5 minutes ok?

Cool. I’ll FaceTime you in 5.

Yeah, I wanted Marley to come over and get another round in with me, but who knows how long that would have taken. Plus this is a little more creative. I’ve never really been a dick pic sender, especially without request. FaceTime masturbation though? Salute to the OG Steve Jobs is all I’ll say.

I immediately get undressed, throw my waterproof case on my phone and start the shower. I set the phone up on the soap dish that captures me perfectly from Torso to mid thigh.

While I’m prepping the phone rings. It’s Marley! I don’t hesitate to answer. She appears to be in bed, stark naked and her body is an incredible sight to behold.

Marley: I didn’t want to keep you waiting sir.

Clay: No worries at all. I’m down to be patient for you.

Marley: Good to know. Well Clay, although I think you’re extremely handsome. I think it’s time you stand up and show me a little something.

Clay: As you wish Miss Marley.

I wasted no time. I grab the soap and lathered up the rag immediately. As I begin to cleanse myself, I see Marley, biting her bottom lip. Squirming, letting her sexy mahogany thighs rub together. Gorgeous chocolate gateways that hold the fire between her thighs.

I turn around wash my back and hear her voice.

Marley: I think you got everything clean. Now let me see you get dirty!

Clay: You ready for all that?

As she spreads her legs, she rubs her index finger up and down her clit, then swirls it between her lips, takes a taste and says.

Marley: I more than ready!

I say no words. I ring the rag out over my chest and put it on the rack. I then grab the shampoo. Just a small amount and I put my dick in the palm holding the shampoo and then switch hands to put the remaining amount on my tip.

I let my mind wander into the world that is Marley. I envision how good head in this shower would be from her right now.

I imagined her saliva is the soap. Dripping and coating me top to bottom. I’d ask her to go slow, so my glide is soft and gentle to the touch. Marley likes to rub my balls, so I’m doing that while stroking.

I take a moment to open my eyes and watch the screen I see Marley. She’s watching with lust in her eyes and I notice a small object in her hand. Her legs are spread wide as she’s on the edge of the bed and she has her hand firmly over her pussy with what I now know is a vibrator.

She’s moaning. Head tilted back and grinding slowly. As beautiful as it looked, I had to stop her…

Clay: Aye! Keep those eyes on me! I want you to watch how my thoughts of that mouth of yours made me cum in this shower.

Marley: ok Clay bae…you just look so damn fine, I couldn’t resist.

Clay: It’s ok, but It’s time for you to catch this nut.

Marley: I’m waiting for a “Daddy” you got a a “Daddy” for me?

Clay: Let’s find out.

I twist on my tip right under “the mushroom” while rubbing only my sack. I feel my cum rising to the top.

I moan and grip my dick in a twist and tug combination that weakens my knees. I feel myself about to erupt so I call her name.

Clay: Marley! Get ready baby. Oh Marley….Marley…Marley……ahhhhh!

The first shot spills a thick white stream out to her delight. She licks her lips and confirm that was indeed “a Daddy”

As I slow down the pace she stops me.

Marley: Wait! You’re not done. You got more for me. Grab the soap. Get that dick good and soft for me.

I went from director to lead role being coached, but I didn’t care. With throbbing dick being sensitive to the touch, I applied soap gently to my surrounding area to give my shaft a small break from the moment that just was. Now, I’m standing soap suds all over my pelvis and running down my thighs, waiting for Marley’s command.

Marley: Squeeze that dick, Clay! Squeeze it like you are trying to control it’s last breath and jerk it like you have to save it from total destruction.

I obliged her request as I looked into the hungry eyes of my mahogany goddess. Her skin glowing in her low lit room. The forceful sexy tone of her voice, let me know she’s not new to this and it felt so right.

Marley: There you go Clay Bae. Just like that. Now, mix in some more soap, pick up the pace of your stroke and don’t stop till you get a nut.

I turn quick to turn off the water, laid against the shower wall and proceeded with her wish. I pick up speed like a locomotive accelerating with a firm smooth stroke that could keep a nice beat to your favorite song.

Marley: Faster.

I double time. My grip on myself loosens in an oder to pick up speed. As I’m doing this Marley is caressing her breasts and squeezing them together. I then begin to imagine her laying under me as I maintain this stroke with the aftermath being me covering her breasts with everything I have Inside of me.

Marley: Faster Baby! FASTER!

My stroke is rapid fire. I’m caressing myself. I reach with my other hand to lightly graze my sack and it intensifies my feel of arrival. It lowers me and only part of my face is in frame. As I continue the full stroke and rub combination my eyes close and I begin to feel my point of no return rush to my main vein.

I erupt. Letting out a war cry that buckles me in the shower and I lay there. I felt great yet exhausted. If I wasn’t empty before I was now.

