But In Real Life, Your TV Dad’s A Rapist

What we are witnessing this week is the harsh reality of people adjusting to the fact that the man that played their father figure is a piece of shit. The reality hurts so bad that pleas are copped, victims are blamed and shamed and every conspiracy theory possible is being rehashed. Why? Because you don’t want to think and believe you were raised by a rapist. You don’t want to believe that your blueprint to successful fatherhood has that kind of dirt under his rug. Let me help you out some. Your real blueprint is as perfect as you believe he is. Why? Because Heathcliff Huxtable is a fictional character. He’s somebody that none of us have actually met in real life. Cliff can remain everything you want him to be. William Henry Cosby Jr. Well that’s a whole other story.

The face you see above you is guilt personified. It’s the “I thought I was home free” face. It’s the “I thought I paid them enough” face. It’s the face of a wrong ass dude that know it and can’t believe he’s going to spend what very well could be his final days in prison. I want to feel sad, but I can’t. Cause the reality is, it’s down right pathetic. No man should be walking this planet willing to pay off the label of rapist on his name. He should be willing to fight it to the death because he knows for a fact he didn’t do it. Because that stain doesn’t wash off in the shower. Rapist is a scar for life. William couldn’t fight that though. He can’t fight it, because he admitted it. Whether it was an episode of Larry King Live or in his 2005 deposition, Cosby made it clear that quaaludes and pin drops of potions in drinks was his shit and how he got the party started. I’ve never even spiked a drink with legal alcohol for a friend let alone a woman without her knowing so I can not and will not ever relate to why that was the cool thing to do.

Much like the world of social media does for so many fake and underhanded people, the perception of Heathcliff Huxtable took over the reality of William H Cosby Jr. Cliff will forever be the man. Bill will always be a man unworthy of any decent human beings respect.

I get it. It’s never a “Right Time” to go to Prison, but unfortunately Bill Cosby was guilty of something and
he was Black in the United States of America. For the people that scream it’s too late or “why now?” I have one question. You said you believe in Karma, right? Because many of you that want those answers are the same ones screaming “Karma’s a bad bitch” or “What goes around comes around” or “I’ll let God pay you back.” We’re not in control of the payback. We don’t decide when the debt is to be paid in full. Your karma, if you believe in it doesn’t have to come in the prime of your life or the top of your career. Sometimes it comes when all you have left is your last breath and legacy to maintain. Maybe the generation you shit on wanted to give you a parting gift, before you meet your maker.

I think Cliff Huxtable would have been open to talking to the hip-hop generation. Being a real OG and showing us a better way to be. Sharing his story of how he got out the hood and made a better way for his family. Bill Cosby shit on the hip-hop generation as an idea, a culture and as people in general. In his career twilight he took aim at the poor disenfranchised and those that wear sagging pants. Talking as if they were less than and didn’t care or want to try to climb out from where they are. It’s cool to have your opinion, but where was the olive branch with the tough love? Did he make some valid points? Yes! However, he made it clear all the black love he had to give was strictly for the TV screen, if it didn’t help him first hand.

To those of you that say, if Bill goes to prison, then this person, that person and these white people should go too! It’s not that you’re “wrong”, but here’s the exposing of the lame inside of you. Remember when Kobe Bryant had his Colorado incident? Then when he was caught, confronted and afraid of losing it all, he decided to tell how Shaq cheats on his wife? That’s what you sound like right now. Bottom line, Bill Cosby admittedly drugged women and raped them. You are caping for a rapist. You’re a misguided ignorant soul for caping for a rapist. Again “payback” and “fairness” isn’t delegated when and how you feel it should be. Get your criminal justice degree and go after all the other rapist if you feel that strongly about. But get that secondhand snitching, stool pigeon, tit for tat blame game lameness out of your heart.

