And I’m Going To Make It Because?

Today, I took a moment to look at what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and it made me think, I don’t stand out. In 2018 there are literally thousands of people who call themselves broadcast journalist, content creators and “media” but yet only a handful are truly out here making it happen on a great scale. Half of the battle is cutting through. I finally sat and had a moment to reflect and I couldn’t think of the “special thing I have” that helps me stand out and cut through.

I’m sure my approach in questioning is somewhat unique. I would even venture to say my voice and personality contribute. What about my look though? What about the quality? Am I doing too much or not enough in those areas?

It was very important for me to get better in the actual interview/conversation process. I think that is being achieved right now. Next, it’s finding something that helps me cut through. I won’t force it, but I am thinking. Something can always be done under the act of self improvement. Not that the content is not good on it’s own, because I definitely believe it is. I just want what I do to be undeniable to everyone that views it.