Marley: Let me see what you got for me, Clay.

I reach up with just enough strength to grab the phone off the rack and lay back down in the shower. I show Marley my cum laced knuckles and the remaining spill on my tip.

Marley: Damn! Another Daddy!? You’re a sharpshooter, sir

Clay: That’s why I keep condoms on deck. Just never know.

Marley: haha! I see! It’s a shame it all has to go to waste down the drain. Well thank you for a great night and night cap. That was a 5 star performance, mister. We’ll have to do this in person so I can see the face that created that last yell. I like hearing you cum.

Clay: I like cumming for you. So whenever you’re ready, I got you.

Marley: Sleep good, sir. See you tomorrow.

Clay: Yes, tomorrow. I can’t wait. Have a good night.

I get up and put my phone back on the rack, so I can clean myself and the scene. Marley is firmly on my mind. Why is this so easy with her? I’ve tried things like this before and women have been reluctant because of their personal insecurities or they flat out refuse and “not doing all that” because I’m “too freaky for them”. Right now nothing seems to be off limits for Marley. I love that! We’re adults. This is between us. Why should their be limits? Why should it be feedback and extra conversation over ones sexual desires? I’ve always felt like when I got feedback or resistance that means that particular woman wasn’t the one. Marley is proving I was right. It took some time, but seems like I found the right one for me. As least that’s the feeling right now.

Tomorrow will be the first time I see her working. A non date environment. A “just because” meeting to engage in real conversation. We got a lot to talk about. I look forward to learning about Miss Marley. Hopefully this conversation leads to me making more sense of the thoughts and feelings in my head. Either way, I’m rushing to get to sleep, because another day to see Marley awaits.

Eruptions: 3rd Date Talk

*Getting ready for work, Clay’s phone starts buzzing. While stepping out of his closet he walks to his phone, reads the name and visibly beams and opens up the unread message.

“Hello Sir. I know this is a little forward, but I would like to see you this evening. Are you available? It’s my favorite restaurant so it’s my treat. Talk soon.”

To be honest, I just never got a message like that from a woman before. It’s always the “Man better make the first move. The man better pay. Even though you’re going where she wants to go, this is definitely at your expense.” Not that I personally mind any of that. I live by “Time is money” and if I really want a woman’s time, I’ll request her time with no regard to expense. That’s how the game goes. Women require time and money. Every age and every phase of life. You will never find a woman that will not require your time and money.

But, Marley is dope! It’s been at least four days since I seen her. It felt good telling my therapist about her. I had to tell someone I trusted. Sometimes the fellas just don’t understand and they will lead you astray with, “but is the pussy fire though?” as a means of making every decision. I need more depth than that on this one.

I couldn’t wait to hit her back and did exactly that. No pause, hold up or waiting game. I want that. I need to get that.

*text message sequence*

“Hey Miss Marley. I absolutely want to be your date tonight. Don’t be thinking cause you wine and dine me that you can get some of this, lol!”

“HAHA! Boy, please! You know what it is when I pull up, lol!”

“This is hilarious!”

“Later Clay Bae”😍😘

“Later Miss Lady. Them emoji’s though…”

I know some people be tripping on texting and it being “no emotional attachment” or that conversation and tone can be misguided, but I felt all the right shit when she sent that! I was geeked! I was down to cancel a meeting to get to her if I had to!

As we get playful and get some sexually charged jokes off, I got the address. It’s a spot called “Freddie’s”. I honestly had never been there, but if it’s Marley’s favorite spot then it’s definitely a spot I want to know about. I looked it up and it has a 60’s Rat Pack vibe. That’s right up my alley. Can’t believe I never heard of this place, but I can’t wait to attend.

As I met with clients today the only thing on my mind was Marley. I can still feel the affects of her touch from almost a week ago. Her smile and her smoky, sultry voice already embedded in my brain. What can I say. She’s a top priority for both of my heads.

I was able to wrap up a little early today, so I decided to hit the area early. Pulling up to the venue for valet is cool, but when I get a chance, I love to walk the beautiful city that is Chicago. The skyline is the best in the world. The landmarks are artsy and breathtaking. The energy that you feel in the downtown area, is truly one of a kind. I’ve walked the city broke and I’ve walked the city financially secure and that feeling doesn’t fade. Still thinking about getting a condo down here. Those county taxes and the winter season always cause my hesitation.

As I’m walking down the street I get an alert in my headphones. It’s Marley.

*Text sequence*

“Hey! I’m about to valet. How far are you?*

“I’m actually 2 blocks away. Walking up now.”

“K. See you in a minute”

It pays to be right on time. I won’t even lie. I picked up the pace after I got that message. Power walking in a  stone color tailored suit isn’t the best move, but getting to a woman like Marley as soon as you can is a must!

