This Book or That Book?

I’m wide awake on this Sunday coming to a possible revelation that all of my book ideas may not be completed because there is another book I need to write first. The one subject that’s been in the front of my mind for the last decade. As I have prepared so many different creative things that have went somewhat stagnant over the last few months, it’s becoming clear to me that the one thing I may need to be right now, is real. Real as I can be in an effort to help someone else. I’m officially going to take on that challenge with great honor.

Hopefully this piece of my life will serve as a great moment of teaching for others. The process has officially begun.

Proof Approval #LIABD

My heart is beating out of my chest a little bit right now. I think I’m hyperventilating. Why? Because I think it’s time to approve the proof of my book!

I looked at it so many times. I had another pair of eyes on it technically 3 times. I made the edits. I even edited the proof. I think it’s finally ready to be released. Although I doubt there is, I wouldn’t mind if there was a flaw in the book. Art is flawed. Flawed but perfect at the same time. That’s fine with me. But seriously, I think everything “wrong” with the book was caught, touched up, restructured and edited. If not, we’ll make it right. No big deal.

Well…Here we go…Honestly nervous right now…

I Turned In My Book Last Night #LIABD

And I really can’t believe I’m going to put out my first book! This surreal. This was a great experience. This is the start of a new beginning. I’m a writer with a product. Something tangible to solidify my claim as a writer. Not that this blog or any of my past work doesn’t count, but putting out an actual book takes the claim “writer” to a whole new level.

I already feel successful. I have that sense of accomplishment. All I want to do now, is keep going.

Living In A Beautiful Disaster. May 2018.