October Discipline Challenge: No Social Media

In the final hours of September a lot is going through my mind. The main thing on my mind is “Did I waste time?” To answer honestly, I think so. I was on a roll writing this book and all of a sudden, I went days without typing a single word for the book twice this month. I honestly should have finished and been preparing for phase 2, but I am not. Another thing I looked at was my creative space. Am I still on fire to create and push the envelope like I was 4-6 week ago? Possibly, but I’m losing some edge.

With all that in place, it’s only right that my next discipline challenge be “No Social Media for the month of October”. No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. I will continue to check content on YouTube. I don’t use that for friends, comments and conversation, so that really doesn’t feel like a social media platform to me. YouTube is also going to be my A-1 go to for time spent on the toilet now that I don’t have FB or IG to fall back on. I can’t just sit there and do nothing most times, so a good interview or short doc will help.

Why cut off social media? Because I believe it cuts down my productivity and assist in my loss of focus. I also hate to be on there posting to be posting. All the time I spend mindlessly and aimlessly liking and sharing could be put to greater use. The more I think on it, social media is for people that are already content with life as is or they are the people who are doing enough to make life look interesting. I’m trying to be in the “make life look interesting” group, but I got a few goals to knock out to get there. Then I’ll come back posting with purpose!

I loved the creative space I was in when I deleted all my apps and “got away” for anxiety reason back in August. That week got me here, with this site and all the content that you’ve seen since then. It can only get better with more time away. While I’m gone, feel free to catch up on all of the content on the site. Over 40 live post in less than 2 full months. I cranked out a lot and most was on the fly and I would love for you to view it. Lets be honest; Less than 1% of you have viewed everything on here and that’s with the site doing pretty good. The content will not stop on LifeWriterCam.wordpress.com. There will just be no social media push by me once content goes live until November.

You could also check out BehindTheRhyme.com while it’s still up and running and 100% in my possession. I got an offer to either buy out or invest in the site and well, I’m listening to any offer that makes sense.

If you would like to reach me, I have an email for that. LivingAsCamQuotes@gmail.com. My phone will always be open as well. 630-NOT-HERE. [If we have that kind of rapport. You know it’s cool to text or call me.]

A Bonus Challenge: I’m also going to eat meat a maximum of 3 times a week. I fell off the wagon so hard after not eating meat for a month. I can’t lose all my progress both physically and psychologically. Plus this will help increase my results as I continue to lift weights and get in the best shape of my life. These challenges are not just for the moment or the month or for social media conversation. These challenges are for life. So I must implement them every day after the challenge is over.

Taking it back to 2000-2002, when all I had was email and a phone for calls and texts. Let’s see how that fairs in 2017.

Social Changes: Connecting With “@LifeWriterCam”

#Change is the best word to describe the last few weeks since my #writing has picked back up. So many #aspirations and #emotions have been released and it feels good to #connect with people by just being me. The connection has been so real that I don’t really know if it is wise to continue on as “CamQuotes” anymore.

CamQuotes was a media persona based on something I do naturally. Remember and deliver famous, humorous of thought provoking quotes. I like the ring to it, but that and the content I was pushing out doesn’t really stick the way I want it to. End of day as a media personality you have to put something together that connects with the people. Something they want to support and definitely buy into. I can honestly say that not many people have bought into “CamQuotes”. At least not in the way I envisioned. About 5 years ago I was selling CamQuotes Tees. Made a little noise, but didn’t become the phenomenon I wanted. I then started an interview series turned podcast called Cool Conversations with CamQuotes. Again, sounds good and made some noise, but outside of the vanity, I didn’t feel my work connecting.

That brings us to present day. I’ve soft launched the “Pen Pimps” website and opened the door to my world, which I call “Life Writing” and I can see and feel the connection. I get more comments and praise than I do feedback and opinion. I see new followers and likes from people who I don’t know. I get text messages about the content. I get into more honest conversations and the energy is different. It feels different from @BehindTheRhyme. It feels different from @CamQuotes. That different feeling is so good and I think it is giving me the one thing I’ve always wanted my work to do; connect.

There is no brand without a connection. People want to feel, understand and believe. Me as myself in a vulnerable, emotional and creative state is building that connection. I love it! I feel that I have finally arrived and that the work is not going in vain, like I felt it did so many years prior.

Who knew Cam writing about his life and feelings would get an overwhelmingly #positive response? Definitely not me, but I’m glad it did. So, with all that being said. It’s time for a “Social Change”. I want to officially welcome you to the “social life” of @LifeWriterCam. My Twitter and Instagram will both be @LifeWriterCam. I tried to change my snapchat user but the username can’t be changed on that platform. I don’t need to go as far as deleting the account and starting over. However, the name you can search to find me is Life Writer Cam.

To all of you that I have connected with; I appreciate you and thank you for embracing the transition.