First Black Champ Podcast: Grab Jergens For Leilani Kai?

Survivor Series is in the books and well…We didn’t care for the ending. We also take a deeper dive into the evolution of the Women’s Division as we talk the return of Paige aka Pale Ale and the “other” women. All the above and the unplanned agreed “Guaran DAMN Tee” on this weeks #FirstBlackChamp podcast!

First Black Champ Podcast: Jinder At The Crib

How great was the Ric Flair 30 for 30? We take a deep dive and break that down.

Who are the true great Giants/Big Men of Pro Wrestling? We show love and possibly cause some controversy?

How many Classic Matches does the Undertaker have? Bang breaks that down and Cam gives his theory on the streak.

All the above and why Jinder Mahal is at the crib on this weeks #FirstBlackChamp Podcast!

#FirstBlackChamp Podcast: Braun Don’t Need No Belt

We take a deeper dive into the Survivor Series teams and talked a lot of Braun Stowman this weeks. We also speak on the potentially elite class that Braun Strowman is in and why he may never need a title cause he may be over forever. That “Guaran DAMN Tee’s” and What older wrestlers we would like to see if they had another full time run in them on this weeks #FirstBlackChamp Podcast