New Life Before Next Life

I read Joe Rogan makes 30 million a year for podcasting
I watched the impact Kobe Bryant made on the world being 3 years older than me
I was inspired by Nipsey Hussle’s plan and execution and I am 4 years older him.

Two of those men are gone. One of those men I’m inspired to be compared to. I won’t do that doing what I’m doing.

What have I been doing? Looking for jobs. Working on my shows maybe 2 days a week. Not creating marketing plans to build awareness of the brands that I hope to make profitable and independent. I got to stop all of this. I got to start a lot more.

I’m only 5 episodes in on a show that I am calling “My version of the Joe Rogan Experience”. That started last summer. Regardless of the circumstance, I should not only be 5 episodes in. I feel like I’ve let my respective teams down. I’m just glad I recognize it. This is supposed to be an everyday with no breaks thing. I’m just not putting in the adequate effort to get what I want.

So now, it’s time to execute by any means. I’m logging out of indeed. I’m going to start working daily on what I want. I have an outline. I have a structure. It’s time to execute and complete. If I’m as truly inspired as I feel I am, I expect to see great progress by Summer 2020. Talking is BS. Let’s see what the work do.