As I walked through the revolving door, I see her. Black skirt with the slit on the side, showing off those mahogany legs that are to die for. Black 3/4 sleeve blouse with the top 3 buttons open. Her lace black bra looks as great as the cleavage it accentuates. Black heels, silky black hair down to her shoulders. What I want to eat right now, definitely isn’t on the menu.

Clay: “Hey Lady!”

Marley: Clay! Thanks for coming out! So glad you could make it on short notice.

Clay: It’s all good. I had no plans besides work and this was a pleasant surprise I wasn’t going to pass up.

Marley: Sincere man speech. I ain’t used to that, ha! Our tables ready.

Being by her side is great, but I had to get few steps behind to watch her lead the way. Her stroll is majestic. Her firm ass perched on the legs I adore and hugged by the skirt she enhances with each movement. She could have walked out of my life and made me the happiest saddest man in the state of Illinois. My God.

*As Marley takes a seat she smiles and engages in conversation with a more than obviously mesmerized Clay. The waiter has greeted and taken the drink orders. An enamored Clay is “having whatever she’s having.*

Marley: So, Clay. How was the ride over.

Clay: Ride???

Marley: Yes…Your ride and walk to the restaurant.

Clay: Oh! Yes! Ride! Yes, the ride was…incredible.

Marley: Incredible, huh?

As she smiles obviously knowing that I am making a fool out of myself with this conversation as my eyes are occupied on her beauty.

Thank God for the arrival of the waiter to take our drink requests. We went ahead and place our orders for the meals as well. I noticed the waiter knew Marley and was making sure that he was on her A game. I’ll ask about that later though.

I make an attempt to pull myself together. I wasn’t sure where to begin, so I relied on my first lesson in therapy. When you can’t hide, don’t.

Clay: Sorry. I sound dumb as hell right now. Can I break the ice and wall of intense sexual energy that is radiating off me right now?

Marley: Please do. “with intrigue and anticipation in her beautiful hazel brown eyes”

Clay: You look incredible tonight. From the moment I walked in this restaurant and saw that piece of of thigh in the slit of that skirt, the only thing I wanted a taste of in this restaurant, is you. I want the time to converse, eat and create a moment. But just know there will be moments where I will see nothing, but me thrusting my dick inside of you and you passionately saying my name.

Marley: Whoa! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Clay: Only on the cheek.

She laughs and smiles in what appears to be relief and amazement.

Marley: Well, let me tell you, Clay. I’m glad that you communicate so, raw yet poetic. It’s very rare. You say things that would be crass from the average mans mouth. I like how you talk your shit.

Clay: Whew! That went well, lol!

Marley: Did you expect a different reaction?

Clay: I guess so. I could say the exact same thing to some other women and would get rolled eyes and “So, you just here for some pussy, huh?” responses. True I want that, but I feel I’m making it very clear I’m here for the whole experience. I just try to express myself the best way I know how and well, lets just say I’ve spent a lot of years being misunderstood.

Marley: Are you a liar?

Clay: No! Over time that seems to be the problem. If I was a liar, I’d probably be happily married with 2-3 kids by now! Not many are ready for my truth.

Marley: Then what makes you so honest?

Clay: Anxiety. Fear of not letting at least one person know how I truly feel. The feeling that nags my brain when I know I’m not keeping it 1,000. It even affects my sleep at night. I’m getting professional help with it though.

Marley: Professional help meaning therapy?

Clay: Yes. Does that make me seem soft?

Marley: “Soft!?” She says as she looks at me in an almost pathetic, but sympathetic manner.

Clay, you are a well dressed, eloquently speaking black man that is dealing with his emotions both personally and professionally. You are embodying a man to me right now. I am proud yet intrigue to be having this conversation with you. And this is date 3?

Clay: Yeah, date 3.

Marley: Well I hope you keep in mind that I want a sixth date.

Clay: That is noted and understood. Thank you.

Marley: For?

Clay: Being the type of black woman I knew existed.

Marley: Meaning?

Clay: I’ve spent years chasing and tasting the rainbow. Thinking that my success and demeanor was never going to appeal to the average or above average black woman. I never been to jail. I don’t be on no tough guy shit. I express myself colorfully and I really try to sort out the world that exist in my mind. Oddly enough, I haven’t found many black women willing to deal with that. I never bashed black women or anything like that, but right now you giving me real unicorn vibes. I have so much gratitude for this moment.

Marley: That’s sweet of you Clay.

Clay: And that’s sincere. Many black folks look a therapy and mental health help as “White People shit” and for a woman of your style and caliber to be accepting off the bat, is a great relief to me.

Marley: Your words.

Clay: My words?

Marley: Yes, your words. A man that can use his words is a man more powerful than he truly knows. You sir, are a powerful man.

Clay: Thank you.

