October Discipline Challenge: Intermittent Fasting

Tomorrow a new challenge begins. Instead of cutting out a food purposely, I am going to try Intermittent Fasting. I been reading on it and hearing from people that have tried it and it sounds like a very interesting concept that is beneficial to my body goal. As a person who was never really hungry during “breakfast hours” I think it’s something that may be ideal for me. Specifically the 16:8 fast. Fast for 16 hours and eating in an 8 hour window. I’m officially up for the challenge.

I don’t want to go crazy with the eating of carbs or meats, but I think eating high protein and as clean as possible in an 8 hour window may serve as a great benefit. I also think I’m going to focus more on weights than cardio in October. The results I want involve muscle growth and cuts. I’m setting October up to be a great month for gains!

Lets get to it! That 40 pounds won’t lose itself! I got 33 more to go!

Day 30: September Discipline Reflection

Good morning!

It’s officially day 30 of my September discipline challenge. For the last 29 days I have not consumed bread, potatoes or alcohol. There are results, revelations and realizations. Let’s talk about them.

1. I had no idea that I consumed so many carbs and starches in a day. Sandwiches, dairy free pizza, pretzels, chips, roasted potatoes, fries. It was literally something I would indulge in every single day. What I’ve done this month was opted to have a green vegetable or another plant or nut in it’s place. So instead of chips or pretzels, I had cashews. Instead of fries I would have kale or asparagus. Sometimes I would just have catfish or grilled chicken and nothing else with it. Not the most balance meal but it became more about the discipline than the courses in a meal.

2. The worst thing I could have done in the last 30 days was weigh myself somewhere in the middle of the challenge. Because right now, I’m not as happy as I should be in the process.

Sep 1 – I weighed 255
Sep 22 – I weighed 242
Sep 30 – I weigh 248

The focus should be on the fact that I lost weight no matter what. Unfortunately I’m sitting here thinking “how did I get back that 6!?”

3. The most inconsistent thing this month was my workouts. I only got 1 week in where I did 3 days or more. It became hard to create time for one reason or another and I slacked hard. Think my only workout last week was Saturday. I got to get these workouts up if I’m going to hit my 215 goal by NYE.

4. With the lack of carbs and starches, I noticed my craving for sugar increased. It wild, but I had a craving for things like cookies and ate more fruit snacks and wanted chocolate more than ever this month. If anybody can help me process or curbed that, I’m all ears.

Alcohol was so easy that it’s not worth even mentioning. I’ve been a heavy drinker for only a couple years of my life and those dark days are over.

5. It’s day 30 and success was made! My results are light but as a person that see’s my body everyday, I’m proud of what’s on the horizon. Oct 1, I take another weight tally and a waist measurement. All my slacks and jeans fit bigger this month and it was more room in a couple XL shirts that were snug in July and August.

October the challenge is Intermittent Fasting every day. I practiced it towards the end to mentally prepare. Lets see what happens when I get that in, with the workouts.

The Marathon Continues – Nipsey Hussle

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

Feeling The Test

I just had revelation on the way to bed, so I’m back up to write about it…

I’ve spent the last week or longer talking about wanting to get “more” and earn more money and wanting better for myself. Since I’ve said that, I’ve been getting tested at my primary job. My patience, my attitude and my willingness to “play nice” is all under attack. It’s under attack in the form of a person. It’s the only logical way to explain what’s been happening lately.

I was just telling my wife earlier today that I’m obviously being tested. I just couldn’t put my finger on why. Now, it’s more than obvious. I’ve been pumping that positive reinforcement to myself and now God is moving. I asked for “more” and “better” and now, he’s preparing me to have that. There is no triumph without tragedy. There is not testimony without a test. I’m in the process of being tested to get what I have been asking for.

Now I know why I didn’t hit send on that email yesterday. I know why I didn’t force the issue of a fiery conversation in the meeting today. When I had to step out, with the day almost over, just to give myself an encouraging pep talk; I understand it’s God helping me cope and not forget about what I’ve been asking for.

