I’m super excited to announce that my very first book is officially done! During my month off of social media, I made it a point to make sure I finished at least one major milestone project. I can’t believe it, but I am proud to say that I did it! I finished my first book!

Originally, I started writing a book about my life and things I want to be. It may be boxed in as a “Self help” book, but I stopped. That book takes a different type of focus. A focus that I got out of once my compositions started getting attention and praise by all of you. I saw, heard and felt the reaction that my poetry was getting online and it made me want to write more. I started filling up this site with them. The reaction increased.

Then I thought, maybe this is what the book should be. If it’s going to be the book then I can’t put every single one of the poems on the site. I didn’t want to cheat my new audience. So I stopped writing the first book and slowed down putting poetry on here and started writing more offline. What started as 10-12 bonus pieces ended up being well over 25!

Over 25 dark, insightful and healing compositions. Theres also nostalgia, beauty and reflection. There’s going to be a little lust, desire and fantasy near all the disaster as well. I feel this is the best introduction of me right now. It gives you the transparent and artistic side of me. My colorful language and who I am at my core. The other book is who I want to be. I think it’s only right and fair to all of you that I give you who I am first. The layers of the writer CamQuotes. The boy from Freeport that became a man in Chicago and it’s suburbs, Atlanta and Indianapolis. The things I seen and done. You’re going to get things I believe and see that many can’t. The destruction of things and people in my life that I once loved unconditionally and possibly still do when all is said and done. You’re going to get all of that and maybe some things you don’t see coming with this book. I hope you enjoy it.

It’s time to get into promo mode. I’ll be updating here and on Instagram with new happenings, questions and working on ways to build awareness. I’ve set a new big goal for myself. Now the real work begins. Talk soon.

Ideas In Layers

What a great time to think clearly and believe in yourself. I went from working on one book. To starting two books. To having a book complete. To now adding what I feel are great enhancements to the completed book.

I’ll explain more about the book when I get in the publishing phase, but sitting and thinking of all of my writings in the past and how some of them are still relatable today made me really dig up some past work to share to a new audience. My previous years as a writer will be adjoined with the fresh new writings and poems of this year for one project that will represent me as a writer in the best possible manner. It also gave me the opportunity to do some reprises and deliver different concepts of both darkness and light.

My writing introduction is so important to me. I can’t just put out any project. I also don’t want my range and creativity to be lost.The first book I started has pretty heavy content. Heavy and niche. I don’t want to be confined to that box and have people misunderstand my thorough talent of writing. I want to show versatility, creativity and emotion for my first effort. I also want to give my future audience what I can do effortlessly. This completed book will be my first of many masterpieces. My babies. My art. I can’t wait for you all to see this. I want to open you up to the world that exist in my mind. This first effort will do a great job of that.

I have a little more to create before I consider this book complete. I can do that while I wait on the book’s cover art to be completed. Then, I contemplate marketing strategies. Talk soon!