I begin to notice a change in her after that statement. Her eyes lowered and she appeared to uncross her legs in our booth.

As we wait for our meals, the conversation gets, interesting.

Marley: So Clay. Let’s get all of our Wiki facts out of the way since we didn’t do much of that on date one. Tell me. How old are you? What do you do for a living? Why didn’t I know that information on our first date?

Clay: Well, I’m 33. I’m a Business Consultant and I…

As I attempt to answer the last question, I feel a brush up against my thigh.

Clay: I didn’t want to want to provide any information you didn’t want to know.

Marley: Haha! Cool answer, my guy! Do you mind if I get comfortable?

Clay: The more comfortable you are, the better I would feel.

With that statement she extends her legs under the booth and places her feet, right on the zipper on my slacks.

The waiter has returned with our food. I have scooted close to the booth and feel like I could put a hole through the restaurant table if my dick was out.

As she begins to pick up her silverware she notices that I haven’t taken a look down at my plate or taken my hands from my sides.

Marley: Well, are you hungry, Clay?

Clay: Oh I am starving, sweetie.

Marley: Well you’re food is right there sir. You should eat.

Clay: I would like to but…

Marley: You’re orders not what you desire?

Clay: You could say that.

Marley: What do you desire, Clay?

Clay: Well right now, as your firm and soft feet caress my zone, I’d love to bust this nut you have building up inside of me.

Marley: You’d cum in this restaurant for me?

Clay: I’d cum wherever you’d want right now.

Marley: Really?

That enticed her beyond belief. The pace of her movement increased and I could feel myself pre-cumming heavy in my draws.

Clay: Yes, really! At this point if you don’t do it for me, I will. I’m reaching that point of no return.

Marley: Oooh! Clay is a freak with no conscious!

Clay: Or any blood above my neck at this point. So what’s up? It’s either here or the bathroom, but I’m going to cum. You have soft and beautiful feet by the way. I’m not even the type of dude that like feet like that, but you are making me a fan.

Marley: Hmmm nice! Ok Mr. gonna nut now. Unzip yourself and take that big ass dick out for me. Hold it under the table. I got you.

This was not the time to ask no dumb ass question like “you sure?” I reached unzip and pull out immediately with immense excitement and efficiency. I held my dick out, legs wide open to avoid any splashing on my stone gray slacks. While holding I feel a unique softness. Her toes connecting with my tip in a titillating fashion using my precum for a lubrication to enhance the moment.

While this is going on she drinks her water down some, then dips her cloth napkin in the water.

Marley: How’s that feel Clay Bae? You liking this? That dick gonna cum for Miss Marley?

Clay: Incredible! Im loving this. Cumming is inevitable!

Marley: Lets say we make the inevitable right now.

Clay: Be my guest.

In a smooth motion, she wets more of the napkin, removes her now sticky foot and grabs a hold of my dick and puts the wet cloth over my tip. I feel the cool wetness of the cloth and she begins to stroke strong and aggressively. I want to holler so bad, but this is a public place. She strokes faster and I lose all control.

Marley: Let it go, Clay Bae. Let’s see what Daddy do.

The cool wet sensation is causing my dick to jump. Her stroke is place perfectly and is bringing me a comfort that only I can achieve. As she inches her hand right under my tip she makes a twisting pull motion and I slam a fist on the table and erupt so hard I hit both knees on the table causing a stir in the restaurant. Panting and breathless I say

Clay: Fuck! Sorry! Didn’t mean to cause a scene. That was amazing!

Marley smiling at me slows her stroke and loosens her grip while a pulsate and drip every drop of my cum in the now saturated wet cloth napkin. I’m sensitive to the touch but she wipes me up quickly as we notice the waiter making his way back to our table.

Is everything alright, he asked?

Clay: Yeah, I uh, just had my allergies flare up a bit. Violent sneezes are an unfortunate reaction sometimes.

The waiter nods and makes his way to another table.

Marley: Look at you. Quick in whit and in intense situations and environments nonetheless.

Clay: Hey, telling him “I just bust the greatest nut during a dinner ever was not going to fly at a place like this, ha”

As the mood lightens and my solider eases, I notice that Marley still has the cloth. She leans to her side and opens the cloth and says.

Marley: Mmm! That’s Daddy.

It sounds so cute but it kind of confuses me at the same time. So in confusion, I must seek clarity.

Clay: You know. I notice that during a couple times when I’ve came, you say “That’s Daddy”. Exactly what does that mean?

Marley: Paying attention. I like that. “That’s Daddy” is an expression I use when I see so much cum that I know I would have gotten pregnant if all that went in me. It’s a little quirky or corny I know, but it’s fascinating to me.

Clay: Mmm. Well I definitely like your quirks.

