The Power in Happier Thoughts

Since the day I decided I would choose happiness first and added it to my affirmation list, I’ve felt a shift. A shift of relief. I’m not as anxious or tense about “what’s next” anymore. I no longer feel stuck or trapped in a situation with no way out. I know what I’m going after and that has provide some mental and even physical ease. I’m a little anxious to move forward in the process, but I am happy to be patient now that I know where I am going.

A new level of peace is emerging. I know all will be fine as soon as it begins. I will be able to do all the things I want to do and other things I’ve never imagined. No better sign than all of these to know it’s best to continue focusing on what makes me happy.

When Affirmation Moves

Started reading my affirmations more than my goals…and things started happening…

Things that I didn’t expect. Things I didn’t know I wanted. And the more I read the affirmations reality started changing, but it was still very real and wanted. Then I happened to check my goals and some of them still lined up perfectly or will be accomplished in one way or another. Either way I thank God for giving me time to develop a new mindset. It’s really changed my entire world. The words I believe and how they apply to my life and becoming reflections of my spirit and character. I still have a ways to go, but I am very grateful to be where I am.

I’m not even going to change my goals. I’m just going to add on affirmations. The affirmations are the foundation. Once that is strong I will build goals on top of them. That feels like the best way to execute. I had no clue I would want the things that I want today on January 1, 2019. However, I’m excited for the potential and the possibility.