Semen Retention Update

It’s December and that officially means #NoNutNovember is over. To keep it so real with y’all, this was a challenge I didn’t expect and I will chalk it up to an overall fail. There was 3 days where the point of no return was stronger than my breathing techniques or my ability to ejaculate up my spine. I now understand how a wet dream can happen for a man and it’s pretty fascinating.

What I will speak to is the “changes” or lack there of. I don’t think this “worked” for me like a lot of stories I read. I didn’t see an increase or decrease in creativity. I wasn’t more or less motivated to do anything. There wasn’t an instance where I felt Semen Retention was helping or hindering me. I literally did everything I wanted to do and my creative meter didn’t rise more than normal.

Now to shoot this concept some bail, my lack of masturbating helped me uncover some things I need to handle personally. It did enlighten me on the fact I was handling a situation wrong and there was a place where I regressed. So it wasn’t a blank mission; Pun intended.

Will I continue this; Possibly. I’ll continue to make strides to improve. For a first time out, I think I did pretty well considering where I was the entire year. My final thought on semen retention is, masturbation is not done for the same reason by every human being. Some people have a better grip on reality than others. Our drives, passions and vices are fueled by the things we participate in. If semen retention helps keep you focused, driven and increases you ability to execute. Keep doing it! If it doesn’t, look within yourself to see what else is going on.

My stance still remains; Masturbation is a healthy and harmless activity that literally can help you mentally and emotionally.

November Discipline Challenge: Put It All Together

It’s November. I’m up 5 pounds which puts me officially at 35 pounds away from my goal and that’s not cool. So the next challenge is real simple. Go into lifestyle mode. That means do the following.

  • Weight train all 4 weeks minimum 5 days a week
  • Limit our heavy carbs and starches to 1 day a week max
  • Maximize green vegetable consumption
  • Intermittent fasting, because I like psychological nature of it
  • Really hit that gallon of water or more per day

This isn’t a “diet plan” or “something to do” this month as a conversation piece. I’m really about this life and I’m becoming addicted to the results. It’s a good addiction. There’s is clarity and new found mental strength in good health. As I approach 40 I want to be better than I ever been. It’s an inside and out job and the biggest part of health and life evolution is not being who you were at 16, 18, 21, 25 and 30.

November is the month we set the tone for 2020! Let’s FAWKING GOOOOO!!!!!

Day 30: September Discipline Reflection

Good morning!

It’s officially day 30 of my September discipline challenge. For the last 29 days I have not consumed bread, potatoes or alcohol. There are results, revelations and realizations. Let’s talk about them.

1. I had no idea that I consumed so many carbs and starches in a day. Sandwiches, dairy free pizza, pretzels, chips, roasted potatoes, fries. It was literally something I would indulge in every single day. What I’ve done this month was opted to have a green vegetable or another plant or nut in it’s place. So instead of chips or pretzels, I had cashews. Instead of fries I would have kale or asparagus. Sometimes I would just have catfish or grilled chicken and nothing else with it. Not the most balance meal but it became more about the discipline than the courses in a meal.

2. The worst thing I could have done in the last 30 days was weigh myself somewhere in the middle of the challenge. Because right now, I’m not as happy as I should be in the process.

Sep 1 – I weighed 255
Sep 22 – I weighed 242
Sep 30 – I weigh 248

The focus should be on the fact that I lost weight no matter what. Unfortunately I’m sitting here thinking “how did I get back that 6!?”

3. The most inconsistent thing this month was my workouts. I only got 1 week in where I did 3 days or more. It became hard to create time for one reason or another and I slacked hard. Think my only workout last week was Saturday. I got to get these workouts up if I’m going to hit my 215 goal by NYE.

4. With the lack of carbs and starches, I noticed my craving for sugar increased. It wild, but I had a craving for things like cookies and ate more fruit snacks and wanted chocolate more than ever this month. If anybody can help me process or curbed that, I’m all ears.

Alcohol was so easy that it’s not worth even mentioning. I’ve been a heavy drinker for only a couple years of my life and those dark days are over.

5. It’s day 30 and success was made! My results are light but as a person that see’s my body everyday, I’m proud of what’s on the horizon. Oct 1, I take another weight tally and a waist measurement. All my slacks and jeans fit bigger this month and it was more room in a couple XL shirts that were snug in July and August.

October the challenge is Intermittent Fasting every day. I practiced it towards the end to mentally prepare. Lets see what happens when I get that in, with the workouts.

The Marathon Continues – Nipsey Hussle

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

Vegan Day 14…And I’m Going To Outback?

