Bangin On Lunch Tables: His Superstardom will get YOU Nowhere

Just when we thought we were done talking all things Eminem, a severely edited 4 part interview series controlled by Mr Mathers along with a diss track to MGK drops.

The real question though, is Mic Jonez bogus for his Eminem diss track question?

We got special guest Obs3rve, KaSean and Denzo Laflair and the chime in on all the above and Cam’s theory on why artist should never sign to Superstar artist on this weeks #BanginOnLunchTables Podcast

Bangin On Lunch Tables: How Many Superstars Must Get Dissed?

If you put Nicki in the same studio with 30 of the Top Mainstream Rappers in the industry, how great would she do? We answer that question and deep dive into the many layers of it.

Then Cam raises the controversial issue of Peter Rosenberg and how he feels about him educating young black males on Hip-Hop.

It’s almost 3 hours of the greatest hip-hop podcast in the world! The #BanginOnLunchTables podcast

Focused On Me, Not Business

I used the early part of my day to do nothing. Well, I did my taxes and took out the trash, so that was something. I was “not feeling” working out which sucks for my body goal, but sometimes it’s good to just let your mind and body rest.

The rest I took today lead to more thinking. I been thinking I’ve approached the last 3 years wrong. I spent a lot of time and a decent amount of money trying to be an Entrepreneur and build this media company. It was a cool learning process, but was it fulfilling? I got to say grand scheme, no.

Sure, I want to “be my own boss” and I do think I’m a leader. However, CEO and Entrepreneur; Maybe that’s not me. Why? Because the qualities that it takes to excel at being that don’t make me happy. It’s also not my natural gift that can be polished and shown to the world in all its glory. A CEO cares about the numbers, growing the numbers and crushing competition for the number 1 spot. It’s the nuts, bolts, analytics and tough decisions with no emotion involved. It’s love of the non stop hustle. The grind of turning nothing into something. Winning as big as you lose but never giving up. It’s also the selling of self and product. The mastering of networking as well as supply and demand. Sure having passion for the product or service helps, but sometimes all of that can or would be considered being thrown out the window in an effort to profit or stay afloat. Do I have some of these qualities? Yeah. I will even go on record as being told that people have seen them in me and can’t wait for me to take it next level. Between me you and God, I have no clue how that would happen.

So with the above said, who am I? Well, I’m an artist. I care about the creating, the crafting and the connection with just one over many. The numbers would be great but I’m over concerned with the quality of the product or service and how I feel when it’s done. I don’t mind the hustle, but an off day from the grind sparks some of my best ideas. I write, record and wish I could paint or play this guitar in my closet. While I respect a Clive Davis, I’m more intrigued by Babyface. Long story shorter, I’m a creator. You don’t really need a business to be what I excel at naturally.

The understanding of that on a new level has helped me out greatly. No longer am I adding the pressures of Entrepreneur success on my shoulders. I’d rather Friend and work with Gary Vee and Daymond John than actually be them. They still inspire me, but their path is not mine and that is ok.

My forthcoming book is art. You won’t increase your business acumen from it. It’s not going to be a product that inspires the next successful person on the Forbes list. What it will do is paint pictures, strike nerves and make emotions flood. It’s life, told in a perspective from a person who has lived and still has more living to do. Some of the greatest Entrepreneurs in the world can’t do that. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t hire me to do that for them.

Feels good to know me better. Now it’s time to be and do me better than ever. After all, no one else can.