She smiles and I can’t resist her. I want to fuck right now. I call for the waiter. He asks if everything is ok, I tell him yes, I just need 2 boxes and the check. Marley also looking confused.

Marley: Is everything ok? Is there an emergency?

Clay: Yes, it is. It is urgent that I get inside of you as soon as possible. I’m in the parking garage, 3 blocks away. My Tahoe has dark tent and I want to be inside of it, while I’m inside of you and I am not taking no as a serious answer.

Marley: Well if that’s what you want. Lets take a walk.

The check comes and she snatches it up and leaves cash. Telling the waiter to keep the change. I grab the bag and her arm and we proceed in a hurry out of the restaurant.

Even though the walk is short, I couldn’t wait to start my fun. I got behind her kissing her neck and grazing my reignited solider across her soft and supple ass. We get to the stoplight and kiss passionately. My hand are where the slit is. She takes my hand, takes my index and middle finger and guides it to her pussy lips. She has no panties! A pool of wetness makes my hunger to be inside of her even greater.

We race up the stairs of the parking garage. I hit the locks to the back seat and she hops right in, kicks her shoes off and lifts her skirt. I reach for a condom in the arm rest, while she takes my dick out of my slacks and starts licking on it like her favorite flavor of ice cream. I didn’t want to stop her. Her wet licks on both sides of my shaft, the pecking on the tip. This woman’s mouth is pure ecstasy,  but that pussy was the feeling of choice and I didn’t want to wait another minute.

I was going to go down and let her know I’m here to please in all ways and always, but she says.

Marley: You don’t even need to eat it right now. This pussy has been more than ready for you.

With no hesitation, I slide the rubber on as she lays back and spreads herself and take a strong deep thrust inside of her. Her arms and legs lock on to  my body and I begin to stroke strong and forcefully deep inside her.

Clay: This the dick you want? Can you take it is this rough?

Marley: Yes! Yes! I can take it all and so much more! Don’t you dare stop what you’re doing.

I won’t even lie. Hearing that made me emotional even though I was on some savage fucking shit. I’m in her guts! Pumping like a woodsman chopping away at a tree. My strong strong and forceful. She moans with every thrust in. I had to tell her how I felt and had been feeling. It seemed wrong but it felt right.

Clay: Marley. You are incredible girl. Your pussy is incredible. Your mind is incredible. What I feel is incredible right now. Whatever this is I want it. I want it for as long as I can have it.

That definitely brought the moment to a new level.

Marley: Well, if this is what you. Let me ride it and ask some more questions.

I grip her ass and ease out, siting in the middle of the seat. She mounts, grabs the back of my head and starts bouncing on me and thrusting like she has the dick in the situation.

Marley: Who’s your girlfriend? Fiance? Wife?

Clay: Don’t have one, never gotten that far, nonexistent in my world.

Marley: Where are your children and are you taking care of them the best way you can.

Clay: No kids. The plan is to have 3 one day though. What is going on here?

She shuts me up with passionate kissing, throwing that pussy like she never wants it back. She is so wet, I can feel her dripping all over my pelvis and sack.

Marley: Ok, Clay Bae. One more question.

Clay: Shoot.

she begins to pick up speed and riding just the tip and she asks me

Marley: How many bitches you fucking?

Clay: Huh?

Marley: Huh? All the words in your vocabulary and you chose “huh” for that question?

Clay: You’re right, sorry. I was never approached so bluntly at a time like this. It threw me off.

Marley: So, How many bitches you fucking? No way a nigga like you is dropping dick like this and is shooting 0% from the field. Keep it real.

Clay: I got 4 I can call at anytime if I’m trying to fuck. Nothing serious or consistent. We just know when we call, that’s what it is. Haven’t hit any of them since the night before date 1 with you.

Marley: Ok. That’s fair. I’m new. We’ll talk later on all that. Right now, I’m bout to cum all over this big ass dick you got me riding in this truck right now.

Clay: Do your thing. That’s what we came for.

As the talking ceases, Marley went for the meanest more graceful horseback ride on my dick that I have ever seen. As she rode she reached down and begin to rub on her clit and continue to bounce on me. I sat back to enjoy the show as well as the felling. Her climax was the rival to any great R&B falsetto note. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get scalped scratched, face punched or choked the way her hands took on so many expressions as she arrived. Then I felt splashing. She screams out so loud that her voice with the sensation made me cum.

I grip her ass, howling while bringing her so close to me that we look joined at the pelvis.

She was squirting. Spraying me with everything she had in her. I was elated. I only had 2 squirters in life before that moment. I always wanted another one. Squirting is some of the sexiest shit in the world to me! I love to watch and make a woman squirt. The moment is unmatched for me personally.

All the yelling continues and we embrace. We kiss and we cuddle still inside of each other and a moment of vulnerability sets in. We used no words. We just sat in the moment. Holding one another. It just felt right.