Although the test is in full effect, I still got to put in effort to make it happen. I’m not going to let up. In fact, I’m going to fight harder. I’m going to climb out of this darkness to shine brighter than ever. It truly is my time and I must stay ready and firmly on my square. Nothing is going to stop me from getting where I want to go.

Do I Belong Here?

As 2019 set in and as the days go by, I’ve become antsy and anxious. Anxious for a whole new endeavor. One that speaks to my spirit and ambitions. What I want to do and what I am paid to do must cross paths and become one again. I am ready to make that a reality again. It’s time I take steps towards doing that.

Yesterday, it became blindingly obvious to me that I sit amongst people that don’t believe that they can do anything. I listen to them shoot down a young persons aspirations to make a move, try something different and embrace change. It honestly made me angry. How can people sit and just tell someone “don’t do that” or “you shouldn’t do that” because they never did or more than likely, just don’t know how to do it. I’ve had similar conversations with this group before, but I’m so far in my optimism that they just run out of words and or excuses. Although I’m sure they don’t “mean to be” they’re too negative and I honestly don’t want to be around long enough for it to become a mindset that I embrace

Do I belong here? That is a question that I have answered emphatically with a “NO!” in recent days. It’s no offense to my current life and lifestyle, but this isn’t it. This isn’t me. I wasn’t meant to do this long term and it’s more than obvious now that I have a clear mind and a greater outlook on the life that could be. The normalcy and average way of life is one I am just not meant to live. It doesn’t excite me enough to keep me going, so I must move one.

I have a new fire. A fire that is waiting to bust out of my circumstance and go after what I really want. I’m going to take a big risk this year. I am going to have a new conversation and I am going to do something that I didn’t even think I would do just 3 weeks ago. I’m in a great space with a new mindset and I truly am ready, to get back to the original business I tended to before life became too much to bear.

I don’t have details. I just have thought and action. It’s time. I’m better than ever mentally. I’ve gotten what I needed to prepare me for the next phase. Now, it’s time to get what I want.

Vegan Day 30

It’s April 30th. My last official day taking on the discipline challenge of being a Vegan. Quite a few things to say on this.

First thing is, it felt good to feel light and more energetic throughout every single day. When you’re not consuming a lot of meat, dairy and processed foods you definitely feel it inside first.

Vegans have definitely corned the market on desserts. I had cake, cookies, brownies and other “sweets” without milk, eggs and other dairy products and they were actually better to me. I’ve never been a big fan of desserts because they are always so rich, thick and sugary.  I think I could cut dairy out of my diet forever, even though I don’t like a lot of Vegan Cheeses. Outside of wanting a pizza here and there and those few times I would want cheddar or provolone cheese, cutting dairy is not far fetched.

I definitely couldn’t have done this without my wife. She’s a real vegan and over 3 months in. Her strength and dedication on this is incredible. She makes a lot of great foods. I didn’t eat salad all month yet everything was 100% vegan. She was might cheat code for this. I doubt I would have lasted 2 weeks without her.

I won’t lie. I missed Chicken, Fish and Calamari. I definitely had more than a few chicken cravings and honestly, I’m not quite ready to give those 3 up yet. Didn’t really crave red meat or pork, but the yardbird, was calling me!

As far as my weight goes, I maintained and there were no drastic changes to me externally after only 30 days. I can’t deny that Vegan is the obvious smart, health conscious choice, but it’s just not something I think I want to do as a permanent lifestyle. I’m not going to give up though. As I continue to be better, get better and grow maybe I will transition 100% later this year. I definitely won’t be consuming meat and dairy every day and if Vegans can perfect the chicken wing like they have the burger and sausage, then maybe I won’t be gone too much longer.

Respect to all Vegans. I admire your discipline in this lifestyle. It’s definitely not for the weak.