Black Delegation Please Read

I’m watching so much tearing down of black people amongst black people and I really feel a way about.

On one hand I’m irritated by it because we speak so ill of each other without clear understanding or conversation. Then oddly to me, I’m hurt by it. Hurt because we would publicly shame, bash and resort to name calling just because we disagree.

I know the buzz word is “nigger/nigga” but we got to stop with the calling each other “coon” “Uncle Tom” and referring to people being in the “sunken place” too. Especially if it’s because people agree or disagree with people they don’t even know about people neither party has never met or know personally.

Have your opinions. Like or dislike whoever you want for whatever reasons, but until you are the gold standard for what it is to be black in America please, STFU.

Black Panther Layers

I don’t want to “spoil the movie” for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but I want to write about the layers of the Black Panther movie and how these layers apply today in real life. Right now is the perfect time for anyone who has not seen the movie to leave this post, lol!

To start I thought the movie was great! I am not big into comics, so I really didn’t know anything about Black Panther and the other characters and plot from the start, so to connect with so many layers of this movie was unexpected and refreshing.

The women totally rule and takeover this movie! The greatest warrior of all tribes is Okoye. She is the hardest warrior breathing and her strength is remarkable from start to finish! She is one who can take on anything with no worries. In fact, she does more to protect her King than her King does to protect her.

Shuri is my absolute favorite character in the movie. Young, brilliant and loves her brother T’Challa/Black Panther unconditionally. She is also a big part in his success and elevation as a King! She has the brains to not only heal or save Wakanda, but the whole world if she was given the opportunity. Shuri and Okoye are definitely reasons why I wanted to make sure my daughter saw this movie and I didn’t even know it till I saw it for myself.

I won’t go into serious character deep dives, but I do want to share some powerful layers that were touched on during the movie

What I took from Killmonger was how Black Americans want to go to Africa solely to rule and seek vengeance on their oppressor, which would cause more internal chaos. Killmonger was abandoned so the anger and rage is understood. Especially when the culprits are family. He had a right to feel that way. Your uncle kills your dad and leaves you in Oakland alone, you’ll feel a way.

He wanted to fight, kill and destroy for the thrown of Wakanda and hurt everyone that he felt hurt him. T’Challa knew his truth and knew he was wronged. When T’Challa wanted to “Handle it another way” I think he was all about accepting and bringing Killmonger in. Fighting the battle against oppressers in a better but not so vengeful way. That’s hard to believe from Killmongers perspective.

We see their dynamic present day with people have “break babies” or “hidden second families” the families lie and create more hate and chaos among children who didn’t ask to be here. It doesn’t have to be this way, but unfortunately it is more than not. Classic “Sins of a Father…” layer right here

Did anyone catch the underlying story of how Women follow out of love, respect and honor and how men will follow solely on Power?

What about how a man will keep focused, be protected and will conquer anything with great strong women around him?

Klaue – Representation of the people In the world that know Africa is rich, but think Africans are too dumb and animalistic to know what to do with what they have. Some think the “Black American” is “better” because of being raise in the U.S but at the same time think less of an “African in America”

CIA Agent – Colonizer. Believes there’s nothing in Africa worth having because he learned about Africa from what he was told and seen on the discovery channel (Channel 2) and thinks he is the holder of everything elite until he is saved, spared and educated by the people of Wakanda.

I am sorry if I am totally ruining this movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but it’s honestly a great movie with so much real life in it. I definitely want to own this movie and I will see it a few more times.

If I inspired you to see the movie or go see it again, great! Let’s talk other layers of the story and characters! It’s more than what I explained above.

Great job Marvel! If the Comics are anything like the movie, you have a new fan!

An MLK Quote That Directed My Life

It’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day and this is one of my favorite quotes from him.

Once I truly began to understand what this quote really meant, my life change. Taking that first step out on faith is why I got into broadcasting. It’s why I created and why I’ve pursued this media passion even further while making no money from it for the last year and a half. I have faith that because when I create in this media space I feel complete. I don’t tire or get frustrated. The words fail, quit and move on are non existent when I’m in this space. That’s how I was meant to live life. The staircase to my dream is there. I just have to keep on stepping in this direction. When I was getting paid as a member of the media, the journey got very difficult. A lot of resistance, rejection and “No”. I never let that completely stop me, but it did make this journey within the system difficult. Now, I’m doing everything that got a “No” from others and the feeling is euphoric. That makes it all worth while. Do I want it to pay off? YES! Immediately! However, I want to love it and that means more than anything and is the most valuable piece of this puzzle.

My dream is to master conversation and storytelling. I feel I get closer to that mastery every day I crack a mic or set up a camera. Who knows when the day of mastery will come. All I know is I’m enjoying every mile of the ride.

Salute to Dr. King. A man of great passion, faith and character, who believed his words and actions would change the world. A belief so crazy that it came true in less than 40 years of life. Now his words fuel my dreams and I dream to be as impactful in my own way.

Have a great day!

