Let’s Change Some Things…Again.

Over the last 36 hours, I have been done and spent. I don’t want to use Social Media as the developer intended anymore. I’m tired of captions, hashtags, setting appointments and posting at “the right time of day” to build a following and get engagement. It’s just no longer something that is a concern for me and “my brand”. At this point, people follow, like and share or they don’t and to be real, I don’t want to pay for attention right now. It’s not going to stop the work I’m putting in no matter what. The work is what makes me happy. Not the stats the work produces.

Speaking of “My Brand”; I’m over trying to build one. At least consciously. There’s an episode of Camp From The Port coming up that speaks on authenticity and the value, strength and comfort of being yourself. Taking a step away from this world of social media, being with family in my hometown and having conversations for the show have really helped me mentally in so many ways. I’m embarking on another change. The change has me excited about interaction. The change will keep me on social media but also give my core clarity.

I’m done creating new pages and accounts every time I have an idea. One man came up with these ideas. My problem is structuring. I create so much and am not sure where all of it can and should go. What’s certain is that the only thing that should define me is my name. That name breeds the products and those products can be promoted. I’m my own hub. I’m not here to build several followings. I’m here to give my gift of creation to the world. It’s should be a one way street for that.

I’ll make it all make sense soon.

Am I Scaring The Money Away?

I look at some of my old IG pics and cringe! Why? Cause I was out here looking pretty bogus appearance wise. Unkept hair, scraggily scruffy chin piece. I really wasn’t trying to make myself easy on the eyes. I see why I never really got far in that respect. A better presentation would have done me a great service. You can look unique and still look good. Pride in appearance attracts money. I look like I was scaring the money away.

Although I felt they were “good enough” at the time, I definitely see why ultimately they should come down. I’m trying to build Tall, Fly and Sexy brand here. I can’t be looking any kind of way on social media. It’s time I really double down on investing in myself from an appearance standpoint. It’s only going to make things greater later.

I can’t be out here scaring the money away man! I got too much going on that needs a financial hand. If I get a 3rd job I doubt I’ll have time to create, so we got to look like we want a payday to come our way. It’s going to be a great year of self investments and better pictures, lol!

And I’m Going To Make It Because?

Today, I took a moment to look at what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and it made me think, I don’t stand out. In 2018 there are literally thousands of people who call themselves broadcast journalist, content creators and “media” but yet only a handful are truly out here making it happen on a great scale. Half of the battle is cutting through. I finally sat and had a moment to reflect and I couldn’t think of the “special thing I have” that helps me stand out and cut through.

I’m sure my approach in questioning is somewhat unique. I would even venture to say my voice and personality contribute. What about my look though? What about the quality? Am I doing too much or not enough in those areas?

It was very important for me to get better in the actual interview/conversation process. I think that is being achieved right now. Next, it’s finding something that helps me cut through. I won’t force it, but I am thinking. Something can always be done under the act of self improvement. Not that the content is not good on it’s own, because I definitely believe it is. I just want what I do to be undeniable to everyone that views it.

Thinking About Branding

Watched the YG and Gary Vee sit down and I felt that familiar inspired but frustrated feeling. I like it cause it keeps my wheels turning and trying to figure out what’s next. I can’t stand the feeling because I instantly think I haven’t done anything or I feel I don’t know how to capitalize off of what I have built.

Got to keep the hunger but stay in the race. First thing I need to do is develop a tighter schedule and plan of action. I been slacking on my brand building due to one word; Consistency. It never fails. In fact the only thing I do consistently is be inconsistent with Brand Building. Got to figure it out no matter what. Cause once I do figure it out a team will want to assemble to help. That’s when the real fun and grind begins.

Building Social Influence

I think it’s safe to say that out of all social media platforms, I’m definitely obsessed with Instagram. It’s the only platform that I actually enjoy checking periodically throughout the day. Facebook is honestly number two because my engagement of conversation is greatest on there, but something about the functionality and idea of IG has it as top dog for me.

