November Discipline Challenge: Put It All Together

It’s November. I’m up 5 pounds which puts me officially at 35 pounds away from my goal and that’s not cool. So the next challenge is real simple. Go into lifestyle mode. That means do the following.

  • Weight train all 4 weeks minimum 5 days a week
  • Limit our heavy carbs and starches to 1 day a week max
  • Maximize green vegetable consumption
  • Intermittent fasting, because I like psychological nature of it
  • Really hit that gallon of water or more per day

This isn’t a “diet plan” or “something to do” this month as a conversation piece. I’m really about this life and I’m becoming addicted to the results. It’s a good addiction. There’s is clarity and new found mental strength in good health. As I approach 40 I want to be better than I ever been. It’s an inside and out job and the biggest part of health and life evolution is not being who you were at 16, 18, 21, 25 and 30.

November is the month we set the tone for 2020! Let’s FAWKING GOOOOO!!!!!

Goal Execution Revelation

Yesterday, many things fell into place. I thought about the success I want and what was the most effective way to get it. It lead me to an understanding of doing what I’ve been doing just on a greater scale and to the right people.

In the past if I was working on my website or building up a feature for a website, I would be reaching out to “anyone” and everyone in an effort just to populate the platform. My thought was, if it exist and it’s populated, people will come. The problem with that is what I had looked good, but it was still virtually unknown. Which stunted growth and the opportunity for funding and maximum exposure. Same thing with working in radio. The unsigned homegrown talent wants to be seen, but many feel “oh the radio station knows me. I can stop working” or they feel that they should be pushed in front of “the right people” to make them more successful. That mentality doesn’t help the platform that’s trying to elevate.

Now, I’m running a radio station. It’s geared towards nostalgia and saluting the legendary men and women of hip-hop. Although I’ve populated a great deal of the station with my own CD Collection, there is still a lot of music I’m missing. Outside of music, I also want to create fresh new content with these people. It was while thinking all of this that it sunk in that we can both equally help each other.

They provide me with the music and content that I want to create. I provide them a platform that will support them every time they come to Chicago and when they leave. The corporate terrestrial stations don’t always show love or want to show love to the legends and pioneers of hip-hop because “they don’t have a big enough hit record” and an opportunity is missed. Many of these men and women are creating new music, going on tour and still doing very well within the industry. That needs to be highlighted for the audience that is looking for it. I have the platform for that audience.

So what did I start doing last night? Sending DM’s to every single legend that I want to talk to and get music from. Already got one contact number off of a FB post. My goal is to connect with a minimum of 50 before the year ends. I have now have the recipe. It’s time to cook.

Give the station a listen. If I say so myself, it’s pretty dope!