Yo, What’s up? This Clay

My encounters with women are unique to say the least. I’m definitely a guy with “a type” but at the same time, I like what I like that night. You may see me with something light-skin with light eyes and thick thighs. You may see me with a pasty, prissy, petite brunette. I know this gorgeous full lipped and top heavy Filipino girl, but the dark chocolate skin and smokey, sultry, raspy voice of my girl Marley, drives me crazy! I love that girl!

Marley: 5’10 with the most incredibly smooth and strong legs I’ve ever seen on a woman. Natural Afro, curled up or pressed down, I can’t keep my hands out of her hair for breakfast, lunch or dinner. She’s slender, sleek, but subtly thick. Her proportions are to die for. Half genetics, half hard work. Marley is the embodiment of universally sexy. Other girls are cute, no doubt, but this woman is Super Fucking Sexy!

Nope, she’s not a model. Never been in a rap video or been viewed by thousands for thousands on a pole. She’s just a breathtaking woman who is like none other I’ve ever met.

As for me, I’m 6’4 211lbs but hitting my 30’s has made that fluctuate, but never looking out of control. I make a pretty nice living for myself and reside on the outskirts of Chicago. I keep a fresh cut and I been told I’m handsome with and without the beard.

That’s just some of layer 1. Now, I want you to take a walk with me. Life with Marley in it is getting pretty real and well, I need another person to talk to.

Before The Eruptions: Words from The Writer

Greetings and good day to you,

Whenever you decide to read this, I must first thank you! You are taking a gamble on a man writing about sex, which is oddly pretty rare. Usually Erotica is written by a woman and it can be very sweet, sensual, artistic or what you could see on Cinemax in the 90’s. Whether you loved or hate that, this will be different yet parallel.

Spoiler Alert: Although I am a black man writing about Erotica, these scenarios and moments won’t have to deal with a man fresh out of prison, doing slam poetry or a murder under the act of jealous rage or love. Matter fact, erase every stereotypical thing you would expect from a black man writing about sex. It’s just not going to be that.

The aim is to provide a colorful, arousing experience that sounds unique and feels real. It’s going to move like only some men can and how other men heard about. It’s going to be for women to open up, understand and identify. With themselves or with the layers of mens urges and desires remains to be seen. I don’t want to oversell so I’ll stop there.

The series is titled “Eruptions”. Your password to view all the content will be “Eruptions”. It’s private because I want the vibe to be confidential. I want things intimate like the content you’re about to receive.

The schedule is going to be every Wednesday. So if nothing else expect an eruption in the middle of the week.

If you know someone interested in the content, feel free to share with them. Submit their information if they wish to be apart of the group. All are welcomed.

I look forward to unveiling a new brand of writing style from me to you. I look forward to your feedback. If you become aroused and need a moment to pleasure yourself, get pleasured by your mate or give pleasure on site, you’re welcome! 😉