Let’s End Hip-Hop’s Role In Drug Culture

This morning I’ve been reading about the passing of an artist by the name of “Lil Peep. He died of an overdose before his concert. The information that’s out there is that he posted a pic on IG that stated he was “Off 6 Xans” and it appears that is the last actual post from him before being rushed to the hospital where he would later die. It’s a sad string of events. This young guy was only 21. I had honestly never heard of him before today, but his numbers reflect that he was extremely popular and loved by many. Post Malone and Juicy J to name a couple. Now the music I heard had me thinking he was more Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit, but they he’s identified as a rapper. I’ll run with it for the sake of arguing at an ill time. My greatest concern is this new era of Drug Culture in hip-hop that has gone way too far.

When I was a teen and in my early 20’s, Rappers smoked weed. The smoked weed and sold cocaine, pills and other street drugs. It was never cool to use or abuse drugs. Truth be told a lot of the rappers didn’t really promote weed usage until Snoop, Cypress Hill and Redman got popping and even then it was rare for it to be glamorized or sensationalized. Also at that time there wasn’t so many strains of weed and names and potencies back then. Now, I’m totally confused. Rappers abuse prescription pills, do coke, heroine, sip lean excessively and lace weed. They also call themselves rock stars which raises more questions about what culture they are truly embracing.

No matter what’s it’s sad. Hip-Hop runs the world right now, but many youth are dying or killing themselves slowly with this drug culture that is stronger than ever. It’s what gives this beautiful thing called “Hip-Hop” a bad name. The real pioneers and OG’s of the culture spoke against doing a lot of drugs in song and in interviews. As the late great Prodigy of Mobb Deep said “It just goes to show it’s no respect for the OG’s”. I don’t smoke, but through research I don’t think weed is a “bad drug”. Pills, lean, cocaine and heroine got to go! Drinking is legal but it’s also something I wouldn’t recommend in high volume.

I pray for this new youth. The youth that are experiencing destitute, anxiety and depression. The ones who have watched their friends die from overdose or from violence in the streets. The kids that are being bullied and don’t know if the music or the drugs are truly helping them escape. It’s sad. I wish I could talk to some of them. Maybe even write them a letter. Let them know they are greater than their circumstance and to keep pushing. They have a gift and it’s important for them to be around to share it.

Pray for our youth. Reach out to one if you can. Let’s all do our part in separating the Drug Culture from Hip-Hop.

Black Respect Over Everything

If history truly repeats itself, we are living in a time where wanting to be respected as a Black American should be above anything else in this world right now. Much like the 60’s, equality and respect was the main reason for taking a stand and starting movements. It cultivated the Black Panther Party and that sense of Black Pride and that phrase called “Black Power”. 2017 is telling us all that we need to get back to that and we need to elevate it to heights unseen for the power and respect that is owed and deserved.

The President of the United States went out of his way to disrespect Black Americans for kneeling in protest of police brutality and for not wanting to visit him at the White House. He also disrespected a Black woman and tried to ruin her career because she factually pegged him a “White Supremacist”. A group of people that he has publicly labeled “good people” and has sided with both personally and politicly. He had nothing fruitful to say during National Disasters wiping out a great portion of a major city and surrounding areas. He hasn’t proven to be helpful to any situation on American soil or overseas. And he had positivity to spread during Charlottesville about a group of white males with tiki torches who’s purpose was to disrespect Blacks, Hispanics and people of Jewish Faith. A night in which a white woman died, for being a peaceful, respectable human being. He labeled the athletes that kneel [who have all been black] “Sons of Bitches” and asked his audience if they would like to see them fired for doing that.

The President of The United States, Donald Trump, is a misguided, low class, arrogant, ignorant, pompous goof for saying that, among other things. But let’s not get it confused. The NFL Owners feel that way too! They just won’t say it in fear of losing their Black Athletes and Black Dollars. Roger Goddell is just running damage control. He cares about public “divisive comments” because the last thing he wants is to poke the Bear of Black Pride that exist in the National Football League. A bear that could ruin the NFL on an off the field with it’s absence.

It’s time to mandate and educate on Black Respect. It’s bigger than a Black Friday boycott. It’s bigger than Colin Kaepernick. It’s even bigger than the electoral colleges presidential selection. This is about being Black in America and understanding that the commander and chief of this country is leading a hate fueled march and it’s target is anybody that doesn’t look like him. If you’re a person of color or a woman, you are his target of blatant disrespect. His weapons are his voice and his audience of uneducated flunkies. Our weapons are unity, money and attention.

Unity: Everybody who wants to roll, let’s go. No time to argue amongst us about who’s down and who’s not.
Money: The black dollar is strong in every Billion dollar industry. You’re going to boycott spending? Do it to the point a business has to close stores or close down. Not for a holiday percentage drop.
Attention: Don’t allow the subject to change. Black American disrespect is at an all time high. That disrespect is police brutality. It’s stealing and repackaging our culture. It’s threatening the financial being and crushing the dreams of athletes that choose to kneel in peaceful protest until things change.

None of the above would be happening if it was sincere respect for us. It’s time we get that respect, not fear. Fear is why we are dying at the hands of authorities and then dime a dozen “journalist” say some bulls**t like “Well, what about Black on Black Crime?” Again, a reason to demand the return of our respect in this country. Anyone can say “I’m not racist”. However, disrespect can be proven in every aspect of life.

Don’t give support to any person, brand or entity that doesn’t respect you. I don’t care if it’s time, energy or money. Cut them short now. If you’re really upset and you’re really about change. This should be the easiest thing you want to do.