#BOLTSBonus: Fairplay Conversation

This week the #BOLTSBonus is all about our special guest, Fairplay. An emcee out of Chicago who see’s the game and his grind like very few before him or currently.

Listen as Fairplay speaks on audiobooks, his car being his marketing tool, the great things he learned from G Count and Hamilton. He also speaks on the content you get from his new project F.E.D.S. and what that means on this #BanginOnLunchTables exclusive!

Grown Man Makeover

I’ve reached the pivotal mid 30’s and the thing that has been most prominent in my mind is having style and dressing my age. Outside of working for a Men’s Suit and fashion company last year, I haven’t bought any clothes for me in a long time. I’ve had some pretty fly moments, but overall I need an entire grown man makeover. I got some ideas on where to start and although mental, I think I have my desired look in place.

Jeans: I had gotten so big at one point in time that I needed a size 40 in jeans. Today, Those things are hanging off me and I’m literally in the process of trying to shrink a couple pairs now for an event tonight. My guess is that I’m at a 36 and possibly even a 34 or slightly in between. That’s great under the act of body goals, but also a dilemma when it comes to my clothes looking baggy. My belt doesn’t fit anymore either.

Shirts: By design I’m a large tall. Some extra larges fit well, but in my closet lies a lot of 2 and 3XL shirts hoodies and jackets. I’ve been selling them on eBay and have given a lot of stuff to Goodwill, but I had to keep quite a few so I had something to wear. It’s crazy how they all fit so nicely just 4-5 years ago or so I thought.

I’m looking back and realizing that as a hip-hop head that maybe I was just wearing some of my clothes a little too big for too long and now that I’ve lost around 25 pounds and counting, plus a good amount of body mass that they look even bigger on me. It’s time I step it up. I’m a real adult now. It’s time I start dressing like it. I have a list of things I want to do top to bottom.

  • I like the cut of the XL hoodie on me. I have 2. Needless to say those will get worn out here quickly
  • I like the tapered look of jeans and need more of those. Some of my boots are too fly to be covered.
  • I think I’m going to try a couple of the extra long tees in maybe a large to see how they fit on me.
  • I love Chuck Taylor II’s so there’s no budging there.
  • Big fan of boots and jackets and I love a lot of the new styles out now.
  • I think I’m going to wear more red. I’ve never been a big fan before.
  • I want loud shoes and boots for some of my all black attire days
  • Definitely need about 5 more suits minimum.
  • I have one slim fit dress shirt that fits great. I need quite a few more

Lastly, I’m going to try dying my hair. I watched Girls Trip this weekend and seen Larenz Tate had the Dark Brown dye shape up going and I thought it looked super cold! I’m going to try that. I want to try it on my chin piece too, but I heard that’s not really the way to go. That’s just the start. I have plenty ideas for prints, colors and cuts, but the above is my base. I’m kind of tall and I stick out in a lot of crowds. If I’m going to stick out I got to look good and feel good. I’m not wrapped up in labels or brands, but I know this “grown man makeover” will take a nice piece of change. I plan to make steps toward it soon. If you know any TV host or reality shows that are trying to give men makeovers, be sure to drop my name, ha!