Hustling Backwards

I often talk about creating a better life for myself, being a resource and working on my terms. It became crystal clear to me today that I have been hustling backwards seemingly all year. It’s truly a situation of trying to change my mentality, yet caught up in the conditioning that society has instilled in us all.

The dumbest thing I’ve done this year…Is look for a part time sales job, instead of selling the product I’ve already created.

I have a book, I have shirts, hoodies, socks and soon hats! I have 2 podcast over a year old. I should be selling those every single day! That’s the money! That’s the opportunity! That’s how I’m going to change my circumstance!

It also solves my “what to do with social media” question. Find creative, innovative and cool ways to sell all this lifestyle, conversation and experience. If I don’t sell it, who’s going to buy it?

It’s my fault. I allowed myself to become a safe, trained worker. I read how to get out of that and allowed myself to drift back into that state of mind. Getting too wrapped up in thinking a job would help me fuel my dreams and change my circumstance. Worried about getting the money for the dreams instead of pushing the dreams to get to the money. That’s not what builds true Entrepreneurship. It’s also something I can’t do part time. I got to at it every single day. The old product is new to someone else. Also, if it gets too “boring” or “mundane” I need to do my part in switching it up. It’s all on me. I’d rather sell 2 shirts for me than 100 for someone else. Yet, I was still looking for somewhere to work in hopes of selling more of my product to leave, SMH.

I been hustling backwards. I’m ashamed, but I’m fixing it and now, I’m ready to do this right and for real. I have plenty product for sale. Product that will allow me to live the aspirations and affirmations that I read twice a day.

Get ready to support and believe or get completely sick of me. I’m officially clocked in.

Shaking My Workers Mentality

I’ve been waking up the last couple weeks with soul stirring, but mind calming revelations. I woke up this morning with a revelation that I hope will help steer me right through the rest of 2019 and life. The revelation? I mostly think and operate like a worker. On the surface there is nothing wrong with that, but here’s the issue. I won’t be an effective leader, brand builder or business owner with a workers mentality or operation.

Somewhere on this blog I said I gave up pursing being an Entrepreneur. After I said that, I started looking for work and was writing for other sites and doing interviews for other brands and happy to accept positions alongside others who are in control. Externally, there is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. The internal problem with that is I still felt the empty voids. The lack of notoriety for my work. The lack of needed compensation to take care of home. The unfulfilled career path and my pursuit of happiness. I’m working, but I feel empty. That empty feeling let me know it’s time for me to adopt a new mentality and take control.

I don’t like that I’m not 100% in control of my destiny. I don’t like that I have to depend on payment from someone vs getting my own and making sure it’s more than enough. If I don’t like it, I have to do something about it. So, today, I am officially making it a point to shake my “worker mentality”. It’s time to be a boss. It’s time to cultivate, lead, take control and take charge of the the path to the life that I desire. It’s time to hustle and not depend on anyone to give me what they feel I’m worth. It’s also time for me to focus 100% on everything I created. I should be spending 100% of my time building my dreams, not spending 50% or more of my time, building someone else’s.

A new challenge. A new chance at discipline and growth. I’m here for that.

Boss Talk and Understanding

This Boss thing and this Leader thing is serious. You really have no time to talk about it if you are living it. I thought I could still be a boss by just calling MY own shots. That’s foolish thinking. Yes, you do have to have control and govern over yourself, but a real leader is shown through the impact to and through other people. Leaders are put in position to influence. When you’re truly bossing up, you have empowered others around you and they execute at a high caliber because of the example you’ve set. I took a step backwards. I was turning down opportunities to lead and boss up and was “just talking” like one. I got nowhere. Now, I’m clamoring for a new opportunity to show how great of a leader I can be and what my version of bossing up looks like.

God reminded me of who I was and who I’ve always been. With great opportunity comes great responsibility and sacrifice. 2019, we get back to that and do so much more.