This Book or That Book?

I’m wide awake on this Sunday coming to a possible revelation that all of my book ideas may not be completed because there is another book I need to write first. The one subject that’s been in the front of my mind for the last decade. As I have prepared so many different creative things that have went somewhat stagnant over the last few months, it’s becoming clear to me that the one thing I may need to be right now, is real. Real as I can be in an effort to help someone else. I’m officially going to take on that challenge with great honor.

Hopefully this piece of my life will serve as a great moment of teaching for others. The process has officially begun.

Am I An Author?

I took the time out a moment ago to look up the definition of “author”and to my surprise, by definition, I’ve been one for quite a while now. I have authored several articles for several years on several different outlets and in 2018, I officially put out my first book titled Living In A Beautiful Disaster.

One of the things I have never called myself was an author. I’ve tried to label myself as a “multi-media personality” “creator” “writer” but never an “author”. End of day, these labels are all connected. Some would say the labeling is pure semantics. What I have in front of me is a chance to take it very serious moving into the next decade. I have new plans and goals as we step in to 2020.

More books will be written. This will be a hub to show off my writing versatility and I hope to connect with you greater than ever with a direct and redefined purpose.

Ideas In Layers

What a great time to think clearly and believe in yourself. I went from working on one book. To starting two books. To having a book complete. To now adding what I feel are great enhancements to the completed book.

I’ll explain more about the book when I get in the publishing phase, but sitting and thinking of all of my writings in the past and how some of them are still relatable today made me really dig up some past work to share to a new audience. My previous years as a writer will be adjoined with the fresh new writings and poems of this year for one project that will represent me as a writer in the best possible manner. It also gave me the opportunity to do some reprises and deliver different concepts of both darkness and light.

My writing introduction is so important to me. I can’t just put out any project. I also don’t want my range and creativity to be lost.The first book I started has pretty heavy content. Heavy and niche. I don’t want to be confined to that box and have people misunderstand my thorough talent of writing. I want to show versatility, creativity and emotion for my first effort. I also want to give my future audience what I can do effortlessly. This completed book will be my first of many masterpieces. My babies. My art. I can’t wait for you all to see this. I want to open you up to the world that exist in my mind. This first effort will do a great job of that.

I have a little more to create before I consider this book complete. I can do that while I wait on the book’s cover art to be completed. Then, I contemplate marketing strategies. Talk soon!