First Black Champ: Put The Title on Honky?!?!?!

We have no changes to our HIAC predictions, but the WWE has confirmed how overrated the match is.

The real content is in Bang buying his first wrestling and why he never did as a shorty. That and the worst gimmicks that got over highlight this episode of the #FirstBlackChamp podcast.


This week is all about Hell In A Cell and what we expect to happen. But before we get into that, we had to let Bang get his ish off and tell you that HE TOLD YOU what was going down with The Shield.

After we give predictions, we talk HIAC Dream matches and ask the question “What is the most overrated specialty match in wrestling history?”

It’s the #FirstBlackChampPodcast and we sounding better than ever! Just had to throw that out there.

#FirstBlackChamp: Celebrity Hell In A Cell

We’re Back and Entertainment Beef is real! Find out who Cam and Bang want to have a Hell In A Cell match or a Chicago Street Fight anytime anywhere! We also talk our Extreme Rules predictions and come up with a FIRE angle for Bobby Lashley moving forward.

You’ll get a lot of passion, prediction and we spark the conversation for inclusion for people of color behind the scenes in the world of Professional Wrestling on this week’s #FirstBlackChamp podcast!

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