Understanding Daddy’s Accountability

The last week and a half has been eye opening. It’s challenging me in ways I never expected but definitely need. It’s preparing me mentally while contributing to my physical growth as well. It’s all happening through a brilliant, beautiful vessel that I call, daughter.

I been challenging my daughter to drink more water and be happy and willing to brush her teeth 2 times a day. Once in the morning and again before bed. Like any other child she doesn’t want to and is showing great resistance and loads of reluctance in completing both task. I tell her why she has to. I even enforce the long term affects and issues if she doesn’t. It’s understood but the follow through is not what I desire.

It was at that moment that I began to highlight my own personal struggles. The things that I need to do and do better. I also analyzed how I’m doing them if at all. It became crystal clear to me that I can’t be effective with how I administer the need for changes, disciplines and focuses if I am not a person of that myself. While telling my daughter what she needs to improve, I too must hold that same level of accountability in my own life and times.

Although I am still going to administer and demand as a father, I am going to man up and increase my level of accountability at the same time. I got to be a man worth listening to. I got to be a man of example. What I do is a reflection of my family. If I want discipline, dedication, determination and success. I have to be the prime example of that for those around me.

It makes sense. If I want to be the head. If I want to be the leader. If I want to be listened to, I have to be someone worthy of it. My self improvements are greater than me and I finally recognize that. Once you recognize you must then make the decision to do. I will now do till it’s done.