Who To Connect With and How

Been thinking a lot today about my audience and my colleagues. I’m not sure who they are. I’m still building them and this site was the beginning. I’m doing the book with no real target audience, but I like the “throw it against the wall” approach. I really don’t know who will respond to this book and how. I have no idea what my audience looks like. Where they live or how old they are. That’s what makes this exciting!

It may sound bad, but I don’t have a living writer that I am inspired by. With everything I create being life-based I don’t really look to anyones writing style as a form of inspiration or structure for what I do. I do think it’s important that I mix and mingle with other writers, no matter what their styles are. It’s bound to lead to an incredible creative space. That’s why I love, thank and appreciate all of you writers on WordPress that have embraced me and my work. It’s an amazing feeling and honestly keeps me motivated.

I want this organic cult like following of people who feel, experience and want to grow. I want to connect with people that know they live in their world in the midst of the current reality. I think Living In A Beautiful Disaster will grab that audience for me. I look forward to the opportunity to build.

In the meantime, it’s time to build up my IG. It’s my favorite social platform. You need a follower, hit me up; @CamQuotes.

Better Life Talk

Today wasn’t the greatest day. It was spirit crushing to be honest with you. However, as I begin talking to myself as I was driving home I noticed something. Something very damaging. I noticed that I was just spewing so much negative about life. I let this morning explode into “that’s how life always is”. Then that turned into “why will life never change”. If I hadn’t been driving, I would have wrote something so hurtful and draining to my spirit that it probably would have made me burst into tears. I can’t do that. I can’t talk bad in my life when things don’t go well.

I can’t talk like I won’t move beyond the present. I can’t speak what it currently is like it will always be. I don’t believe that. I don’t feel that. So I can’t speak that way nor accept it. It’s hard. Really hard. I got to keep pushing though. I have to tell myself that I am content with life. That I am happy. That everything is getting better. I take responsibility for today and every other day. I did look at what could have been done differently. I made mistakes leading up to this day. I became a victim of a past error. That’s not the end of the world though. I can’t treat it that way. I’m just sincerely tired of having to “take the L”. I want to live so bad that the present feels like it could kill me. The thing I always have to remember is, it’s only if I let it.

First Black Champ Podcast: Jinder At The Crib

How great was the Ric Flair 30 for 30? We take a deep dive and break that down.

Who are the true great Giants/Big Men of Pro Wrestling? We show love and possibly cause some controversy?

How many Classic Matches does the Undertaker have? Bang breaks that down and Cam gives his theory on the streak.

All the above and why Jinder Mahal is at the crib on this weeks #FirstBlackChamp Podcast!

A Pledge To The Creators

I wanted to share this. Not just as a FB post, but as a pledge. A pledge to myself and a positive word to all of you that create. You who may have reservations and apprehensions about what you are creating. I think it’s important that we remind ourselves of certain things.
To The Creators. Just create.
F**k opinions, critiques or what you think people want to see, hear or do. People don’t know s**t. That’s why bandwagons exist. That’s why they find out late and move on to the next thing so quickly.
Create for you. Not because “that’s what’s hot” or “this is the new trend”. Create because it’s in your heart and burning a hole in your mind. Create because if you don’t get it out, you feel you may explode and the world will never truly see what you had in store. Create because it heals. It gives life. It can release whatever inside of you so you can move on and be better than ever.
Pick any instrument or object of choice. Just please; Create.

My Marathon…

I sit and think
A blank stare over my face
Nothing is louder than my thoughts
My mind is crafting a plan
To complete life’s race

It’s a marathon of endurance, persistence and patience
One of strides, moderate speeds and sudden accelerations
You may crash…
But maintenance and repair will keep you sturdy
Although you complete
You never hope to finish too early

My marathon has me limping
No water in quick reach
Knees sore and back tight
Dry mouth with no speech

I want to win so bad
I’d hit the ground and roll if I have to
I’ve been beaten more than the path
That I step through for refuge

My Marathon…
It is what it is…
My Marathon…
I’m barely 5 miles in…


Where is my Success and Happiness?
Will I forever be stuck?
What can I sell right now?
To handle some business this month

Are these four walls getting to me?
What mental break am I in search of?
The chains of life are weighing me down
My list of goals will help me lift up

What can I sacrifice?
Will it ever be enough?
How can I let it go?
Is everything truly enough?

Pleasure, Pain and Sorrow
Hope, Change and tomorrow
Fight, Right and Cry
Live, Breathe or Die…