I’m A Program Director

It’s been an exciting time in my radio life. I decided to take on a new challenge that I only know of and not much about. A task that I never got a chance to learn about from a veteran in the world of radio. That task is being a Program Director for a radio station.

My station is online/streaming. It’s on the TuneIn app as well. The station is called Logik Classic. It’s the only hip-hop station putting culture first. I gave it that tag because that is my aim. Urban Hip-Hop radio feels so stagnant to me. A lot of the stations play the exact same songs all in an effort to reach a specific person, so said person can listen to company ads and spend money with that company. I get it. That’s how stations make their money. I just don’t like that the variety is non existent. It doesn’t speak to the people who really live and love the culture. So I’m taking it upon myself to fill that void.

As I learn this broadcasting system, bare with me. I’m literally learning on the fly and have been deferring everyday and listening in an effort to learn. Adding all the music. Structuring the time and thinking of content to add. It’s a task and thank God I don’t have to do it alone. First few days have been rough, but wait for what’s next!  My current woe is getting the system to play at least half of the songs I have in the system. Got to get that down before I add more and I have a lot more to add. What a time to want change in the wild world of radio!

Bangin’ On Lunch Tables: No Sucka ISH in 2018

2017 is a wrap! Was this a Top 10 year for hip-hop? Top 5? Will Nipsey’s brand suffers if he doesn’t answer the Anchor man? We speak on all that as well as give you a gang of albums you should have listened to this year.

Cam also changes his mind on a classic and adds a controversial album to the list of classics. All that and the sucka shit we will not honor in the year 2018 on this weeks Bangin On Lunch Tables Podcast.

This episode was almost named “But Diggy Bodied J. Cole”

Let’s End Hip-Hop’s Role In Drug Culture

This morning I’ve been reading about the passing of an artist by the name of “Lil Peep. He died of an overdose before his concert. The information that’s out there is that he posted a pic on IG that stated he was “Off 6 Xans” and it appears that is the last actual post from him before being rushed to the hospital where he would later die. It’s a sad string of events. This young guy was only 21. I had honestly never heard of him before today, but his numbers reflect that he was extremely popular and loved by many. Post Malone and Juicy J to name a couple. Now the music I heard had me thinking he was more Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit, but they he’s identified as a rapper. I’ll run with it for the sake of arguing at an ill time. My greatest concern is this new era of Drug Culture in hip-hop that has gone way too far.

When I was a teen and in my early 20’s, Rappers smoked weed. The smoked weed and sold cocaine, pills and other street drugs. It was never cool to use or abuse drugs. Truth be told a lot of the rappers didn’t really promote weed usage until Snoop, Cypress Hill and Redman got popping and even then it was rare for it to be glamorized or sensationalized. Also at that time there wasn’t so many strains of weed and names and potencies back then. Now, I’m totally confused. Rappers abuse prescription pills, do coke, heroine, sip lean excessively and lace weed. They also call themselves rock stars which raises more questions about what culture they are truly embracing.

No matter what’s it’s sad. Hip-Hop runs the world right now, but many youth are dying or killing themselves slowly with this drug culture that is stronger than ever. It’s what gives this beautiful thing called “Hip-Hop” a bad name. The real pioneers and OG’s of the culture spoke against doing a lot of drugs in song and in interviews. As the late great Prodigy of Mobb Deep said “It just goes to show it’s no respect for the OG’s”. I don’t smoke, but through research I don’t think weed is a “bad drug”. Pills, lean, cocaine and heroine got to go! Drinking is legal but it’s also something I wouldn’t recommend in high volume.

I pray for this new youth. The youth that are experiencing destitute, anxiety and depression. The ones who have watched their friends die from overdose or from violence in the streets. The kids that are being bullied and don’t know if the music or the drugs are truly helping them escape. It’s sad. I wish I could talk to some of them. Maybe even write them a letter. Let them know they are greater than their circumstance and to keep pushing. They have a gift and it’s important for them to be around to share it.

Pray for our youth. Reach out to one if you can. Let’s all do our part in separating the Drug Culture from Hip-Hop.

Looking At The World Right Now

I’m really taking a moment right now to just reflect on what I see in the U.S.A right now. I know on social media, many people can’t get enough of feeling like Life is over as we know it. I want to remind them of this.
Although things like…
The President may not be for you because of his actions or lack their of
Racism still exist and unfortunately will never die
Sensitivity is at an all time high between races, sexes and genders
Sexual Assault is being talked about more than ever with the lid being blown off of Hollywood
Natural Disasters are happening left and right leaving many with nothing
Mass shootings are becoming deadlier by the month
Peaceful Protest are being viewed as disrespectful by the ignorant.
In the midst of ALL that…
Black/Hip-Hop Culture is impacting the globe and is the one thing actually bringing people together.
Black Americans are still breaking barriers and still having “First”
Women are crushing it in every industry you can think of right now.
A Russian Immigrant by the name of Gary Vee is impacting and empower an entire world with mindset
Entrepreneurship is looked at as the real key to success and financial freedom
Not to mention…My first book “Living In A Beautiful Disaster” is coming out around the time Santa comes to empty his sack at your crib with his Ho’s!
Basically, the game hasn’t changed. We wake up everyday with two options. Be a victim or be a victor. We are all going to win and lose. Life will not be fair every day. What we can’t do is give up on turning our dreams into goals and then to a reality. It’s hard to look at your life and feel happy or content sometimes. I truly understand that. I’m living it. However, you can’t focus on everything wrong in your life, cause then you have no time to make things right. Just remember that before you take time to acknowledge your flaws and the faults in the world.
I hope this post found you well or at least in a better space than your were 10 minutes ago.