A Health and Life Thought

My new goal in life is to not age like Milk or Juice from Concentrate.

Yeah, we’re all going to die, but if I can live to 90 instead of 63, I’m all for doing what it takes. Self preservation is real!

With No More Pain

Yesterday it became painfully obvious that my body can’t handle eating meat and animal product like it used to. That pain became literal and worse than it has been possibly ever. I been having severe fatigue lately. The pain in my back, legs and now even my arms has heightened. I just feel bad and helpless.

Even with me giving up the fast food, pork and ground beef this happened. Which means the culprit is the Chicken and Turkey I had Sunday and Monday. I’m no good to myself or my family in this kind of pain. I no longer want to feel this kind of pain. This was the revelation. The wake up call. The beckoning to make concrete changes to my lifestyle. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Right now, I have to let these toxins leave my body. Put all the good I can in and push all the bad out. Then increase the will power, consistency and dedication to reach my ideal fitness goals inside and out.

The road to end pain and inflammation begins again today…and will never stop or detour…

Health Evolution: Leaving Pain Behind

I am in my 7th day of less pain. It feels great, but there is still more progress to be made. Last Saturday, I took what is now my last bite of pork for the rest of the year. I have to do it. I literally think that was the leading contributor to this literal pain in my neck, back and shoulder. I’m sure I had a little too much to begin with, but I don’t think eating any food should be hurting my body.

It hurt so bad that I couldn’t workout. It gave me a feeble feeling and it was literally slowing me down. My fatigue was off the charts and I was exhausted for no real reason. Feelings that I hate feeling because there is so much to do in a day, especially with me chasing my goals.

As I threw the last few brats I had in the garbage, I was determined to get better. Getting better meant sacrifice. It meant change. It meant doing things I never thought I would do if I wanted to get the success I wanted to see or in this case feel. I’ve never thought I had to give up eating certain foods. The last 7 days have made it obvious I have to in order to get my desired results. As the hours and the days went by, I could literally feel my body detoxing. The more fruit and water I digested, I became more alert. The more vegetables I ate, I began to purge more of the bad that was inside of me. It was a real release of toxins and new energy was in it’s place. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t quite feel like myself, but at least I don’t feel as bad as I did 7 days ago. That’s how I know this is the right move.

In addition to the pork, I decided I’m done with ground beef. I’m just over it and I’ve never been that big of a fan of it. I passed over free burgers the day I ate those brats and polish’s. I’m also going to limit my dairy. I only say limit, because pizza is a vice. I’m not as bad as I used to be, but it definitely is a great battle for another time.

Outside of giving up pork, another hard task is no fast food for the rest of year. The convenience alone is going to make this difficult. I don’t know what I’ll do now that I can’t take advantage of the latest Popeye’s special on some random days. I have to put myself to the test though. It’s just not good for you long term. Plus the money spent adds up quick. That money could be used to self invest, save for a trip or sit on it and do nothing. All those options sound better than that temporary crap shoot of indulging in fast food.

Lastly, I think I have a hernia. I feel the same symptoms I did when I had one 16 years ago. A couple other pains I have are just not going away. They feel “better” but the goal is no pain and that may require surgery, if my feeling is correct. I’m looking for a doctor to get checked out soon.

I say I want this success. Now, God is asking me, “What are you willing to do for it?” Ridding my body of the pain that it carries daily, is my first step in showing him. It’s time to really go after my Health Evolution.

Until 2019 At Least

I’m thinking of a lifestyle discipline challenge, but I’m not going to post in depth about it. I’m just going to say it’s already started and we’ll see what’s good come 2019.

I’ve reached a point where 30 days may be a sign of good discipline, but it’s not a good method for lifestyle change. I really want to change my life. I want to be at my peak inside and out. It’s time to get laser focused. This one right here, is for the tomorrow that never comes. It’s for the true finish line. It’s about me seeing who I want to be and letting nothing stop me from getting there.

No more talk. All about action and progress. Here goes everything I got for the longest haul ever.

Whatever you are striving to do or be, You got this! My best wishes to you on your journey.

When Food Can’t Be Life Anymore

I used to be invincible. At least when it came to eating. As I’ve gotten older, I noticed subtle changes. Digestive track has been changing since I was 17, but currently I think it’s getting drastic and I’m staring a harsh reality in the face.

In the month of May, I haven’t been feeling the greatest. I been exhausted some days. I been unmotivated. My digestive track isn’t as regular as it was just a month ago and my skin is feeling noticeably dry.

What did I do different from April to May? Had pizza. Had Sandwiches. Had chicken and although it wasn’t all fast food, I’m feeling it. I’m feeling it and I don’t want to feel this way.

All the above and to see my body goals level off let’s me know it’s not worth it. I can’t lose my progress. I’ve come too far to now stand still or start over.

I’m not going to make a proclamation about a hardcore lifestyle change, but I’m definitely aware of what I have to do and I’m going to do it at my pace. It’s time to refocus yet again. It’s all about health evolution and life evolution.

Here’s to the process of permanent changes.

When You’re Doing Health All Wrong

Today’s workout goal took a crazy left turn. I learned some interesting revelations about myself physically today and I must admit it’s alarming. I’ve been sick with a cold for about the last 5 days straight. I was feeling pretty decent as far as my sickness yesterday, but noticed my back felt really bad. I was standing and walking like Kurt Angle, which I didn’t realize until I was watching him on RAW last night. I felt as bad as he looked so I wasn’t as mobile as I would have like to had been most of the day.

Today, I was feeling about 85-90% as far as my cold was concerned. Even my hacking had went down drastically. Problem is my back was still feeling terrible! So I told myself no matter what, I’m at least getting on the elliptical in the fitness center today. I made good on that proclamation. I put in 1 mile, hopped off and felt absolutely horrible immune system wise. I felt drained, queazy, delirious and nauseous all at the same time. However, I can’t deny how much better my back started feeling. So then, I tried to complete my back and bicep workout. I didn’t get past doing 2 sets of dumbbell curls, before I had to hang it up and just head home.

What I can say about the above is, it was my fault. I have a bad habit of “eating what’s in the house” and “eating quick” at the same time. I grabbed some almonds, a handful of grapes, a small bag of plain chips and that was essentially my “pre workout meal”. It was also the only thing I ate this morning. I know, foolish beyond measure. After the workout I probably sweated all that out plus some of what I didn’t have in me and still attempted to push which based on how I felt was a big mistake. It was obviously not a great thinking day for me.

With all that said, I’ve come to a harsh revelation. I’m reaching that point in life where physical activity needs to be apart of my everyday lifestyle. My body literally feels different if I don’t get a run in or lift weights or just take a walk if possible. I must break a sweat and get some form of exercise so I won’t stiffen up and be sore. I don’t think I can go 5 days with no activity and be good anymore. I also realized that me “eating anything” and maintaining is coming to an end. I need full nourishing meals to keep me going sun up to sun down. I’m not the invincible teen I used to be and I need to step it up in regards to taking care of myself.

I’ve been in pursuit of a consistent, healthier lifestyle for about 4 years now. With every year comes new revelation and new progress. I know I’ve been sick with a cold, but today shouldn’t have happened and I would possibly feel a lot better had I did all the right things instead of all the bad habit things. My back should have been the only thing wrong, but even with the cold I should have at least tried some stretching or something to keep me loose.

A healthy lifestyle is learned, even if it’s the hard way. Take it from me. Avoid the hard way.


The photo is from a better day after a better workout.