All To Be Free By 40

It’s a Saturday night. I’m alone in the house with little to no light on. I’m working on my goals for 6 months, 12 months and even 3 years from today. The underlying theme is, no goal means more to me than financial freedom. I had a great taste of that in my teens and early 20’s. By 40, I hope to taste or already be feasting on financial freedom again.

As I’m prepping my goals. I’m thinking pay off this. Pay off that. Pay this in full with your paycheck. I’m over the days of having next to nothing. I no longer desire the minimum payment or want to explain why I can’t pay today or this month. It’s time I really work at building my new clean slate and paying what I owe before anything else major is purchased.

When I started my goal list, I started thinking of material things I could save for. Then a lightbulb shined and hit me over the head. The lightbulb was put in the work selling your book then get the material things you desire. So I set a goal of the number of books I would like to sell in 6 months from it’s release. If I do my part and the book does the numbers, I will reward myself. I will splurge on that new wardrobe. I will upgrade that iPhone and MacBook. I will stash away for the new vehicle that I desperately need but in no way can afford. It’s only right to do it that way. I have to complete the work then reward myself. Not reward myself because I have worked.

I need to take on a new level of sacrifice and discipline if this is really going to happen. I don’t want to be 40 and still paying the same credit card and student loan bill. That’s what’s going to happen if I don’t buckle down and get serious about my financial freedom though. The writing/typing out of your goals is a great task. It allows you to see what’s in front of you as well as put in perspective what really matters. I went from thinking of all the cool things I can get with money saved to realizing I won’t be cool until my credit score is at least on the 700 block of Financial Freedom Boulevard. Glad to realize that while I still have a few years till 40 to make it happen.

200 Likes Today!

Proud to announce that today I officially cracked 200 Likes for “Living As CamQuotes”! Another extremely humbling moment. I don’t think I’ve had a blog grow this fast. It’s unreal! It’s also why I can’t wait to publish my very first book. It’s going to be a deeper dive into the content that you seen on the site.

Because I can’t say it enough. Thank you all for digging the content on “Living As CamQuotes”

You Like Me! You really Like Me! haha!

Make Rap Dreams…

Seen a post from Conway on IG
And Damn
I guess I’ll never meet Prodigy

Never meet the whole Tribe in their entirety
So we can all take a picture
With my first CD

I cried walking home from Church
The day Biggie died
Imagine Heavy D
Is one very cool guy

Still got time to tell Nas
He inspired my life
Working on LL
Meeting my Mom this time

And Also Mary J
Can’t Forget Daddy Kane
Hopefully 50 Cent
And Big Homey Jay

It’s so many to name
Like a great X verse
Me and Mico got to meet him
And recite all of his words

I’ll bring Unc along for that one too
I just want to make rap dreams
Before our time is due

Art Is Found

I’m back on Social Media and one thing that hasn’t changed is the way artist try to promote their music. I came back to notifications of “Lil Trying to Get On” tagged you in this photo or video. Like most people I didn’t check and not even sure how I got tagged or messaged for that matter.

I remember the days of asking people to “click the link” and “check me out”. I remember thinking, “man none of my so called real friends and family mess with me.” I know of the feelings of thinking that no one wants to support you doing something positive and trying to make something out of yourself. Unfortunately, it’s always going to hurt; Like forever it’s going to hurt. It’s going to continue to hurt too. That is until you realize one thing. People find the art. The art doesn’t find the people.

Outside of an unexpected handful of actual friends and family, the bulk of my praise for anything I’ve done artistically has come from strangers. Sure your core will initially support heavy. But you’re not supposed to brand, market and sell yourself to the people that already know you. That’s all done for the purpose of those that don’t. Whether it’s music, photography, videography, writing, painting even if you’re making friendship bracelets. It’s better for your heart and mind when the people find it. Not when you force feed it to the people.

Using my life as an example. Some of the biggest headaches of my creative life came when I was “trying to sell my art” to people. When I was pushing CD’s I was lowering the price as low as 3 dollars just to get people to listen. I was trying to give away shirts and anything tangible in exchange for feedback on my music and it was mentally draining. On the flip, nothing felt better than my mom or my uncle randomly hitting me up quoting a line. Nothing was as cool as my homegirl telling me “my brother took your CD. He thinks you’re the coolest guy ever now”. Even the slightly embarrassing time when my coworkers found my Myspace page and I was told I was good and how they were “getting it done to my music last night”. Those were organic moments. Moments I’ll never forget. Good art will find the people who appreciate it. Not because you told them to appreciate it.

What I make it a point to do now is promote myself like no one in the world knows me. I just create and release it. No real instructions. No intentions. And right now everything is free. I can create forever. I’ll never run out of art to contribute. What I’m noticing is that people react. They find me. They like and follow and show love and I don’t have to tell them to do that. They just genuinely like what I’m doing and want to support. That gives me the peace and motivation to create. I want to create to till I die. Not till it “pays off”.

If you create. No matter what you create. Just know if it’s high quality, people will find it. Have a great morning!

An Absolutely Dope Podcast

This right here. Is one of the absolute coolest things I’ve done with my life and times in both media and Indianapolis. Great people. Great chemistry. Great show! Below is the main link to the soundcloud. All the episodes are up from the original show to the rebranded show. We are talking right now on how to coordinate to get back together to do the show again. Thanks for Listening!

Listen and laugh with CamQuotes, Brian James, Des, The Producer and Shaka as they “Edutain” you with music and real life and whatever else that may come to mind. It’s An Absolutely Dope Podcast!

My #SoGoneChallenge Lyrics #TBT

Let me put you on to who you messing with
Entice you and maybe delight you with some freakiness
Your outfits nice and your skin looks radiant
I love curly hair
That’s a really cute anklet
Long story short, I think your gorgeous
A star and
I want to be in your Orbit if I can
“Seatbelt you”
You know, connect and click
After sharing my Views like Whoopi and them other chicks
If you’re really in a rush
To your car I’ll walk
You got me raving cause you smell good and skin soft…
I know, bump the talk
I’m just trying to be “Proactive”
I know you kind of interested even though you laughing.
You and Me could be a meme people want to be
I’ll let you know, I’m kind of nasty
I bite butt-cheeks, play with lips while I steer
Pull hair, tongue kiss while I pump in mirror
Wanna LOVE how you feel
Have Ya rub gives me chills
No bed?
Well, help me take this down right here
We can do it anywhere, Park, Room 112
The Top of the Back of the Metra, the County Fair
Let them stare
At the perks of being my girl
Jane Jetson
I’ll Wife and take you out of this world
And into mine,
Appreciate this moment of time
I’m Cam.
Can I take you out to Dinner round 9? What’s up?