Finally, to the “Now, why would Bill Cosby wanna rape her?” audience. Are you that simple to believe that rape is about physical attraction? Are you foolish enough to believe rape is about the pure arousal of your loins? Don’t answer, because you’re probably the man that thinks it’s ok to call a woman all types of “bitches” and “hoes” because she won’t give you her number. You’re probably the guy that tried to fight a woman in the club because she wouldn’t go home with you after you let her kick it at your VIP table all night. Most likely, you’re a dude that can’t wait to hit a woman in the face just as soon as you would a man if not before. It’s all layers to this sad conditioning amongst too many people called Rape Culture. That need for ultimate power. That greed of wanting what you can’t have. The thrill of taking what you want by force. It manifests itself in ugly ways for some. If you think Bill’s only problem was “trying to get a nut with a woman you don’t think is attractive” then you got a lot of learning to do about rape culture and yourself.

I hope Bill lives to be 100 if not older. He’s the black we saw crack and deteriorate. He’ll probably admit more now that he can’t be tried again. I’m not going to wish bad on him. Look at his face and his eyes. Life was slowly getting bad for Bill anyway. Wishing bad on an 81 year old fallen superstar about to do 3-10….It’s just not worth. Old Bill had the perfect gimmick though, right? I mean, who would expect a clean storytelling comic, who place a great husband, father and doctor on TV would be out her drugging and raping women. Cliff and Bill could never hang together. Cliff would have beat Bill’s ass for this horrific madness.

Now, for a scenario about your mother that you might not like.

It’s 2018. You’re an adult now and your mother has something she wants to tell you. There’s a reason why she never married or had boyfriends after your younger sibling. One night a family friend got too friendly during a house party at her place. As the party winds down, the family friend wants to have one more drink before he leaves. He prepares both, but never takes a sip. You’re mom, well, she feels “weird”. She feels like she’s blacking out, so she says “goodnight” as an effort to send the family friend home and go to sleep. She blinks twice, wakes up with her clothes torn open and no one in sight. The bed is a mess, pictures are off the wall and the TV is turned in an odd position. She calls the last person she remembers seeing before her eyes closed for the last time. The family friend. The phone just rings. She hangs up and calls right back. This can’t be discussed on a voicemail.

While the phone is ringing and she’s waiting for him to pick up; Why don’t you tell me what you think happened that night?

LeBron James Life Is The “Wrong” In Black America

I been holding onto this thought for a while, but what better time than right now.

I asked on Facebook, “What if I felt like LeBron James life and everything said about him was everything WRONG with The Black Delegation in The United States of America….”

To my surprise I received a request for context, early. Something rarely done in this era. I’m glad it at least started there. It gave me a real reason to unpack a my statement.

LeBron James has been nothing short of great as a basketball player and human being, yet many still highlight his flaws, his have nots and compare him to others that he’s not in competition with. It reminds me so much of the self hating, stigmas and perceptions that plague Black America present day. All of those things that seem to stay with us no matter how much great that is known and done in every generation.

If you feel that there is no way LeBron could be the living example, because he has millions and fans, you can stop here and know that I’ve already proven my point. If you’re still interested and intrigued by my stance, let’s take a walk.

How can LeBron James life be an example of the wrong within Black America? Because even in his greatness and achievements, many will highlight his failure or shortcoming. Much like the self hate, color struck or classism that exist amongst the black delegation, we won’t allow ourselves a clean victory in any aspect. Within ourselves we hand out our own asterisks in abundance, but want progression and equality. That’s a tough task.

Present Day, LeBron opens his “I Promise” school. A charitable act of providing free education to the you of Akron, Ohio. Something that should be celebrated amongst us all if for no other reason because he’s a black man doing it during the Trump administration. What do we see in the midst of this? All the positive praise met with a resounding “Jalen Rose got a School too!” “He’s not the first one to do something like this” and “Ok, but he still not better than Jordan.”

Why during a powerful, positive move that benefits the youth of Akron, Ohio and their academic future, does “what LeBron can’t do” have to be highlighted? Why is it now time to highlight others at the expense of making a person or his supporters feel less than?

How is this different from not wanting to support a black business because you grew up with the owner?

How is this different from the countless hours spent online and in real life downplaying the guy or girl that is working on their dream to become an artist/musician because you feel they’re too old to still be doing it?

How is the above different from when we scream for an end to police brutality and the killing of unarmed black men and we’re then asked “what about black on black crime?” As if same race crimes only exist amongst us.

