Camp From The Port: Episode 004: Latchkey Stories [Part 1]

It’s cool to talk with other people who were the “only child”. A lot of 80’s babies grew up Latchkey and although our stories are similar, none are truly the same.

Every time I talk to Marcus, whether social media or in person, I love the memories, stories and ideology that he brings up in my mind. He was a “media guy” like I was, but through time and experience things changed. We talk about how basketball was he vehicle to get into ESPN and other media jobs, what made him step away from God and media and we talk our lives as latchkey children on part 1 of this Camp From The Port.

Happy 815 Day #815Day

It’s #815Day! I’m from the Freeport, Illinois part of the #815.

One of my favorite things when I was growing up was Tutty Baker Days.

Even walking around our small downtown area was cool. Catching up with friends. Seeing all the girls I was crushing on hard and just walking around taking in the sights and sounds of the town. Believe it or not, events like that would give you a city vibe. You’d see people you don’t know, try food you couldn’t get everyday. The streets would be filled and the crowd wouldn’t die down before 9pm. I don’t know why it ended but it would definitely be cool to bring it back.

What’s your favorite 815 moment?

How Far Would You Travel For A Haircut?

A question I’ve been asking myself for about a year or so now. Why? Because the best haircuts I’ve received over the last 2 years have been 30 minutes to an hour away depending on my location. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some really good and “solid” cuts but the freshest next level cuts have been anything but close in proximity.

I didn’t always believe that having a go-to barber was a necessity. But as time and ideas spawn I see why the trade and the person are vital into your weekly appearance.

I would love for my hairstyles to bat 1,000 every time. I like to switch it up and be versatile. I want to create within reason of my age and brand representation. A barber/hairstylist has now become a vital piece to that puzzle.

I’ll be honest. A 2 hour round trip for a haircut isn’t ideal, but right now, it’s the best appearance option. If you know a dope barber within 30 miles of the west suburbs of Chicago, please refer them in the comments.

Real G’s Karaoke

I had a really great time with the fellas last night. We met up at this spot in Lisle, IL for a little Friday Night Karaoke. Now at first, I was just going to chill and lay back. However, music and I don’t have that kind of relationship. Soon as this cat Ralph chose Mario, “Let Me Love You” for his song choice, I was up the rest of the night!

He also chose 112 “It’s Over Now”, with my guy Rob and I was going in from the crowd. They got a little off on the bridge, so me being the friend I am, I gave them some help from the crowd to help them get back on the lyrics and tempo. I guess I was so loud that Ralph gave me the mic when it got back to Slim’s part, so I started singing with the mic from the crowd and then danced my way up to the stage. We finished the song as a trio and had a great laugh in the process. If anybody has video of us, I want that, pronto! Haha!

I’m by no means a “Real singer” but the homey Ralph’s vocals are on point! He was going in all night. It’s always good to hear some talent even if you are having fun. I ended up there a few more times for a little T-Pain and one of my favorite 2Pac songs that actually closed the karaoke night out. I don’t karaoke much, but it’s always a good time once the music gets going. I love when people know the song and feel their song. I like the passion and emotion it conveys. It’s a rawness that everyone won’t show day to day.

I officially accomplished one of my fun goals for the year, but this definitely won’t be the last time I do it. Now that I know a Friday night spot does Karaoke, they’ll see more of me and more of my people. Next time, I’m picking some of my favorite pop songs and I’m going clean in! All under the act of having a good ass night!

Motivational Tools…

I can’t go back to The Port again
Nah, that’s just where the story began
Although I pit stopped
Lost a lot
Had to think and regroup
Get focused for more
Reconnect and then understand my roots
I can’t return…

That was just a breeding ground
The cool story to promote
When they see where I am now
It’s not a destiny
Only a destination
A place to give back
And put on the map to our nation

I can’t sleep in grandma’s car again
I can’t not eat but once and win
I can’t see 3 digits in my account with a decimal
Can’t just survive like and animal
Because I want to live

I don’t want to choose bills or lunch
Cause the partial payment still ain’t enough
Don’t want to feel weak
I don’t want to feel full from crumbs
Live check to check like its really fun
Stuck in the house for weeks

I miss work cause I can’t afford to go
Not sure if I’m losing weight
Cause exercise or I’m broke
Planned a family outing, 80 dollars to my name
Grabbed change out the jar
For 8 dollars in the tank
But it was worth it for a hug
And a smile on her face
Too harden to cry
So it’s pain in my face
I cherish every moment
Hate for anything to waste
Try to remain in high faith
Till God’s light hits my place

Nah, I won’t get repoed
I won’t see another delinquent note
They’ll be no more past due
I’ve sacrificed and did what’s asked to do
Now it’s my world, time and rules…

These are my tools…