The Mayweather and McGregor Phases in Life.

I feel like there is a deeper meaning to the fight that took place this past weekend between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. All of the opinions on winning, losing, effort, trial and error, craft, skill and respect really got me thinking about life and it’s phases. Let me break them down by both fighters names.

Floyd Phase: We all start out with a mission to be great. When we start that mission it should be because we are doing something we love and we should want to master it. Why? So we can provide a better life for ourself and our families. So we can provide a lifestyle that most dream of. We put in the work and we reap the rewards.

Conor Phase: You can come from nothing or lose it all. Either way you have to visualize something greater than your circumstance. Belief in self is always the best start to achieving. If you don’t believe, who can you make believe in the presence of opportunity?

Floyd Phase: No matter what good you have done in life. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be an upstanding human being. People love a humble winner. People love a person they can respect in and out of their profession any given day. People want to admire and follow a person of great character.

Conor Phase: You have to try and do for you. In life people are going to tell you what you can’t do, what you can’t be and why you shouldn’t try certain things. Your job is to not listen to those people or those things. It’s better to try and fail than wonder what if. You are not giving your one life to appease the validation of others with your moves.

Floyd Phase: People will never forget the bad you’ve done. Double and triple down on your greatness all you like, but you will not escape the ruthless public opinion of many.

Conor and Floyd Phase: Your belief in yourself may be deemed arrogant, cocky, self absorbed and you may be forever misunderstood. That reason may be because some people have not tapped into their gift and achieved on the level you have. What you do may “look easy” or may not be looked at as a “skill” but don’t let that distract you from your purpose. You make what you make because you are good at what you do. You earned the right to talk your talk even if it upsets the have nots.

Conor and Floyd Phase: Hate and Envy will always manifest on your path to greatness. But with all hate comes love. Only thing you would ever need from another human being is respect. That will be earned from you character and accomplishments.

Floyd Phase: With age comes wisdom and experience. Some may only see you as the teen or 20 something that you were and the things you used to do. That is there lost. Your job is to evolve and be a better you. Whether people see it or not, is up to those people.

Conor Phase: Failure breeds success. The game of life is to make living as comfortable as possible as soon as possible. No one wants to break their back for 30-50 years and have nothing to show for it. Go get what you negotiate. Not what you are given. There are no rules on the path to riches. Write your own.

Conor and Floyd Phase: No matter where you come from and what you do, you have to put in the work. The work gets the desired results called success. Once you are successful by your standards, you can stop or pursue more success. Be addicted to success.

Whether you love or hate Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor, you should take pages out of their books. See that at the end of the day, you have two men who worked hard and created a moment that set themselves up for life. You may not like how it happened. You may have your critiques. After you get all of your hate and opinion out of your system ask yourself this. Your talent, skill or “thing that you love”; Have you put yourself in position for that thing to pay off for the rest of your life?

What If Colin Kaepernick Couldn’t Work At Chili’s?

As the clock winds down to the official start of the 2017-2018 NFL Season, I can’t help but think one thing. Would I be super whack if I supported the NFL this year? It’s honestly got my spirit torn. As I continuously look at the bigger picture things don’t sit well with me and I’m not sure how and why I should support the NFL. Not just this season, but moving forward.

We all know the story from a sports analyst perspective. We understand that Colin Kaepernick may not be a Top 10 QB in today’s league, but he’s also not bottom 5 either. I want to remove all of that and talk about the issue that I see. That issue is this. We are publicly watching a person being denied employment because of their beliefs. This isn’t a Ray Rice or Pac-man Jones situation. This isn’t even a Josh Gordon situation that is hindering a person from employment. Those cases and many others I completely understand. What I don’t understand is how we can watch a person being discriminated against and be in undying support of the conglomerate that has made it ok to discriminate that person.

Sure. It is the right of an owner to not want to hire any athlete for virtually any reason. However, you can’t convince me that being a humanitarian and wanting senseless unwarranted acts of violence against a certain demographic or race of people is a good reason to not hire that athlete. On paper off the field, Colin Kaepernick is a PR dream! You literally can not buy the type of positive press that he is getting right now. Which the NFL always needs and leans on.

I can’t help but look at this entire situation and say, “Deep down. The majority of the NFL is just a bunch of “Mindless, Faceless, Black Numbers” to these owners and they know as long as they can find a bigger, faster stronger one that wants to earn a dollar on turf. They will have no problem replacing any of them.”

It’s sad, but true. A person like Jermichael Finley who amongst his competition would be deemed marginal, denounces the idea that a professional athlete should even speak on a matter that is not football related. I’d love to see how he’s treated outside of the NFL if he ever needs a job. The first question I would ask him is “Do you even know anything about this? After all, you are a former pro athlete.” Mr. Finley and too many others spew this ignorant doctrine of the “Dumb Black Athlete” and that stigma along with Kap’s treatment has put fear in the hearts and minds of other young athletes of color. We’ve had a literal felon and a man who changed his life after his somewhat sketchy innocence in a double murder that happened outside of a nightclub speak out against Kaepernick and “what he needs to do to get back in the league”. That is insane to me. And not solely because they are also black.

Fans want to leave it at “Well, he’s just not that good.” or “You don’t watch the NFL for Kaepernick. You watch your team.” My thing is, if that were true, tell me you would do the exact same if ¬†Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, Antonio Brown or Richard Sherman shared the same fate as Kaepernick. Tell me you wouldn’t think it’s a crime or an injustice if JJ Watt, Matt Ryan or Aaron Rodgers were going through this. No matter how they push the X’s and O’s to me this is the type of discrimination that caused Affirmative Action to exist. And if you do your Google’s you’ll find that Affirmative Action historically has never helped the Black American more than the White American. Whether woman or not the stats don’t lie.

I’m not telling you boycott the NFL. I’m not telling you watch every game. I’m just saying see the situation for what it is and listen to your spirit.

If you applied for a job at Chili’s today. Get called in for an interview tomorrow. And the hiring manager tells you how he’s in desperate need of a person to fill a void and take on hours and needs that person to start immediately. You impress him and he likes you instantly in this interview. You begin to talk money, schedule and how days off work. You even talk about the next step upon your performance. You leave with a great feeling and ready to start a new job.

You get a request from your future employer on your favorite Social Media platform. And your future employer sees that you take pride in your race and culture in a peaceful, nonviolent way on social media. He also sees that you want police brutality to stop and you are active in peaceful protests in your community.

Out of the blue. The hiring manager calls you later in the day and says, “We are on a hiring freeze now.” It makes no sense based on the conversation earlier. The entire vibe and conversation has 180’ed. He doesn’t even acknowledge how crazy the scenario flip is and rushes you off the phone and doesn’t even wish you well in the future. How would you feel? What questions would you ask? What would you assume? Would you go have drinks or on a date to Chili’s again?

I know. Many of you are saying “well I never add work people to my social media anyway, so that would never happen.” Are you sure about that? You don’t think employers will Google you? You think you are exempt from “that kind of behavior or judgement” just because you don’t confirm a request or because your page is private?

Believe what you want. But ask yourself real questions. Apply Colin Kaepernick’s situation to where you work. Then ask yourself “Is it ok?” That’s all I ask.