LeBron James has millions of supports and maybe the love truly does outweigh the hate. However, daily, hourly, minute by minute, there is someone who “looks like him” willing to reinforce to others that “look like them” that they are tired of hearing about his accomplishments and want the love shown of his positive efforts to stop. That or they want someone else to be highlighted for being great instead of him.

Why can’t we show love to more than one person at a time? Why do so many feel a light has to dim for the proper shine? These are the same questions asked within the black delegation.

Finally, LeBron gets ostracized for playing the game of life and basketball his way. Making the moves that he wants to make, looking out for himself and his family first. It’s not the norm. It’s not what the players or analyst of old did. However, none of them have used their money or celebrity to cause change or influence like LeBron has. It doesn’t appear that anyone has talked to LeBron about his moves and actions. They just giving their venomous statements and hot takes with surface level context without the willingness to see his side or understand.

Is that much different from the childish “Coon” and “Uncle Tom” name calling and labeling that gets done when issues in politics come up? How bout when the topic of interracial dating comes up for some? Why are the statements and choices so venomous and generalized, instead of a case by case and specified?

From where I sit, LeBron embodies what happens within Black America every day. A race of beautiful, people with an ungodly amount of talent, trying hard to get up every day to be great, stand strong, cause change, show influence, thrive and get what is earned and owed. Yet, can’t seem to let go of the past, be ok with opposing opinions and no open adjusting to change or a new way. Yeah, we’re down to rock the boat, but we all have to 100% agree on how or remain at a standstill. We love our uniqueness, but over concern when others like us seem “too different” from us. It’s unfortunate that “move as one or not at all” is the generalization as if there was only one way to navigate in life.

I get it. LeBron isn’t your favorite basketball player. Cool. He’s not mine either. LeBron may be the Martin or Malcolm you’ve been asking for. And even though he’s not asking you to follow him, it would help if you also got out of his way. He’s quite possibly the best black male figure we have today. And if that statement made you say “But what about Obama?” then you have again proved my point.

The Human Diamond: Live At The 2021 Inauguration

It’s January 2021. We’re days away from the President’s Inauguration. Spoiler Alert, Trump is on term number 2 and the world as we know it is still divided but not conquered. Racial tensions are high as well as interracial couples. Politics and Government knowledge is anything but a requirement at this stage in the game and I’ve been offered a great opportunity by the Trump Administration; Speaking at the 2021 Inauguration.

To bring you up to speed, I’ve turned my site and my book into one hell of a respected voice amongst my peers and my generation. I’ll be turning 40 this year but was already deemed one of the most important voices in Black America. A recognition I thought I would never receive based on my “Colorful, Artsy, Hold The World Accountable” writing style. Getting that honor and then about 8 months later the news breaking of me being a guest speaker at the Inauguration didn’t go over well and as you would expect, everybody has something to say about the man and the voice they once adored.

I’ve been called every named any small mind could think of, plus some interesting new ones on twitter. Media personalities on all formats are confused and want to know, why? Many celebrities, comrades, friends and family have vented their personal frustrations and have even ostracized me. I’ve never felt as alone before a speaking engagement as I do right now. In spite of much resistance and backlash, I will be speaking at this years Inauguration. Why? Because who better than me to do it? I’m not the throw rocks and hide your hands type. I don’t comply, conform, crack under the pressure or succumb to fear. I like dialogue, conversation and confrontation. And to be real, nobody that does what I do, will speak the way I will speak on this platform.

Let’s be clear, I’m not making any “artistic statements” with my outfit or a musical rendition. I’m also not one of those people in the public eye taking secret hotel meetings and being bombarded with paparazzi in the aftermath. I’m also not about to get all ignorant and and tear down the president or wish assassination on him like “a real nigga would”. That is what separates me from the rest. It’s probably super arrogant to say this, but I’m the Best In The World at what I do! Shout to Chris Jericho and CM Punk. That’s why the administration called me and not many other people of color. Are they familiar with my work? I doubt it. However, I must be somebody if they Googled and I came up.

For all the people who couldn’t wait to “Coon” “Sellout” and “Uncle Tom” me for hours on end in my mentions. Remember those words. I owe you nothing. And after I make my statement and inspire and educate a generation, please remain off my dick! I only make enough room for my wife anyway.