When this month started, I said I would challenge myself to the ultimate dietary discipline. Being a Vegan. I did it to see if the results would be “real”. It’s also something that is semi easy to do now that my wife is one. I’m officially on the 14th day of the journey and a lot of things have come to my mind.

There have been a couple times during the last two weeks where I’ve said to myself, “I don’t think this is for me, but it’s honestly not that bad.” I’m not sure if that’s because I would have had chicken or a pizza by now, if it’s just my mind doing what it does when I have alone time, or the devil playing with my emotions. Either way, it does come up time to time. I don’t get many “cravings”, but I can’t deny my body and mindset knows that my routine is different. I don’t need meat every day, but even that little bit I was still consuming is still there psychologically. As for Dairy; Minus pizza, I can’t say that I miss it that much. I’m not an “extra cheese” or must have ice cream or milk type of person. Outside of cheddar and provolone, I’m not a fan of having cheese on anything. Not as a must anyway. I had to stop eating a trail mix that was in the house because it has milk in it. Why would a peanut butter product need milk? I’m so lost on that. Whether you are vegan or not, read these food labels. please, just read them.

On a positive note, the change that I’ve noticed is my body acne is down. It’s not 100% but it is significant and I don’t itch as much and my skin is not as dry as it usually is when it’s cold. I haven’t had a lot of knee pain, but this back, different story. I’ve also been able to maintain the 235 lbs I started at. I plan to get back to my 6 day workout weeks to drop that.

Today may be tough. I’m heading to Outback Steakhouse for my Father-In-Law’s birthday. It’s not my favorite place in the world. Matter fact, I don’t think I’ve been there 5 times in life. However, I anticipate the idea of seeing a Ribeye or T-Bone cooked medium and sizzling within 5-10 feet of me being difficult to deny at a time like this. I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to eat or if I will. I just didn’t want to be rude and not go at all. There may be a funny story developing over all of this so stay tuned. Talk soon.

Oh real quick. Hot dogs smell worse than ever now! I haven’t eaten one since I was like 9, but this week at work, they boiled some and it literally smelled like a decomposing body was simmering in the break room. Appetite ruined for 3 days straight!

October Discipline Challenge: No Social Media

In the final hours of September a lot is going through my mind. The main thing on my mind is “Did I waste time?” To answer honestly, I think so. I was on a roll writing this book and all of a sudden, I went days without typing a single word for the book twice this month. I honestly should have finished and been preparing for phase 2, but I am not. Another thing I looked at was my creative space. Am I still on fire to create and push the envelope like I was 4-6 week ago? Possibly, but I’m losing some edge.

With all that in place, it’s only right that my next discipline challenge be “No Social Media for the month of October”. No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. I will continue to check content on YouTube. I don’t use that for friends, comments and conversation, so that really doesn’t feel like a social media platform to me. YouTube is also going to be my A-1 go to for time spent on the toilet now that I don’t have FB or IG to fall back on. I can’t just sit there and do nothing most times, so a good interview or short doc will help.

Why cut off social media? Because I believe it cuts down my productivity and assist in my loss of focus. I also hate to be on there posting to be posting. All the time I spend mindlessly and aimlessly liking and sharing could be put to greater use. The more I think on it, social media is for people that are already content with life as is or they are the people who are doing enough to make life look interesting. I’m trying to be in the “make life look interesting” group, but I got a few goals to knock out to get there. Then I’ll come back posting with purpose!

I loved the creative space I was in when I deleted all my apps and “got away” for anxiety reason back in August. That week got me here, with this site and all the content that you’ve seen since then. It can only get better with more time away. While I’m gone, feel free to catch up on all of the content on the site. Over 40 live post in less than 2 full months. I cranked out a lot and most was on the fly and I would love for you to view it. Lets be honest; Less than 1% of you have viewed everything on here and that’s with the site doing pretty good. The content will not stop on There will just be no social media push by me once content goes live until November.

You could also check out while it’s still up and running and 100% in my possession. I got an offer to either buy out or invest in the site and well, I’m listening to any offer that makes sense.

If you would like to reach me, I have an email for that. My phone will always be open as well. 630-NOT-HERE. [If we have that kind of rapport. You know it’s cool to text or call me.]

A Bonus Challenge: I’m also going to eat meat a maximum of 3 times a week. I fell off the wagon so hard after not eating meat for a month. I can’t lose all my progress both physically and psychologically. Plus this will help increase my results as I continue to lift weights and get in the best shape of my life. These challenges are not just for the moment or the month or for social media conversation. These challenges are for life. So I must implement them every day after the challenge is over.

Taking it back to 2000-2002, when all I had was email and a phone for calls and texts. Let’s see how that fairs in 2017.