Camp From The Port: Episode 004: Latchkey Stories Pt 2

We left off with Marcus finding out I was 23-24 in #ATL. We pick it up there as I share an untold personal story with a silver lining around that time. That leads us to talking independent #music moves and how I got almost everything I wanted as a #rapper without a deal.

We switch gears totalk Zeke, Jordan and Kobe and wonder if Greatness can pick talent. Then we switch gears again and talk #Capitalism and how it relates to the Jay/Roc Nation, Kaepernick and #NFL situation. It’s new content, different angle and alternative perspective, I promise.

It’s a lot to unpack on part 2 of the #CampFromThePort episode. #podcast #media

Bangin On Lunch Tables: Focused White Rage Brings Black Favor

Eminem dropped another album and people are taking it too far! We talk Kamikaze vs Revival, where it is in his personal discography and how some Em fans and supporters need to just calm TF Down with the positive and negative statements.

Then Mic Jonez becomes the next competitor for Cam’s Best NY Borough question! We end the show with Cam loading up his clip for all Nas haters and people who live by dip-shit follower fables like “Takeover was all Facts” on this week’s #BanginOnLunchTables podcast! SMILE BITCH!

Bangin’ On Lunch Tables: It’s Mic Jonez Birthday! [Yea Hoe]

It’s Mic Jonez Birthday today so it’s only right we kick it off with his personal B-Day playlist and his song of the day. We also talk Drake’s new video God’s Plan and how it made Cam cry a little bit. What do we expect from Wale now that him and Atlantic have parted ways?

Master P, Jay, Baby or Suge? Who would you want to be your label head in the early 2000’s?

All that and why Pac’s influence is greater than Chief Keef on this week’s #BanginOnLunchTables! Yea Hoe!