I want you to hear this. I honestly think it’s some of my best work. What I’m about to do here will cement my legacy. It may be my “I Have A Dream”, my “Ali vs Frazier”, my “Thriller”. Maybe people won’t appreciate it until I’m long gone. What’s important is, I said it. My words took on a volatile and anything but United States and American History was impacted…So here goes.

“The Human Diamond”

Good Day Everyone. I’m glad that I have your time and attention no matter how you feel about me. That means you’re hear to receive a message. You can take that message in love or with hate. The choice is yours. Feel free to boo, cheer or walk off. It doesn’t make the message any more or less authentic because of your reception. So lets begin.

I have a friend. A friend I’ve known for now almost 20 years. His parents are immigrants and he by definition of the sophisticated color-wheel crafted by the United States of America would be deemed, “White”. We’ve gone over a decade without having many race talks. Not that either of us were “afraid” to have the talk, it just never came up as a pressing issue.

One day my friend asked me a question so simple, yet so complex that I opened the mind and eyes to not only him, but I think I will open the eyes of even the most close minded and ignorant person that God has made, but the Devil has taken over. His question, “What is it like to be Black in America?”

The basic, blunt answer is “HARD!” but that’s not the answer you give to a person you want to educate. My response was this.

Being Black in America is quite a few things. In a way it’s like Foster Care. You’re put out here, no real recollection or connection to your true family and love ones and you’re sent somewhere with people to live and figure it out. However, you’re supposed to figure it out and grow with people who may not love you. They just love the work you can do or the money they could gain by having you around. You may be beaten, tortured, treated less than and then maybe just maybe passed around to the next family. To somebody better or worse you don’t know until it happens. You hope to be smart enough to break away, make it on your own and maintain a life better than the one you were thrown into.

As I go into detail, I see his eyes widen and horror on his face, so I continue.

Then again, being Black in America is like having your real parents who weren’t raised the greatest and doing what they know. They’re unfit to care for you even though they birthed you. You can do what a child would do and that could lead to severe vengeance and punishment. Asking for candy could lead to you being told to sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and be reminded that you’re not getting shit! What kid doesn’t like candy? All they want is a piece of candy for temporary happiness. Is that much anger and aggression necessary for a child that only wants a treat that could make their day for that moment?

He responded, “No” with the most puzzled look on his face. So I had to keep going.

Do you like Birds?
He said “Yeah, why?”
Do you like birds until they start flying? Are birds only cool if you have control of them? Meaning they are in your vision and they never leave the cup of your hands, to soar and become as free as they need and deserve to be.

The questions were somewhat rhetorical and he remained attentive. I felt I made a point with my analogies, so it was time to bring it on home.

The Black American is Lady Liberty’s foster child. Put here and taught to work and conditioned to be less than. Conditioned to believe success isn’t attainable in his own element. That they are nothing without the country they help build and advance. Being Black in America is the promotion that passed over you, but being too scared to quit because you think no company is going to treat you better. It’s feeling so cool with your new haircut and outfit walking to school, then having every kid in the hall laugh at you to the point you want to cry and never return. It’s seeing yourself in the mirror and attacking the mirror. You have no clue why, but you do it. You cut your hands, bleeding profusely around your knuckles. You have no peroxide, gauze or bandaids. So you just rinse off your hands, go to sleep and wake up permanently scarred from the wounds that never healed properly.

Why is all that like being black in America? Cause all those things started out innocent. They were the simple things in life that were purely about beauty, happiness and joy. It shouldn’t be a problem to get love, a piece of happiness and fly away in all your glory in the land of free. We shouldn’t be living day to day hating ourselves or not understanding why we are looked at and treated differently. It should be no problem for us to get the credit that we deserve for the great things we contribute into all aspects of American History. It should be no problem but it is and when asking why, it’s like asking every religious denomination to make a painting of God. Sure, the paintings will have the same name, but his look and his actions will all differ but be right in the eyes of that painter.

As my friend sits there, with a sick expression on his face and hurt in his eyes, he asks one last question. If that’s what being black in America is, how did we become friends?

Well friend, you’re parents are immigrants. And many don’t realize Foster Children and Step-Children endure a lot of the same struggles.

I’m not here to make you feel sorry for Black people today. I’m not here to beg for your acceptance and plead with you to love us. I’m here to make you self aware. Aware that you or your parents were once treated like the Black American somewhere else and you came here for a better life. Many of us don’t have that luxury. We can’t “just go back to where we came from” cause lets be honest; As easy as it is for you to tell us to leave, this world wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t stay. You love this country that we had the task of building with no fee and tax free and we’ve been changing it and making it cool ever since.

We took your scraps, your straps and all the pain you could dish out and made, Soul Food, peanut butter, the stoplight, Gospel, Jazz, Blues and Hip-Hop. We continue to grow, evolve and love in a world filled of outlets that highlight nothing but our negative antics and the hate for us both externally and internally. America! We are your child! You are the father! You’ve beat us, cheated us and left us with every possible disadvantage you could and we still managed to be LeBron, Oprah and Obama! So thank you! THANK YOU ALL that have hated and shunned us! Through it all, you have created the greatest creation of all; THE HUMAN DIAMOND!

A Diamond that shines so bright that it’s sheer sight causes you discomfort. A Diamond that you want to merge and mesh with your gene pool to make your own Diamonds. A Diamond that you searched all of Africa for to bring home and have it represent your power or so we are told. A Diamond, priceless and strong through the rubble and refuge. Still as bright as the day it lured you in with it’s beautiful glowing hue.

Did they cheer? Are they booing? Be damned if I know. I just know I spoke from the heart and I didn’t see or hear anything after that bird analogy. I completely zone out. With a smile on my face and a fist in the air, I felt like any great athlete in their defining moment. It’s not about them. It was about me and speaking for US. Did I have a bunch of stats, facts, figures, slanders and clap backs? No. I had passion, empathy and self awareness. I just called the Black American “The Human Diamond” in front of a legion of Trump Supporters and Trump. I did that uninterrupted for the entire world to see. I won. Cause the one thing that will throw a self-absorb, misguided, angry audience off, is your own self love. What did you do the last time you seen a diamond shine?

Praying For The Youth and Understanding

I remember being 20 years old. There’s a certain invincibility that comes with that age. You feel like you know and have done so much but yet so much more life is ahead of you. A life full of growth and the unknown. I’m taking time right now to realize how blessed I am to get that 20 years plus many more as I register the news of a young artist by the name of XXX Tentacion being murdered today.

I wasn’t a fan of his, but the news of someone 20 years old, being shot and losing their life is tragic and heartbreaking. Even though he was a figure who caused a lot of conversation for both positive and negative reasons, him being murdered is not something any human being with feelings would want to see or hear about happening.

The news of the people watching and recording as he slowly dies is disturbing. I don’t understand that at all. That is soulless and frightening. How can you hear or see a shooting and not reach for your phone to get help? I will never understand that.

Right now I’m praying. Praying for the true family and friends of XXX. Praying for his true fans that are crushed by this tragic news. I’m also praying for the youth. I pray for their journey into understanding. I pray for them to have compassion, feelings and empathy. I want them to value real life more than celebrity, being “relevant” and going viral.

May God have mercy on our souls at this odd time in this world. May love be an armor that covers all of us day to day. May we live and live long and make that life mean something every single day. Amen.

RIP XXXTentacion

Black Men Are Guest In The NFL

I wanted to wait and give a well thought out comment on this. I didn’t want to be venomous or distract from the reality we are watching right now. So here we go.

The NFL took some time to cleverly acknowledge and disregard the silent protest of those who have compassion for young black unarmed men and women who are killed by police. The acknowledgement is by understanding that some may want to protest in peace and in silence. The disregard is in making sure they do it where the nation can’t see or pay the literal price for doing it on there time and dime.

Is it right? Honestly, yes. The NFL owners and it’s commissioner can make this rule and any other rule any time they see fit. End of day it’s not the “Community Outreach Football League.” It’s not the “Power To The People Protest Football League.” It’s the “National Football League.” They can make a rule saying they don’t want to see dreads anymore. They already shut down end zone celebrations. Why would they not make sure the “hot button” of kneeling during the national anthem cooled off a bit? Especially when ratings took a dip and they don’t know for sure if it was Trump Supporting Middle America or Fed Up Black America. Conceal the protest, silence the conversation.

