Open To Comments

It’s been a great morning of creation and thinking for me. I had in my mind to “do a great unveil” for the top of November and unleash all this new content and ideas and honestly, I got too anxious. I started thinking about why I am going to sit on the content that is fresh in my mind now. The content that is parallel to my current feelings. I had no great answer. I had no real reason to wait to change the blog name or schedule post out. So I been letting the publish button fly like crazy today. From the stats it appears I made the right decision. Glad I listened to myself and not status quo structure.

Another thing I thought about was enabling my comment section. When I started this site, I turned the comments off. My first thought was, I just want to write my feelings out and f**k what people got to say or think about it. Coming from a media angle, I know 11 times out of 7 people just want to type some negative s**t in your comment section. Many do it for the feel of getting acknowledged. Saying “they were so hurt they responded to me” or any other reverse psychological reason they can conjure up to make the moment memorable and honestly, I wanted no parts of that. When I started this I knew I was going to write some things to the world that I never wrote before. With that being done, I didn’t want to make room for critique and feedback. I just wanted to do me. Bring some transparency and clarity and build my own world and community in the process. In the last 3 months, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that.

Today, I left a comment on a post about a woman who got back into writing. It connected so much me that I had to write a positive comment to her on that post. We shared so many parallels as to the why writing is needed and how it helps our minds and reality. As I left the comment, I wondered just how many people want to leave those type of comments to me. I’ve gotten text messages from people I know, but what about the people I don’t know? The people who have no clue who I am, but have connected through my life in words. How can I show gratitude and possibly inspire them? How can we connect and build more? Maybe giving them a chance to leave a comment and me responding positively is the way to do that. So I’m going to give it a shot.

I’m going to put the proper energy towards this and be officially open for comments. Let’s build more dialogue. Let’s connect more now than ever before. I look forward to this. Thank you for watching me build and helping me grow.

Will Shine…

What is life?
Are you prepared to survive it?

Have you felt pain?
Do you try hard to disguise it?

Many nights of hope
Same amount of days in sorrow
We trying to get it today
Can’t really depend on tomorrow

The phrase ain’t “Now or Next week”
The hungry don’t want to starve
We want to excel and reach peaks
Know the prominent path ain’t far

Last night…
I had a dream…
I burned my hand on a star

I woke up…
Started Beaming…
In my palm was a scar

Living As CamQuotes

Hello and Good Morning!

This is a post to recognize what will be the final name change to the site. If you’ve been around since the summer when this was the “Pen Pimps” site, you know that the site name has had quite a few changes. Long story story short rebranding and self doubt don’t mix. I also realized how much work I would be “throwing away” if I abandoned my bread and butter brand known as “CamQuotes”. I can give you the transparency with any name. The content doesn’t have to change. I can give you real depth and layers as one entity. So I am going to do that. I’m going to give you my life at all angles. I created CamQuotes in this life. So now you can get more insight on me Living As CamQuotes.

I’m excited! This is going to be pretty cool. You’re still going to get the self reflection moments. You’re still going to get the poetry and other compositions. I’m still going to talk about how I feel about certain national societal topics. With all that you’re also going to get some media from me. I’ve added a podcast category so you can check out “First Black Champ”. It’s a wrestling podcast I do with my family, J.R Bang. I may add a feed to the Absolutely Dope Podcast that I was doing a couple years back as well.

I’m also going to be adding past moments that I think are great pieces from me. I believe a couple are already up and there are definitely more on the way.

I did it! I solved my rebrand issue 48 hours before my official return to social media! Since I’m changing the site again, I will let this go out on my social platforms just to make sure those who don’t follow this blog can see it. Well ladies and gentlemen, thank you. It’s been a jam-packed 3 months mentally and I am finally in a great space. Welcome to the life of CamQuotes.

What’s Best for Business

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Operations. Overall, I won’t call it a waste because for quite a while, I was able to get management jobs with no problem and the pay was at least decent. I do aspire to be a business owner, but as I dig more into my creator side, it’s starting to feel like that path is not for me.

In my lifetime I’ve sold mixtapes, t-shirts and my old clothes on eBay to name a literal few, but to be honest, it never really brought me joy. It was just a task I knew that had to be done. I have a company that’s on ice right now called Million Dollar Mind Life, LLC. It’s on ice because I’m honestly not sure what I should do with it. It originally started off as a social media consultant company. Then I felt it should be a media company. Then I thought, No; It’s a content creation company. After all that I just admitted I didn’t know what it was anymore and decided to chill. A lot of money has been spent and if I’m going to move forward, I need to know exactly what I’m doing for at least the next decade before another step is taken.

A lot of clarity has hit my life and mind since I’ve stripped myself down to my core and focused on what makes me happy at my core. Maybe I’m a enterprising business man. Maybe I’m not. Either way I know how to succeed and be happy whether the statement is true or false. I’m not wrapped up in the aspect of having to be the business owner. I’d much rather have a business partner anyway. Someone that would let me create while they handle the nuts and bolts of the operation. It’s ideal because I understand the lingo, I could fill in any holes and make it through business meetings with no anxieties. It will all happen in time as long as I keep creating. After-all, with no product there’s no business.

Moments: The Accident 10-29-16

Today started like any other day. I got up early, got fly and was prepared to get a lot accomplished as well as have a great time for a special occasion. I was heading to Chicago to support “My Cakes” for graduating from Pastry School and was in an accident with a deer.

This was all bad and all at the wrong time. It’s also my first real accident ever. I reacted as fast as I could. All I remember seeing is a massive brown body get in front of my windshield, me yelling, NO, NO, NO! DON’T HIT MY CAR! Then I begin to veer off to the fast lane to avoid the deer, while decelerating, but unfortunately couldn’t escape contact. We collided. My car sounds different, the airbags don’t deploy, but the car is giving me some instruction. I still don’t know or remember what it says as I am in complete shock. I don’t know what to do. I get out of the car and I’m shaking. I see the car dented up and leaking and I don’t know what to do. I didn’t want to let my Fiancé down, so I contemplated trying to keep going. Then I realized how crazy that sounded and I message her, called my mom, 911 and then the insurance company.

An Amish family was pulled over on the opposite side of the highway. They punctured a tire from running over the deers antlers. They get out, ask if I’m ok and then pull the deer off of the highway. Another person appeared saying that he saw the accident and also called the police for me and checked on my well being.

After I calmed down and realized what could have been, I’m extremely blessed that I have no scratches, aches or pains and although my car looks bad, my life was spared.

As I grow as a person, life takes different shape and perspective. This accident could have been fatal and I had no control over that. I could have missed the rest of my daughter’s life, never get married and never see the fruits of my labor become tangible. Yeah, I worried about getting to work, making the graduation and how to afford all of this, but as the day went on, I was just happy to be alive.

The vision of that deer running across the highway and into my vehicle will probably be embedded in my mind for a while, but Thank God I am alive to tell the story! I’ve heard worse from others and I consider myself extremely blessed that the picture is the worst that happened.

No matter what happens in your life always remember, you’re still here. That means the fight to the top to achieve your level of success will continue. Don’t give up! Get inspired to get more! Cause tomorrow is never promised.