Shower 🚿 Thought 💭

Take your dreams seriously

Shaking My Workers Mentality

I’ve been waking up the last couple weeks with soul stirring, but mind calming revelations. I woke up this morning with a revelation that I hope will help steer me right through the rest of 2019 and life. The revelation? I mostly think and operate like a worker. On the surface there is nothing wrong with that, but here’s the issue. I won’t be an effective leader, brand builder or business owner with a workers mentality or operation.

Somewhere on this blog I said I gave up pursing being an Entrepreneur. After I said that, I started looking for work and was writing for other sites and doing interviews for other brands and happy to accept positions alongside others who are in control. Externally, there is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. The internal problem with that is I still felt the empty voids. The lack of notoriety for my work. The lack of needed compensation to take care of home. The unfulfilled career path and my pursuit of happiness. I’m working, but I feel empty. That empty feeling let me know it’s time for me to adopt a new mentality and take control.

I don’t like that I’m not 100% in control of my destiny. I don’t like that I have to depend on payment from someone vs getting my own and making sure it’s more than enough. If I don’t like it, I have to do something about it. So, today, I am officially making it a point to shake my “worker mentality”. It’s time to be a boss. It’s time to cultivate, lead, take control and take charge of the the path to the life that I desire. It’s time to hustle and not depend on anyone to give me what they feel I’m worth. It’s also time for me to focus 100% on everything I created. I should be spending 100% of my time building my dreams, not spending 50% or more of my time, building someone else’s.

A new challenge. A new chance at discipline and growth. I’m here for that.

Where I Want To Be

I want to be around the people that constantly dream big wit no limitations.

I want the freedom to “be” with no feedback or dialogue.

I want to be with the minds and spirits that connect with mine.

I want to be greater than I ever imagined

I want…


I don’t want to die trying to reach success…
New 24’s to get my destiny, so I can’t rest
I refuse to settle and be content with less
Done worrying about “how’d they do it”
It’s time to be at my best

In a time where you can’t rely on a 9 to 5
And security with great companies is far and wide
You got to be unconventional and strive
Put your hands in more than one basket
And that’s just to survive

How can I party and bullshit?
Why should I relax and chill quick?
When the rent was just due
And I barely had half of it

Success is beyond “getting by”
It’s beyond “should” and “try”
It’s securing a way
To work as hard as you play
And leave loved ones comfortable in your demise

Pussy don’t feel as good when you broke
And food taste better when you can order some more
I’m not starving or horny
But I’m far from content
Until I get my success
I’ll do anything but relent

Willing to fight, kill and be misunderstood
Be alone and isolated for the greater and good
I been praying for answers, now it’s time to start listening
The words will manifest into my minds desired vision

I don’t want to die trying to reach success…
I’m too far from my goals to stop or rest
I refuse to settle and be content with less
I wasn’t put here to do nothing less than my best

Searching for More Balance…

I went from thinking how will I get money to pay what’s owed
To now a 9 To 5 with my passions on hold
Add that to quality time that’s needed each day
And no wonder why some dreams ain’t been worked on today

24 hours really is a whole lot of day to achieve
I just got to find the time and move effectively
Maybe one less hour of sleep
Maybe I could wake up around 4 to accomplish some things

8-10 hours a work does hurt
But being on the street with your family feels worse
As the man of the house
I can’t let them down
But I got to be in a space to make it happen right now

So I’m off to work
With my dreams on my mind
Thinking can I leave early
And will the rent be on time

Get ready as I prepare a great balancing act
Cause wanting it bad enough means I can handle all that…