I didn’t want to tell her how much her squirting drove me crazy. I also didn’t want to have some knee jerk reaction statement like “I’m cutting off all my hoes for you.” I just basked in what was the moment. We took that moment for a few moments, then I offered to drive her back to the restaurant to get her car.

As I reached to for my pants she says “Don’t pull them all the way up”

Me not wanting to ask questions kept them to the ankles and started the car.

Marley: This dick though. As she begins to look with admiration and play with it. I’m sure she knows she is starting what could be another session.

Clay: Whenever you want some of that. You let me know. But more than that though. If you just want to sit and talk with me. I’m here for that too.

Marley: You’re actually a sweet guy, Clay. I should suck the shit out this dick right now, just cause you’re so sweet to me.

Clay: I would enjoy that, but real life you’d be sucking all night. I’ve let a river go tonight and I wouldn’t be shocked if my sperm count is low, messing with your ass tonight.

Marley laughs and draws back a little.

Marley: One day, sucking you all night will be my treat to you. You earned that.

Clay: Everything great in this world is earned.

As I pull up to the restaurant, I wait for Marley to get out. She says, “I’ll see you soon Mr. Clay.

That you will Miss Marley.

As she walked to the valet podium, I became enamored all over again. I don’t believe in 10’s and perfection, but man is she a 9.75 right now! I waited to make sure she received her car, waved out the window and headed home.

I’m feeling things I never thought I’d feel before. Things that felt impossible for the life I want to live. Was it my time? Was the personal life I envisioned finally coming together to appease me? It sure felt like it and I was going to go with the flow and not waiver no matter the cost.

Sometimes when you ask for what you want you get it. Sometimes what you want isn’t what you desire long term. I’m on my third date and 2nd incredible sex encounter with a woman that I am now willing to clear my schedule for. Maybe it’s time I ask would she do the same for me. Among other things.

Eruptions: Her Name Is Marley

I was never in active pursuit of love, but I may have just found it.

The thought I had as I laid in bed, drained with visions replaying of what might be the best sex I ever had. As I smile looking at the ceiling, I close my eyes and go right back to the highlights of just an hour before. Her tongue gliding up and down my dick and the soft, slippery haven that was her mouth as she sucked on me like she created the instrument she performed her masterpiece on. The way she looked me in the eyes as she let me erupt in her mouth and swallowing everything I let go.

Her riding, smooth and strong. Even when I hoisted her up in my arms and slammed her on my dick, I could feel her walls gripping and saturating my shaft, making me weak in the knees.

From the back was phenomenal. As I drive deep into her, I felt her climax and a gush of wetness laced my tip, letting me know I need to pull out or else round 3 was going to paint the bottom of her pussy. Man, that was incredible! It was hot and intense. At the same time it felt special. It’s only been 3 weeks. A few conversations and 2 real dates. I can’t judge for moving this fast. Hell, it was a mutual desire.

Cornballs judge women for how and when they have sex. What type of sucka shit is calling a girl a “hoe” after she gives you the pussy that you have been in pursuit of? I’ll answer for you, Supreme Sucka shit! Some of these goofballs harass and even beg for it. I like getting what I came for. She gave me that and then some. Can’t even lie, I would have cuddled with her ass if she laid here for a few minutes. I don’t think less of her. I’m thinking about the next time already. Not just the next time in her but the next time with her. Tonight, is a good as night!

*a door opens startling Clay and the woman walks out of the bathroom. She’s naked, hair is wet, body glistening *

Clay: “Hey!” Which was the only thing that I could think of as I felt a little shortness of breath as I seen her walk back into the room. No lie, the sheets moved up. No hands though.

Her: Hey? Is that how you greet me after putting it down like that? haha!

Clay: I’m sorry…it’s just…You look even better now than you did before you got up.

Her: Aww. Aren’t you sweet after a nut and a soft dick….

Clay: …But it’s not soft…

I needed more right then and there. I knew she had to leave to rest for work, but I had work of my own. As she was looking for her clothes, I hopped up and snatched them out of her hand. She turned to me and noticed I was indeed ready to delight myself with more of her.

Her: Indeed! Not soft at all! Down boy!

*As she slaps down and hits my dick making it bounce back. She then looks me in the eyes then back down at my dick, licks her palm and grips me and I start to throb in her clutch.*

Her: You serious huh? 4 Rounds though? You got that for me?

Clay: I don’t even want to talk about what I got for you

So I grab her chin to kiss her lips softly. I then insert my tongue in her mouth and suck her bottom lip with my kiss. She rubs my dick slow, but keeps a tight grip in combination of her caress.

