October Discipline Challenge: Intermittent Fasting

Tomorrow a new challenge begins. Instead of cutting out a food purposely, I am going to try Intermittent Fasting. I been reading on it and hearing from people that have tried it and it sounds like a very interesting concept that is beneficial to my body goal. As a person who was never really hungry during “breakfast hours” I think it’s something that may be ideal for me. Specifically the 16:8 fast. Fast for 16 hours and eating in an 8 hour window. I’m officially up for the challenge.

I don’t want to go crazy with the eating of carbs or meats, but I think eating high protein and as clean as possible in an 8 hour window may serve as a great benefit. I also think I’m going to focus more on weights than cardio in October. The results I want involve muscle growth and cuts. I’m setting October up to be a great month for gains!

Lets get to it! That 40 pounds won’t lose itself! I got 33 more to go!

Day 30: September Discipline Reflection

Good morning!

It’s officially day 30 of my September discipline challenge. For the last 29 days I have not consumed bread, potatoes or alcohol. There are results, revelations and realizations. Let’s talk about them.

1. I had no idea that I consumed so many carbs and starches in a day. Sandwiches, dairy free pizza, pretzels, chips, roasted potatoes, fries. It was literally something I would indulge in every single day. What I’ve done this month was opted to have a green vegetable or another plant or nut in it’s place. So instead of chips or pretzels, I had cashews. Instead of fries I would have kale or asparagus. Sometimes I would just have catfish or grilled chicken and nothing else with it. Not the most balance meal but it became more about the discipline than the courses in a meal.

2. The worst thing I could have done in the last 30 days was weigh myself somewhere in the middle of the challenge. Because right now, I’m not as happy as I should be in the process.

Sep 1 – I weighed 255
Sep 22 – I weighed 242
Sep 30 – I weigh 248

The focus should be on the fact that I lost weight no matter what. Unfortunately I’m sitting here thinking “how did I get back that 6!?”

3. The most inconsistent thing this month was my workouts. I only got 1 week in where I did 3 days or more. It became hard to create time for one reason or another and I slacked hard. Think my only workout last week was Saturday. I got to get these workouts up if I’m going to hit my 215 goal by NYE.

4. With the lack of carbs and starches, I noticed my craving for sugar increased. It wild, but I had a craving for things like cookies and ate more fruit snacks and wanted chocolate more than ever this month. If anybody can help me process or curbed that, I’m all ears.

Alcohol was so easy that it’s not worth even mentioning. I’ve been a heavy drinker for only a couple years of my life and those dark days are over.

5. It’s day 30 and success was made! My results are light but as a person that see’s my body everyday, I’m proud of what’s on the horizon. Oct 1, I take another weight tally and a waist measurement. All my slacks and jeans fit bigger this month and it was more room in a couple XL shirts that were snug in July and August.

October the challenge is Intermittent Fasting every day. I practiced it towards the end to mentally prepare. Lets see what happens when I get that in, with the workouts.

The Marathon Continues – Nipsey Hussle

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

Full Circle Perspective

Yesterday was very draining emotionally. I took myself down quite a few notches. I went to a place I honestly thought I wouldn’t be again, but I needed it. I needed it because of the self reflection aspect. The puzzle pieces I put together clarified the picture I want to see for my life.

If I can’t lose 40 pounds by NYE, then I can’t save at least $20 a month. If I can’t do either of those, then I won’t be able to take family trips or complete projects I’ve started. These things are all lifestyle based and rooted in discipline. They can be done simultaneously, but it all starts with wanting those things more than anything else. It will be sacrifice on the way to these goals. I will have to think about tomorrow’s finish line before I give in to today’s desire. It’s a tedious journey and every single day counts.

Yesterday, I sat wondering what my passions are and how can I profit. At the same time wanting to leave the position I was in physically, mentally and emotionally. I was clouded and jaded. Disappointed and a shell of myself. I became very mad at myself for the position I have put myself in. What is clear this morning is that nothing was going to get solved in that moment. No positive breakthrough was going to come while being in that place. A clear positive, conscious mind is the only thing that can spark appropriate growth. I’m in better spirit today. I will move as such. Answers will come and I will make things happen. I want so much, but haven’t sacrificed enough to get it. Since that is understood, it’s time to execute as such.

Image by smailies from Pixabay

Confessions of A Quitter

A common mistake I made in the past was quitting things too soon…

I’ve quit a number of things. Jobs, activities, people. All because I got tired of them. I wanted to move on. I didn’t want to wait for the change. I just wanted to have the change when I wanted it. Not sure why I do that, but I do.

My mind moves so fast that things get old real fast. That “old to me new to you” phrase; I embody that. Except I like to move on and move quickly. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve done for 10 years outside up waking up and breathing. I don’t understand why I move on so quick. No sure what it is that’s inside of me that makes me want to go “on to the next” so fast and leave everything behind.

I can’t blame anyone who would question my consistency or my dedication to anything. I literally am sitting here slightly disappointed in myself for certain things I didn’t stay with or push to keep going. I want to change that cycle and be a person who “sticks it out”. Not sure how to cure that…but I need to.

Small victories. In the last 10 years I did stay with one job for 6 years. That’s huge for me. I never worked 4-5 years anywhere else before then.

I have 2 podcast. Both are over a year old and I have yet to be “bored” “complacent” or ready to end either of those. In fact I’m thinking of ways to take them to the next level. Again huge for me in hindsight.

Then there’s my daughter. The true catalyst of why I want to be better and do better. Why I take on challenges and discipline practices. I do it so I can teach her to be better than me. We have limited time so I want that time to be of great value. The best way to do that is to be a person who values time and makes the most of every moment.

I think it’s time that I pick up something that I liked doing and should have never stopped once I got rolling. It could very well be the blessing in disguise that I’ve been looking for. I’ll do it smarter, better and really stick it out. No rush, I’ll make it apart of my marathon.

A New Routine

Surgery and downtime have given me more time than normal to digest positive content, think and restructure. I’ve been attempting to push my mind in the direction of new possibilities and disciplines with no limits.

I realized how serious I need to get about changing my life and the little things I have not done to cause change. So in my downtime I’ve come up with a few things to keep me honed in on what matters.

Getting up at 4:30: So far so good. Doing this in an effort to make sure I workout, write or just simply create in an effort to eliminate excuses about being tired later.

Changed half of my 2019 goals from wants to needs: I want a lot of things, but if I really want those rewards, I really need to focus on things like being debt free first.

Not checking emails or social media for the first hour I’m up: I got this from Daymond John. He’s on to something with that. Now, I listen to music or I’m creating something and the first hour flies by. When I’m cleared to workout it will go even faster.

This surgery was truly a blessing in disguise. Obviously health is important and I took a positive step in that direction. That surgery then allowed me to take steps to improve my mentality and routine.

Outside of today I’ve been up as early as 3:30am. Progress was made each day. 2019 is going to be a phenomenal year. I will be the best version of myself to date.

Have a great Friday!