Moving Through The Cloud

A week ago, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this decade. I was in an odd and somewhat hurtful space. I had a lot of negative flashes. I envisioned a lot of rage filled times and missed opportunities. I seen the people that disrespected and tried to shit on me. The times I felt boxed in. The moments I was supposed to believe I was less than. The hurtful losses. The countless fears and tears. To be honest, I felt a lot of mental harm done to me throughout the last 10 years.

Then by the weekend, I snapped out of it. I did something for me and I began to think of all the great and wonderful things that happened to me. The great people I’ve met, the positive that I have done and how I literally survived what was definitely some of the worst times of my life.

I truly still don’t know what to think about this decade and a lot of people and things in it. What I do know is that I got to move forward. I’m on a greater mission and I don’t want to waste time. I want to be great and achieve things I’ve always dreamed and never expected. I can’t do that by holding on to the negatives of the past. I’m here to win and make an impact. In 2020 and beyond, I will make sure that is the bottom line.

As I take in everything that was, I prepare for what will be
The growth, gain and maturation of me

Happy New Year.