Fawk Dominic! #FBCPod

Kofi lost the title in a Max of 7 seconds and that’s some bullshit! Not because he lost, but cause of how he lost! The breakdown, what it means and what to expect in the future is all broken down during a soon to be legendary burrito rant from J.R. Bang.

AEW made it’s debut and there were some definite Pro’s and Con’s. We talk the good, bad and the potentially controversial as Cam has a caution filled critique on Nyla Rose and her place in AEW. It was the biggest week in wrestling on this decade so we took our time on this weeks #FBCPod! Oh yeah, Hell In A Cell is still going on.

Chill Out Cody! #FBCPod

Hell In A Cell is next Sunday and most of the card is a secret. We give the best predictions we can and talk some things that we would like to see happen at the Pay Per View. Before we get into that Bang takes a moment to talk Cody Rhodes comments on black superstars and their dominance in the world of wrestling. Then we deep dive on what a wrestling superstar is and who truly is one! If you fawking with #FBCPod hit the link!

First Black Champ: Kofi Hogan #FBCPod

It’s another Monday Night edition of the First Black Champ podcast! This week J.R. Bang catches Cam up on what happened on the Network Exclusive event known as Smashville! We disgust what we see as the future of Ali, Elias and Becky Lynch. We also talk about the Vince McMahon’s chest moves as well as AEW’s great move with their latest announcement. Does Kofi Kingston have the best Black Wrestler title run ever? What’s the future for him after his historic title reign ends? We attempt to answer that and so much more on this weeks #FBCPod!

First Black Champ: They Fawk With Us But They But They Don’t Fawk With Us!

Money In The Bank happened and well…Bayley tried to save it. We talk about what really matters as far as that pay per view and what to expect next.

Then Bang breaks down AEW’s first pay per view, Double or Nothing and what it means moving forward. Then we talk Fans, Cody and what this really is vs what people are making it.

We close with celebrating two new historical black champions and the fact we can not forget about the Universal Title on this week’s #FirstBlackChamp podcast!

First Black Champ: Search Viking Experience on Pornhub

The Superstar Shakeup happened and for one week only #CamBeKnowin! We talk the moves, the disbands and who can benefit the most or get future endeavored with the latest shakeup. We spend more time than expected on AEW implications and the Cody vs Dustin match set for 5.25.19. Then we breakdown Mark Henry’s Top 10 African American wrestlers of all time list after laughing at it. J.R. Bang then provides his as we close out probably the most educational segment ever of the #FirstBlackChamp podcast!