Watch The Company You Keep #FBCPod

The King of The Ring keeps going and we will definitely only have 1 winner for our contest. Cam is out and Bang really be knowing as we talk it out. We spend time talking about the newest makeshift tag team and how Andrade is bringing out Charlotte sexy. All that plus Bang’s All Out review and the timeline AEW is on to compete with NXT on this Labor Day Weekend #FBCPod!

Mr. Hughes Appreciation Day #FBCPod

The NXT is going to be on USA and it brings up many questions and angles of what is next for the NXT Roster and AEW. Who’s going to be the breakout stars in all this? We attempt to answer before the programs even air on their respective networks.

We talk Sasha’s “cheap heat” and why Cam doesn’t have a problem with it. We talk about the “Heat Check or Heat Kill” with Sami Zayn and how Bang thinks it’s Great Value Rusev Day. And some how all that leads us to Mr Hughes Appreciation day!

What can the XFL do to be taken serious and survive? We take a moment to discuss on this weeks First Black Champ Podcast! #FBCPod.

First Black Champ: Chick You from Calgary…Alberta Canada #FBCPod

SummerSlam was pretty forgettable but as we kept talking, we remembered a lot! Why was Toronto acting funny all weekend? An Edge spear, a Fiend debut and a segue to a returning Sasha Banks is covered with a whole lot more in between.

Then we give our King of The predictions and Bang kicks off what is officially our very first, First Black Champ Podcast contest! Nope! LISTEN TO THE SHOW and then you’ll hear how to enter and how we will select our winner! Salute to every black man, woman and young person with a passion to cover this wrestling ish! Let’s connect and collaborate soon!

The Oral History of Booker T #FBCPod

It’s SummerSlam and we already gave our predictions, so it’s all about the Oral History of Booker T! We talk the live and times of Mr Huffman and the resume that is sure to have you scratching your head if you DON’T have him in your Top 10 of wrestlers period! Happy Birthday Hulk Hogan! You’ll understand that as your listen to this weeks episode of the First Black Champ podcast!

First Black Champ: Kofi Hogan #FBCPod

It’s another Monday Night edition of the First Black Champ podcast! This week J.R. Bang catches Cam up on what happened on the Network Exclusive event known as Smashville! We disgust what we see as the future of Ali, Elias and Becky Lynch. We also talk about the Vince McMahon’s chest moves as well as AEW’s great move with their latest announcement. Does Kofi Kingston have the best Black Wrestler title run ever? What’s the future for him after his historic title reign ends? We attempt to answer that and so much more on this weeks #FBCPod!

Randy Orton Is the F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S of The WWE #FBCPod

It’s a special Monday Night edition of the First Black Champ podcast! We recap Extreme Rules and talk what is possibly the best moment of WWE 2019. We talk Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston Implications. We also cover, Bray’s return, Kevin Owens being Stone Cold, Vince’s possible chess move with Shinsuke and Bayley’s potential slow heel turn! All that while watching the Raw Union live!

It’s another cooler than expected #FBCPod! Make sure you hashtag that to let us know you fawking with the movement!