Semen Retention Update

It’s December and that officially means #NoNutNovember is over. To keep it so real with y’all, this was a challenge I didn’t expect and I will chalk it up to an overall fail. There was 3 days where the point of no return was stronger than my breathing techniques or my ability to ejaculate up my spine. I now understand how a wet dream can happen for a man and it’s pretty fascinating.

What I will speak to is the “changes” or lack there of. I don’t think this “worked” for me like a lot of stories I read. I didn’t see an increase or decrease in creativity. I wasn’t more or less motivated to do anything. There wasn’t an instance where I felt Semen Retention was helping or hindering me. I literally did everything I wanted to do and my creative meter didn’t rise more than normal.

Now to shoot this concept some bail, my lack of masturbating helped me uncover some things I need to handle personally. It did enlighten me on the fact I was handling a situation wrong and there was a place where I regressed. So it wasn’t a blank mission; Pun intended.

Will I continue this; Possibly. I’ll continue to make strides to improve. For a first time out, I think I did pretty well considering where I was the entire year. My final thought on semen retention is, masturbation is not done for the same reason by every human being. Some people have a better grip on reality than others. Our drives, passions and vices are fueled by the things we participate in. If semen retention helps keep you focused, driven and increases you ability to execute. Keep doing it! If it doesn’t, look within yourself to see what else is going on.

My stance still remains; Masturbation is a healthy and harmless activity that literally can help you mentally and emotionally.

November Discipline Challenge: Put It All Together

It’s November. I’m up 5 pounds which puts me officially at 35 pounds away from my goal and that’s not cool. So the next challenge is real simple. Go into lifestyle mode. That means do the following.

  • Weight train all 4 weeks minimum 5 days a week
  • Limit our heavy carbs and starches to 1 day a week max
  • Maximize green vegetable consumption
  • Intermittent fasting, because I like psychological nature of it
  • Really hit that gallon of water or more per day

This isn’t a “diet plan” or “something to do” this month as a conversation piece. I’m really about this life and I’m becoming addicted to the results. It’s a good addiction. There’s is clarity and new found mental strength in good health. As I approach 40 I want to be better than I ever been. It’s an inside and out job and the biggest part of health and life evolution is not being who you were at 16, 18, 21, 25 and 30.

November is the month we set the tone for 2020! Let’s FAWKING GOOOOO!!!!!

November Weigh-In: Up 5!? WTF!

Won’t lie to you, I’m discouraged and angry at myself this morning. As I got up and went to the bathroom this morning, I looked at myself shirtless in the mirror and noticed my gut was hanging a little more than it did last week. Then I hopped on the scale. It read 250lbs. I am pissed at myself. My goal was 235 or less. I can’t believe this and I’m honestly angry at myself for this.

As a positive, I have lifted weights 3-5 times a week for 3 weeks this month. My legs and arms look bigger and there is increased definition in my chest. I really hope that muscle is the 5 pound gain but it still upsets me. It upsets me because I know I consumed more bread and french fries than what I wanted to. Not because of craving but because “I did so well last month that it shouldn’t hurt”. Now look at me. This sucks, man! My emotions are going crazy over this!

I set a goal. That goal was 215 lbs by 12-31-19. I gave myself 4 months to lose 40lbs. I want to hit the goal. It will be a testament of my will power, discipline, dedication and execution. Not sure if 215 is even possible now, but I’m not wavering on that being the finish line. I’m definitely not stopping, but I must go harder. I’m also going to weight myself in the middle of the month. It’s time to put it all together.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

First Weightlifting Week In!

October is becoming a great and challenging time! I’m here for it all! Of course I’m doing the fasting but I was also given a 5 day weightlifting routine that has been pushing me to every limit!

The first week was pure struggle! I got to day 3 and was in so much pain that I couldn’t continue. The workouts were great, but I was feeling like I had never lifted a weight in my life! I took my time, got my rest and hit Monday hard and officially completed my 5th work out this morning!

I’m spent! I’m in slow motion and trying to muster up enough strength to continue my weekend. It’s hard and I love it! These are the days I need. I must hit 215lbs before this decade ends. I must continue doing things the smart and efficient way. I’m putting cardio in 3rd place as I zero in on my nutrition and weight training. So far I love the results and it’s only the beginning.

8 lifting days total for the month. 1 full week of of lifting officially in! 235lbs or less is the goal! Lets go all in!

Did I Eat Vegetables Today???

While on my goal oriented health journey, I’ve been coming to some interesting revelations. As you monitor what you eat and when you eat, you start to look at options. For the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to eliminate so much bad that I realize I have to diversify and increase my good. While analyzing my good and bad choices this week, I realized something terrible; I don’t eat vegetables everyday.

Since I’ve cut back on potatoes drastically, I’ve notices sometimes I literally don’t have a vegetable with some of my meals. It’s not intentional, but as Jeff from ATHLEAN-X would tell me, that’s killing my gains! I’m not worried about being “protein deficient” I’m worried about the fiber and vitamins that are needed daily for me to keep breaking this fat down! Also, because vegetables will give you adequate protein too! Last month my vegetable gain was so high I began to see and feel the difference within 2 weeks. I got to get back to that, especially since I’m heavy into weight training this month!

So as of today, I will make it a point to have vegetables everyday! That’s step one into the right direction. Eventually I want to have vegetables no less than 3 times a day. Getting serious about my health has honestly been fun. The challenge is daily and temptation is always present. 215 isn’t far away and I got my foot on the gas!

Pissed Off Prophecy

Between reading my goals last night and waking up this morning, I increased my fire for change. I took September more serious than probably any other month in the last few years as far as my health goes. I want this achievement so bad that it literally made me think to myself and say out loud.

“If I weight 235lbs or more at the end of this month and look the same…I’ll be pissed!”

That statement came after being asked if I wanted pretzels or chips from the store. My response was “Honestly Neither”. It’s a cycle thing. I don’t want to get into the cycle of heavy carb consumption and not monitoring what I put in my body. I want to continue this great workout I received and keep seeing and feeling those constant gains. I really want the lifestyle change that I have been chasing and failing at for over 10 years.

As I increase my knowledge, create goals and challenge myself through monthly disciplines, it’s a reminder that I can do anything! The question is am I really down to put in the work and make the sacrifices needed to get what I want. Now more than ever in life I can answer, “Hell Yeah I do! LET’S GET TO IT!

The goal is still 215 by December 31st. 27 more days to let the work speak for itself.