I’m Going To Be On The Breakfast Club

So dig this. Ever so often, I get in the car drive and rehearse or practice my pending interview on the Breakfast Club. For those that may be unaware, the Breakfast Club is the most popular urban morning radio show in the nation right now. It’s syndicated in about 80 markets and it’s the “Momma, I made it!” moment for this era right now for terrestrial radio. My radio career started the same year the show did, so for that reason alone, the show is sort of special to me. That show and WGCI’s “The Morning Riot” are how I time stamp my radio career. My first intern assignment was working the morning show. I’ve been following the careers of the host of the Breakfast Club for quite a while now, so to meet them would be a very cool experience in general. I’m also dying to share some information with Angela Yee that she may not know or remember. It could be a viral moment, is all I’ll say.

I don’t know for what reason, but I’m going to be on that show. I see myself wearing a suit on the show. Black suit, crisp white dress shirt and no tie. Every time we talk [in the car] the topic is different. Sometimes it’s about my life and family. Other times it’s about hip-hop or my latest business venture or project. Bottom line is, I made it on the show because I did something noteworthy or caused an impact. I can’t wait for it to happen. My mind wouldn’t keep giving me that vision if it were not going to happen. My media career may be over or on a time out, but I would love to be on their platform to express myself. I love being in New York too! So that’s a big plus.  I respect their contributions to the world of media and I know an appearance on their show could open my brand up to a whole new crop of people that may want to support whatever I’m doing when I get there.

One day you’re going to check Angela Yee, DJ Envy or Charlamange Tha God’s IG and you’re going to see me standing next to them in front of the Power 105.1 step and repeat. I just hope you watch and enjoy the content. Stay tuned.