Anxious To Make Time Count

It’s been a few days. I’ve been off my disciplines and practices for the holiday and simple and plain, it’s time to get back on it.

I’m so anxious to get this book out to you all, it’s crazy. It’s going to be a great milestone in my life. It’s going to be the new idea that turns into a tangible goal. I look forward to it because it will be my next big step into “being my own boss” and living life on my terms. Plus, I think the content is great! It’s going to touch people and it’s going to be something that will sit in minds and hearts. If I get one quote or meme out of this book. I will feel validated in a way I didn’t expect.

In the meantime, I got to work. I got to get out here and make some money in a temporary position until my passions pay in full. One thing that is always missed is the aspect of how to use your time. Many people will speak on going for it all and giving 100% everyday, but have no money to make it down the street. I honestly have enough time to work a full time and devote hours to writing before or after. The full time work can then fund the writing aspirations as well as my living aspirations. Unless you are sought after everyday for a paying opportunity, you have no excuse to not be working or working towards having an extra income. I know that cause I’ve been on both sides of the coin. Waiting for something to happen is no fun.

Plus, interaction is what helps me write. Although I’ve been working on a couple other projects, I need new inspiration from the world to give you all something exclusive, fresh and new. I also don’t want to give too much new content away when I have my first book coming. I want all the focus to be on that when it drops. I do have some very cool content ideas for this blog once that happens.

Well, it’s time to refocus, rededicate and reenforce the plan towards my desired quality of life. Hope today is a great day for you and me.

Final Hours Before The Social Return

It’s Halloween night. I’m less than 2 hours away from returning to Social Media. The October discipline challenge is about to be complete and I honestly feel I have grown because of the time away. To recap, I challenged myself to stay off of every social media platform, except YouTube and LinkedIn for the entire month of October. I’m happy to say that I have completed it and have some great takeaways from the experience.

First thing was finishing a very special project. I am thrilled to announce a great milestone for me and I can’t wait to get into phase two and three of this project.

Second is seeing this site grow and truly be defined. I’ve changed the name so many times. I went through so many brand and personal changes that I wasn’t sure what this was going to be. It’s the first time in the long time I didn’t lean on “asking social media” what they want or being upset about answers or lack their of.

Third is getting a chance to create in the purest form. I was inspired by my thoughts and life. I tapped deeper into my emotions and feelings. The results were organic follows and likes to my blog and it’s pieces. No coaching and coaxing anyone to check anything out. The people found the content and the content found it’s audience. I’ve reached more writers by just cranking out content than I ever did asking FB or Twitter. That and the freedom I felt as I was creating. Great doesn’t began to describe that feeling.

Fourth is I got away from group thinking. I had to search for information, form a thought and evaluate it. I also didn’t have a timeline full of people trying to influence how I should feel about anything. I didn’t feel the need to attack opinions that I didn’t like either.

Fifth is understanding that I was using social media wrong. It became life instead of a tool. Too much emotion was wrapped into it. The time away gave me clarity on real life. The people that I would really talk to every day. The things I truly care about. The growth of me mentally and artistically. All that became clear once I left social media. I look forward to the return because I’m going to really turn a corner in how it’s all handled by me from here on out.

What do I plan to do when I return to social media?

  • Use Instagram as my PR rep and Agent
  • Follow better people
  • Turn my pages to quality content hubs
  • Start delivering and stop asking
  • Consistent FB Live [Pending]
  • Be Patient

The marathon continues. I’m going to solidify my lane in writing and media. I will take the time, make the moves and make myself happy. The time away was needed. I’m not sure if I want to get back on twitter outside of spitting out links. Got some ideas for Snapchat, but I got to get busy first. It’s time to document and create. Let my mind go and see who reacts. I have a plan. Now it’s time to execute.