Wednesday Morning Clarity

I want to really hone in and focus my energy. The last few days have brought some great clarity to my thinking. I can tell I’ve been wasting time. I’m not performing at my highest capability and I am not achieving at a level that I’m satisfied with. A lot of that is due to how I use my time.

A lot of things I was doing 3-5 years ago are no longer a requirement or a priority. It’s no longer serving as a career attribute that needs to be executed with purpose. Since it’s not, it’s time to dial back. I need to get out here and hustle and create. I need to build this mid six figure household with this time that I have. Since I haven’t made it happen, it’s obvious there is still more knowledge to gain and actions to execute.

Closing the decade out strong has become imperative. When 2020 hits, I want to embody the evolution that I envision daily.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay