Understanding Daddy’s Accountability

The last week and a half has been eye opening. It’s challenging me in ways I never expected but definitely need. It’s preparing me mentally while contributing to my physical growth as well. It’s all happening through a brilliant, beautiful vessel that I call, daughter.

I been challenging my daughter to drink more water and be happy and willing to brush her teeth 2 times a day. Once in the morning and again before bed. Like any other child she doesn’t want to and is showing great resistance and loads of reluctance in completing both task. I tell her why she has to. I even enforce the long term affects and issues if she doesn’t. It’s understood but the follow through is not what I desire.

It was at that moment that I began to highlight my own personal struggles. The things that I need to do and do better. I also analyzed how I’m doing them if at all. It became crystal clear to me that I can’t be effective with how I administer the need for changes, disciplines and focuses if I am not a person of that myself. While telling my daughter what she needs to improve, I too must hold that same level of accountability in my own life and times.

Although I am still going to administer and demand as a father, I am going to man up and increase my level of accountability at the same time. I got to be a man worth listening to. I got to be a man of example. What I do is a reflection of my family. If I want discipline, dedication, determination and success. I have to be the prime example of that for those around me.

It makes sense. If I want to be the head. If I want to be the leader. If I want to be listened to, I have to be someone worthy of it. My self improvements are greater than me and I finally recognize that. Once you recognize you must then make the decision to do. I will now do till it’s done.

Save When You Want To Spend Challenge

Time for more discipline. This one may be extremely tough, but I got to make this happen as I look at my bank account and wonder how am I going to achieve a goal that is extremely important to me so I can fulfill another branding task.

Starting today, every time I want to spend on a “want”, I’m going to take that money out and stash it. Example, if I want to go out and have a drink or two, I will take the price of those drinks out of my account and stash it in a drawer. Same for fast food trips, which I shouldn’t be taking anyway! Doing this in just one month would definitely put me well into the goal that I want to achieve which is simply having $300 for an upcoming project for more content creation.

$300 is my goal to have before August 15th. In just the month of June I spent $121.21. That’s not counting parking and actual lunch at work. That means I literally spent almost half the money I need to make this project happen randomly within 30 days! I’m honestly ashamed of myself! I can’t complain about anything when I literally let almost half of the money I need fly right out of my hands. So now it’s time for the discipline. If I want it that bad, I got to sacrifice to get it. If this is as important as I say it is, then I can surely go without for 60 days or less to get.

The numbers truly don’t lie. All those “want purchases” could have went to a deposit. The future ones will. It’s time to make it happen, because my dreams mean more to me than anything temporary. Time to CRUSH IT!

Until 2019 At Least

I’m thinking of a lifestyle discipline challenge, but I’m not going to post in depth about it. I’m just going to say it’s already started and we’ll see what’s good come 2019.

I’ve reached a point where 30 days may be a sign of good discipline, but it’s not a good method for lifestyle change. I really want to change my life. I want to be at my peak inside and out. It’s time to get laser focused. This one right here, is for the tomorrow that never comes. It’s for the true finish line. It’s about me seeing who I want to be and letting nothing stop me from getting there.

No more talk. All about action and progress. Here goes everything I got for the longest haul ever.

Whatever you are striving to do or be, You got this! My best wishes to you on your journey.

A Discipline Affirmation

The next thing I need to master in my life is Emotional Intelligence.

I must keep myself in control at all times. I must not let people or the world get to me.

Nothing can take me off my game.

Nothing can get me off my square.

God and I are in control of me

This affirmation starts a stronger path to the ultimate goal.

Have a great day!

Vegan Day 30

It’s April 30th. My last official day taking on the discipline challenge of being a Vegan. Quite a few things to say on this.

First thing is, it felt good to feel light and more energetic throughout every single day. When you’re not consuming a lot of meat, dairy and processed foods you definitely feel it inside first.

Vegans have definitely corned the market on desserts. I had cake, cookies, brownies and other “sweets” without milk, eggs and other dairy products and they were actually better to me. I’ve never been a big fan of desserts because they are always so rich, thick and sugary.  I think I could cut dairy out of my diet forever, even though I don’t like a lot of Vegan Cheeses. Outside of wanting a pizza here and there and those few times I would want cheddar or provolone cheese, cutting dairy is not far fetched.

I definitely couldn’t have done this without my wife. She’s a real vegan and over 3 months in. Her strength and dedication on this is incredible. She makes a lot of great foods. I didn’t eat salad all month yet everything was 100% vegan. She was might cheat code for this. I doubt I would have lasted 2 weeks without her.

I won’t lie. I missed Chicken, Fish and Calamari. I definitely had more than a few chicken cravings and honestly, I’m not quite ready to give those 3 up yet. Didn’t really crave red meat or pork, but the yardbird, was calling me!

As far as my weight goes, I maintained and there were no drastic changes to me externally after only 30 days. I can’t deny that Vegan is the obvious smart, health conscious choice, but it’s just not something I think I want to do as a permanent lifestyle. I’m not going to give up though. As I continue to be better, get better and grow maybe I will transition 100% later this year. I definitely won’t be consuming meat and dairy every day and if Vegans can perfect the chicken wing like they have the burger and sausage, then maybe I won’t be gone too much longer.

Respect to all Vegans. I admire your discipline in this lifestyle. It’s definitely not for the weak.

Clutter By Nature

Discipline and Sacrifice. The two words that have come up many times in the last few weeks. All by extremely successful people I respect and or admire. It’s made me think about my life and where I want to go in life.

How can I show greater discipline? Does it have to be shown daily?

What can I sacrifice? What is the thing or mindset that is keeping me away from my goals?

These are the questions looming my mind. If I’m going to elevate I have to let something go. Either that or take on something new.

Maybe as a symbol of sacrifice I should give up more to Goodwill. All these clothes I never wear, can’t fit or forgot I had can all be sent somewhere else. Then after that cleaning out my closet and drawers of the worn out and damaged things that I just look over instead of getting rid of. Maybe clearing out the house and the car can be symbolic to the cleaning out of my life. Then next all these emails and addresses I have.

“Clutter by Nature” is seemingly my vice. Perhaps it’s time I show discipline and create more sacrifice. The symbolism of getting rid of the old to make room for the new may be just what I need. Let the challenge begin!