As it gets heated, I lay her on the edge of the bed, spread her legs open and lift them up. I peck kiss her clit until she begins to lay flat and understand she is not going anywhere. I wanted to take my time, admire and enjoy this moment. I moistened her lips, with salivating licks. I tasted a layer of her wetness as I rolled my tongue in her. As I bring it back to clit, she told me everything I wanted to hear. Not with her words, but her reactions. Her thighs begin to quiver, her clit begin to swell. Her harmonious moan was sonically perfect and making me harder.

Her: You want this pussy to cum all over your face, boy? Huh baby? That’s what you want this pussy to do?

That was my cue to go in. I begin to suck on her clitoris like I was dying of thirst of thirst and only her juices could revive me. Then I worked the tongue in to break up the sucking and she locked her long gorgeous legs around my neck and proceed to grind and fuck my mouth vigorously.


Her leg shaking orgasm ensues and her entire body is quivering from the release that she just experienced.

As her breath comes in spurts, I smile. I smile because I’m not done and I know I’m bout to wear her out real quick. As I begin to head for the dresser for the condom, I am stopped.

Her: Uh-uh, Nigga! Show me what that raw Dick do. Right now!

Clay: Oh Word!? If you insist.

G! My dick is on 10,000 right now! Dripping from just her words and how I made her cum. Now she going to let me get it raw, again! This is heaven and I’m about to die!

No tricks and positions this time. I just see this beautiful woman after a great orgasm with a wet pussy waiting to receive me. Time to keep it sexy and simple.

I mount myself between her thighs and try to kiss first and be all sensual. She reaches down, grabs my shaft and slides me right in her pussy. I moan and feel her walls hugging me. I fit like a glove. Better than I felt the first time I put it in. The moment was so intense and she felt so soft and wet and was talking her shit. It was at that moment I knew I wouldn’t last too long.

Her: How do I feel, baby? This pussy good to you? You like the way I grip that dick?

Clay: Hell yeah I like it! I love it! Fuck! Oooh. Your pussy feel too fucking good right now.

Her: Too good huh? You bout to nut in this pussy ain’t you?

Clay: Nope.

As I try to hang on but the strokes are getting shorter cause we both know, I’m about done for with these 10-12 strokes she got already.

Her: No? You don’t want to to cum in this pussy, baby?

She says so passionately as she kisses and licks on my neck.

Clay: Now, hold on. I ain’t say all that!

She laughs and tells me to turn on my back so she can get on top. This is risky cause I am one wet move from letting it go. She straddles me, looking sexier than ever! She can feel my stroke changing and see the expression on my face change as well.

Her: A man cautious about nutting in a girl on the first night. I like that…

She hops off my dick, grabs it and starts stroking and licking it at the same time causing me to explode all over myself. I belt out a Lion like moan as I can feel my sack empty from the eruption. She enjoys the reaction and begins to “clean me up” and starts pecking on my tip.

Her: Mmm…That’s Daddy….hehe! Good job!

Clay: I couldn’t have done it without you.

Her: You’re cute, haha!

As she takes her smile away and inches my tip back to her clit.

Her: Why don’t you cum again for me, baby.

Clay: Again? Right now?

Her: Pleeease? I really want to see you cum again.

I don’t even know how to answer a request like that, but little did I know she was already providing the solution. As she continued rubbing my tip on her clit, she began to salivate and drool and let it land between her legs. While that is happening she is caressing, rubbing and playing with my tip while stroking it and rubbing it across the clit with her other hand. I’ve never had no shit like that in my life!

Clay: I don’t think I got it in me

Her: You don’t have it for me, baby? Not even a little drop for me? You sure you don’t have it for me, babe?

I went from unsure to certain as I felt the sensation of busting creeping up from a place I never even felt before!

As I throbbed between her legs continued to let her saliva drip and play more. She must have felt what I felt because she quickly turned to the 69 position on top of me and begin to suck on my dick while rubbing an index finger on my balls till I belted out a screeching falsetto filled arrival.

Her: Mmm. That’s what I came for.

It felt like I shot a fucking bullet out of my dick! Straight kill-shot shit!

Clay: My God. You are incredible! I’ve never had no shit like that in my life.

Her: Do me good. I’ll do you better. Do what you did with that tongue and… see.

Clay: I sure the fuck do! Anytime you need that, I’m available. Real shit.

Her: Is that right? I’m going to see if you talking that kind of talk when your not fresh off a good back to back nut.

Clay: You think this just good nut talk?

Her: “I’m saying I’m down to see if it’s not.” As she kisses with the mouth that performed literal magic just seconds before.

Clay: That’s fair. What’s the move with you tomorrow?

Her: Work! I got a goal to meet and I can’t rest till it’s met.

Clay: I understand that. Got to get to those dreams by any means

I didn’t want to seem to thirsty for another encounter, so I just laid back and played as cool as I could. As she left to freshen up, I knew that I wanted her. As I watched her put back on her clothes. I knew I had to make her want me. As we kissed and she left, I got in the shower thinking of how this would be the first of many times we would be nasty, have fun and learn each other. However, it’s just possibly one problem. I don’t think I want to stop fucking other women forever.

