Bangin On Lunch Tables: Nobody Running 2019 Yet

J.R. Bang said Megan Thee Stallion got a Pimp C vibe and her likes and plays are officially up. We’ll explain why it’s worth a listen even if you’re a man that swears women rapping “isn’t for you”. Cam is done arguing whether or not To Pimp A Butterfly is a classic or a masterpiece. You may or may not believe the reason why. It’s Another enlightening episode of the #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!

Megan Thee Stallion – 8:30

Is there an Album of The Year candidate yet? – 14:52
– Who could benefit from the soft start in 2019? – 21:40
– That Cole Kendrick Project was never happening! – 24:19

CamQuotes is not longer going back and forth over TPAB – 35:35
– The Album revelation
– Artist aren’t making TPAB songs or albums
– What’s performing like a classic? TPAB or Damn? – 56:05

Final Words – 1:07:05

Bangin On Lunch Tables: A Million Content Lies

The Only Slim Shady LP Anniversary Conversation – 4:30
– Why was it not celebrate heavy or at all?
– 20 years later, it’s classic – 17:15
– Eminem “Content” analysis – 18:30
– Big L, Big Pun, Eminem in 98-99 – 25:20

The T-Pain Conversation – 38:36
– New Album
– Give Him His Flowers Now!

The 2 Chainz Conversation – 51:48
– The LeBron Album
– The overrating by “new/casual fans”

The Content Hoax – 1:02:50

Why Compelling Artist Content Matters – 1:14:40
– Cam listens to Mozzy
– Offset Interview > Offset Album

Do you know how difficult it is to sell 1 million? – 1:29:00

The Evolved and Rebranded ATL Rappers – 1:41:15
J.R. Bang is scared for the 2019 Hip-Hop Year – 1:51:48

Final Words 2:02:42

Bangin On Lunch Tables: 3 Migos Are Better Than 1

A lot of albums dropped and everyone isn’t worth listening to. And it’s time to finally come to the reality that the Migos are better together than apart and they may need to fall back for a second. Cam talks the “Takashi 69 Conspiracy Theory” he heard and we stop giving rappers respect for hitting the same girl on this weeks #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!

New Music – 1:07
-The Gorilla Zoe Run – 3:57
-Smiff N Wessun – 9:08
-Lil Pump – 13:32
-Offset – 17:09

-A Real Migos conversation – 21:15
-The Lox May Really Be The Best Sidebar – 27:40
-The Tekashi 69 Consipiracy Theory – 35:05
– Are we done respecting Rapper’s taste and choice in women? 50:38
– Final Words 1:05:55
– Best “Non Kendrick Album” from TDE
– Lets get rid of relevant/irrelevant 1:12:30

Bangin On Lunch Tables: So Far Grammys

It’s been a slow week for music, but that doesn’t change the fact that So Far Gone is Classic! What do these young people respect? How is hip-hop collectively still mad at the Grammy’s? We answer that and so much more on this weeks #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!

New Music – 3:05
Papoose – Underrated
Did We Overrate Alphabetical Slaughter?
Casanova – Free At Last
Project Pat & Keak Da Sneak – Lean & Cookies

So Far Gone – 31:45
– Classic
– Album vs Mixtape
– New Music Rules

Grammy’s Wins 1:01:05
– Drake Subbed and Shot at Push – 1:02:33
– Childish Gambino is the black man The Grammy’s like – 1:14:05
– Hip-Hop Still Mad At The Grammy’s/Album of The Year – 1:19:25
– What do the Young People Respect? – 1:45:45
– Tekashi
– NY doesn’t need “one” 1:54:00
– YNW Melly
– Blockboy JB

Final Words – 2:30:28

Bangin On Lunch Tables: You Independent Snitching?

2:10 New Music from Dreezy and Q Da Fool
10:15 Is Atlanta winning the Quality and Quantity battle?
23:30 Tory Lanez vs Don Q vs Dream Doll
26:20 The Problem with a lot of Rappers today
37:28 Tekashi “Snitch9ine”
48:10 Ja Rule and Fyre Festival
1:00:32 Young Dolph Aint Independent? Does it matter though?
1:12:42 Shad Moss and The Double Edge Sword of Domestic Issues
1:21:47 Killer Mike on The Breakfast Club

Bangin On Lunch Tables: What’s Future Percentage?

The Difference between Lord Jamar and Joe Budden 01:40
Future “The Wizard Album Review”/Is Future The Last Star Radio Built? 09:30
Future The Beat picker and Percentage of Success 27:13
Is Future Tier A or B? 36:20
Pick the Future Classic 46:20
Soulja Boy The FAWKING Legend 52:43
These Guys are Legends Too! 1:08:36
Corny Callout 1:21:15
Back To Talking about Legends 1:27:09
Final Words 1:44:05