I never ever really liked twitter although I can’t deny that I get pretty decent engagement from “high profile accounts” and celebrities whether positive or negative. I can’t remember the last time I sent a snap on Snapchat. That platform to me is for travelers and people with interesting lives. Of course YouTube is great, especially after having to temporarily cancel my music streaming services. I can still keep up with all the new music I love on there and it’s still my number one spot to watch content.

I’m in the process of learning the game of becoming a social influencer on Instagram. My goal for 2018 is to have 50K IG followers by New Years Eve. It’s a pretty heavy task seeing that I’m not even 10% there. I’m currently running into the “follow then unfollow later” crowd and it’s killing my numbers and engagement. I do a pretty decent job of following back as long as you are active. I don’t really follow private accounts unless I know you and even then you need to have a decent post count. If you follow me and haven’t posted in months or years. I just expect you to unfollow soon so I don’t follow back. Just being realistic.

My first plan of action is to take better pictures. Not selfies either. I want to capture some great moments, reveal what I’m into and tell some “you had to be there” moments in pictures. I think that is the first step in achieving my goal.

Second thing I want to do is get and create better graphics and content. I think this is vital because it will set me apart from everyone else. It’s time to step my photoshop game up to Intermediate at worst and make it happen. Another reason why YouTube is a great platform.

Third thing is to have fun and not agonize over the numbers. This is my favorite platform. I don’t want it to become my least favorite because I’m trying so hard to grow it. It’s hard to find the fun on social media some days so I don’t want to ruin the good days with “How come more people aren’t following me?” For the followers I have, my engagement isn’t bad. It’s all about making it better from here.

I have a really good camera to help this process. I’ll need to get a better phone soon and I should tell more stories in a different way. Maybe treating IG like WordPress is how I will excel at it. 🤔

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Final Hours Before The Social Return

It’s Halloween night. I’m less than 2 hours away from returning to Social Media. The October discipline challenge is about to be complete and I honestly feel I have grown because of the time away. To recap, I challenged myself to stay off of every social media platform, except YouTube and LinkedIn for the entire month of October. I’m happy to say that I have completed it and have some great takeaways from the experience.

First thing was finishing a very special project. I am thrilled to announce a great milestone for me and I can’t wait to get into phase two and three of this project.

Second is seeing this site grow and truly be defined. I’ve changed the name so many times. I went through so many brand and personal changes that I wasn’t sure what this was going to be. It’s the first time in the long time I didn’t lean on “asking social media” what they want or being upset about answers or lack their of.

Third is getting a chance to create in the purest form. I was inspired by my thoughts and life. I tapped deeper into my emotions and feelings. The results were organic follows and likes to my blog and it’s pieces. No coaching and coaxing anyone to check anything out. The people found the content and the content found it’s audience. I’ve reached more writers by just cranking out content than I ever did asking FB or Twitter. That and the freedom I felt as I was creating. Great doesn’t began to describe that feeling.

Fourth is I got away from group thinking. I had to search for information, form a thought and evaluate it. I also didn’t have a timeline full of people trying to influence how I should feel about anything. I didn’t feel the need to attack opinions that I didn’t like either.

Fifth is understanding that I was using social media wrong. It became life instead of a tool. Too much emotion was wrapped into it. The time away gave me clarity on real life. The people that I would really talk to every day. The things I truly care about. The growth of me mentally and artistically. All that became clear once I left social media. I look forward to the return because I’m going to really turn a corner in how it’s all handled by me from here on out.

What do I plan to do when I return to social media?

  • Use Instagram as my PR rep and Agent
  • Follow better people
  • Turn my pages to quality content hubs
  • Start delivering and stop asking
  • Consistent FB Live [Pending]
  • Be Patient

The marathon continues. I’m going to solidify my lane in writing and media. I will take the time, make the moves and make myself happy. The time away was needed. I’m not sure if I want to get back on twitter outside of spitting out links. Got some ideas for Snapchat, but I got to get busy first. It’s time to document and create. Let my mind go and see who reacts. I have a plan. Now it’s time to execute.