But You Could Die…

If you keep waiting till the year change, you could die.
Spirit wondering what could have been as your lifeless body lies.
Wishing you wouldn’t have waited since no man or woman knows their time.
A memory, an RIP, a teary-eyed goodbye…

If you wait till the ball drops then you drop to your knees…
Clutching your heart, stopping the party, a face of grit in sheer agony
What will the rest of your year be? Will it even be?
Are you really going to wait and see?
Your “soon I’ll start” mission no longer your destiny…

Your new year is now. Create your wanted season of change.
Be what you want, be what you saw and foreseen today.
Cause you can make plans for next week
And die before the end of today.
How long will you wait? Cause you didn’t plan to die today.

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

2018…Day 1…

Waking up to a new 365 is a blessing in itself
I’m not content with life
So I can’t rest on the shelf

My body aches from the unbearable cold temps
That ushered us in the new year
I feel a sense foregone conclusion
Of how 2018 will appear

It’s time I create the life I desire
For my family is in need
No more tears and what ifs
Only conquer and succeed

Standing firmly in the mercy
Of the God I pray to nightly
Help me be all that I see
And what you’ve hidden slightly

2018…Day 1…
A new space and place mentally
Love and Work harder
Prosperity the only scenery