Dr. Thomas: And why is that? It sounds like you have already been bitten by the love bug from this woman. Sounds like your nose is so open you could plant a tree in it.

Clay: Because, Doc. Sex with the same woman continuously will and does get old. That’s just a fact of life. Yeah, it starts out great. Sometimes it starts perfectly. Then, the honeymoon is over, reality sets in and even if the sex is phenomenal, you’ll see something else out there and you’ll want a taste or two.

Sometimes I just want to hear a new voice. Feel a new lick. See how my stroke affects “that woman too”. Don’t get me wrong, I would come back. I would even go as far to say I would make sure she was getting more dick than any other women. I just want to break up that monotony, you know?

Dr. Thomas: You do realize that what you want sounds like a sex stable right, Clay?

Clay: Yeah. I also am trying to come to grips with why I want to tell this woman and I’ve never wanted to tell a woman anything like this before.

Dr. Thomas: Interesting. What makes her so different?

Clay: You ever meet a person and thought “even if this person doesn’t understand me, they wouldn’t judge me?”

Dr. Thomas: Honestly, no. I can’t say I have definitely met a person like that besides myself.

Clay: Well I feel that with her. It’s an energy. A chemistry that lets me know we are on the same wavelength. Kindred spirit, soulmate shit. I feel I can tell her things that would freak other women out and it would lead to a real conversation. Not judgement and awkwardness

Dr. Thomas: What if she wants a stable of her own?

Clay: To be honest, Doc. I haven’t thought that far ahead; but I can tell you that even you mentioning that didn’t cause any anger or anxiety in any way to me.

Dr. Thomas: Wow! A man not wanting to possess and control a woman as he roams free in the wild. This is becoming a learning experience for me! That is not a normal trait of a man. Especially a man who sounds like he’s falling in love.

Clay: I know. It sounds wild, but what I feel is truly different. It’s not meant to for everybody to understand and be ok with. That’s why I’m not even sure if people on the outside looking in would call it love. Especially not that socially acceptable love

Dr. Thomas: Well Clay, there are many forms of love. A friend, a dog, a child and a wife don’t necessarily breed the same kind of love from the same person. I think the most important aspect of love is making sure it is unconditional. So when do you plan to tell her all of this?

Clay: I would love to say the next time I see her, but honestly, who knows.

Dr. Thomas: Well, never forget the primary reason  you come here is because of your need to express your truest feelings to the people that need to hear them most. You’ve made great progress with your anxiety over the last few months. Don’t take a step back because of the new feelings you are processing. In fact, this may be the best scenario to test how much progress you have made since this spring. By the way, who is this “Her” that has taken up our time today?

Clay: Her name is Marley.


Hey Guys, It’s Marley!

What’s up everybody? I’m Marley!

Clay said he has something to tell me, but he just needed some time. Apparently an audience comes with that time, ha!

Clay’s a cool brother. We are far from “Bro and Sis” though. I really like him. On the surface you see 6’4, strong build and a well dressed man at all times, but it’s so much more to him than that. There’s those gorgeous white teeth of his. Those incredibly strong arms and he’s still very handsome when he shaves. Chiseled good looks is what my Grandma would say.

What attracted me to Clay was his ambition. He knows what he wants and just how to get it. That’s a play on one of our favorite Gangstarr songs, for those not up on they hip-hop. What really got me was his words. Damn, this boy and his words! A man that can use his words is a powerful man. I don’t even think he realizes what his words truly do to me.

Clay is relentless, passionate and so damn nasty! I can’t lie, it’s the ultimate turn on. I met plenty of guys who brag on they dick, swear they can work they dick and wanted me on their dick every day of the week. Clay is the only one that could stand strong with no talk and get all that and more without asking. He’s modest to say the least, but I can take it all, any way and all day!

I don’t want to be all corny and say we could be a low key power couple, but I don’t know anybody doing it like us without TMZ in their face. We’re also not official on any level. We just work hard, fuck good and chase dreams. The dick he’s dropping is too good for me to let go because of a title. Just how I feel. Besides, I need a friend for life more than I need to be called a Wife. What we got is dope. I wouldn’t trade it and I hope he won’t either…

I know plenty of women think I’m tripping and every meme that you have read on social media has told you that I’m wrong and selling myself short to have a man. What they don’t know is that I’m in control of me and what I want to do with this pussy. Right now, Clay has got easy access. I just turned 30 and I’m not a woman struggling to find myself and dying to get a ring. I am success and satisfaction driven. Between my business and my time with Clay, I have exactly that. We’ll get to society’s guide to love and happiness later.