Let’s be honest. Black men were never supposed to play in the NFL and be stars in the first place. Minority Executives and Owners still appear to be years of hope and prayers away. We definitely weren’t supposed to be great Quarterbacks and Coaches. So what would you do to a guest that comes in and dominates something he didn’t create and now wants to use his spotlight for positive change? Take his voice.

We spent literally 2 years explaining to a stubborn white demographic that kneeling for the anthem was not a disrespect to the military. The guy who started it told them that. The Veteran who helped create the option told them that. People of color across the world that speak fluent, phonetic English told them that and yet it still was “misunderstood”. Isn’t that the Black Experience in America though? Make the Black person seem, dangerous and crazy. Make it seem like they are breaking the rules even when no one is in any kind of danger or serious harm. Say you “can’t understand” and “want to know why” this Black person feels the way they feel or does what they do, because you haven’t taken the time to listen or just watch what’s going on in their world. Silence is compliance, but manipulation can destroy a nation.

I’m real enough to admit that the NFL is a company and “pro athlete” is a job and the workers got to do what they got to do to earn their paycheck. It’s entertainment for me. It’s a work and a livelihood for the players. I’m not rushing out to disrespect another brother for living their dream and getting paid to do what they want to do with their life. That’s not honorable if you truly are “pro black progression” to me. My advice is just know who you work for and who you are dealing with.

The reality is this. All we are doing is watching a corporation at work from the outside looking in. What do you mean, Cam? I’m glad you asked.

You are just a number to a corporation. Corporations only care about your performance. They don’t care about your passions, your family, where you grew up and who you want to be, if it’s not someone trying to thrive the way they say so in the manner they find acceptable. They don’t care about who you want to speak for. They care about how much money you are making or costing them. Black Lives DON’T matter to a corporation. Neither do Brown lives or any other lives. Green dollars matter. And the minute you cause a decrease in green dollars, your services are no longer required. In fact, they will find a younger, hungrier, cheaper version of you to do your job, plus some extra for half the pay if not less. Whether you retire or die, it’s on you to celebrate it the way you see fit. Oh, and always remember, the handbook and policies can be changed at any time the moment discomfort is felt. Corporations pay legal teams very handsomely to sanction “Effective Immediately” memos.

Is the NFL a racist organization? No, I personally don’t think so. Because end of day, black men are allowed to become millionaires and hall of famers every single year. Racism would have a player like Jerry Rice, dying broke and on his 8th Ballot and still 1 vote short. So I won’t say the NFL is “racist.”

However, don’t ever think the black man is considered an equal in the NFL. Don’t think we are valued because of our talent and contribution. We are nothing more than high priced entertainment. Solely used to delight the billionaire families and the delusional “I’m Better Than You” white americans that fill the stadiums every Sunday and Monday. That’s not racism. That’s classism. Making sure we are in a position of “less than.” And how dare a person who is “less than” try to make America aware of the problems facing other people who are “less than” in the eyes of these billionaires who just want their blacks to “shut up and play football?” Football is their escape, not a grand stage for your compassion. Never forget that.

Will I watch an NFL game this year? I honestly don’t know. This is bigger than being a sports fan to me. Perhaps I am digging way too deep. But I doubt there would be a fine being levied out on Joe Flacco, Clay Matthews or JJ Watt if they wanted to kneel in honor of the lives lost in 9/11.

Bottom line, if you are black you are a guest in the NFL. Take your shoes off at the door. Wash your hands before you sit at the table and the NFL will serve you the desired meal of choice. Just may not be your choice.

In 100% of the world

60% will be followers

30% will be leaders

– of the 30% 15 % will be positive

– the other 15% will be negative

The other 10 % are the “Do but can’t teach” so they subconsciously lead people aimlessly.

You may not know who you truly are until 40…

Robin, Kelly Rowland, Tony Yayo and Memphis Bleek all followed and benefited

Martin, Malcolm and JFK lead one way

Hitler, Stalin and Napoleon lead another

Where are Kanye West and LeBron James leading you right now?