#FirstBlackChampPod Let EC3 Glow!

We’re coming up on the 2 year anniversary of the podcast and we already have an idea of what we want to do! In the meantime we talk about the big news of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff taking over WWE programming and what it means for RAW, Smackdown and the superstars that could benefit from this decision.

Then we talk the “Main Event Muscle Men” and if it truly can work. If Bang knows this, Vince really need to stop playing games!

We end the show with an AEW FYTER Fest recap and backlash dissection and offer some advice to some of the “marks” who can’t stop complaining on this weeks #FirstBlackChampPod.

First Black Champ: The Oral History of Bill Goldberg

Shout to Exotic Pops Chicago! They blessed us with come promo packs, so we return the favor with a fire promo saluting them!

Since the card for Stomping Grounds is 100% official, we got another prediction run! We also speak on the the Super Over R-Truth and what it truly means to turn “Shit into Gold”. It’s been a minute since you got an oral history from us, so here you go! The Oral History of Bill Goldberg!

First Black Champ: Lars Is Karma

Happy Father’s Day! We take time out today to salute all the Father’s in the world as well as each other, Then we talk our Top 5 Wrestling Father and Son families!

Stomping Grounds is Next Sunday and we give our predictions and we talk Lars Sullivan’s latest injury which could be more severe than expected and what is truly next for him with this latest obstacle.

And we wouldn’t be the #FirstBlackChampPod if we didn’t celebrate and commemorate Master P’s 20 year anniversary of his WCW run with his “No Limit Solider’s Faction! It’s another unconventional episode of Black Guys Talking Wrestling. Enjoy!

#FirstBlackChampPod: An Ode To Future WWE Champ, Shane McMahon

The Super Showdown happened and unfortunately the everlasting memory with be the horrendous match that was Goldberg vs The Undertaker and them almost killing each other on accident. We take our time on this one and give our thoughts on why this happens, who can do it and who the rest of The Undertaker’s opponents should be moving forward.

After that we talk Shane McMahon and his unclaimed WWE Championship and express our disgust for the rumoring Attitude Hour on this week’s #FirstBlackChampPod.

First Black Champ: They Fawk With Us But They But They Don’t Fawk With Us!

Money In The Bank happened and well…Bayley tried to save it. We talk about what really matters as far as that pay per view and what to expect next.

Then Bang breaks down AEW’s first pay per view, Double or Nothing and what it means moving forward. Then we talk Fans, Cody and what this really is vs what people are making it.

We close with celebrating two new historical black champions and the fact we can not forget about the Universal Title on this week’s #FirstBlackChamp podcast!

First Black Champ: I’m Black. So I Think Kofi Gonna Lose Every Night

We back! First episode of May and on Mother’s Day! It’s Black Champ talk as usual. Kofi’s on a run we called and we speculate his possible next contender could be after KO and who it better not fawking be no matter what. And since we have more information, we talk in greater info and perspective about Lio Rush’s backstage heat and what it could me. We also talk about who he may need to talk to during this time and why. The ratings may be down, but who or what is really to blame? We answer that unpack a lot more on this week’s #FirstBlackChampPod! Tell your mom we said hi!