Another Love Quote

Everything great will be rooted in love

Love, Love, Love

How much love do you have?
How much love do you need?
Are you truly aware of how much someone loves you?
Will you love forever or under condition?
How is love treating you? Better yet how are you treating love?
Are you embraced by love?
Is love what you’re truly after?
When was the love felt? When was the love gone?
Will you ever love like that one time?
Will you love better than the last time?
Will love, love you?
Are you done looking for love?
I hope so. Cause the best love is the love that finds you.

Home and Family Love

This past weekend was one that inspired and altered the reality that I once knew. The 31st McGee Family Reunion took place in my hometown, Freeport, Illinois and it was honestly the best time I had back home in probably 5 years if not longer. To be around my family, hangout late and create content was nothing short of a dream weekend. The only thing that was missing was more family members and more time to live in those moments.

I was inspired to create and my energy felt off the charts everyday. I was in an unbelievable zone that I didn’t want to end. I promise if I could get that feeling even once a month while I’m in Freeport, I would move back.

It was so nice to have those moments of love and appreciation. As family members leave us physically and somewhat mentally, it’s nice to have the able minds and bodies there to celebrate us. Between some turmoil and more death than my spirit wanted to handle it was nice to get together with family to give love and celebrate life. I really understand how important it is to have and attend family reunions. Now more than ever. We truly have a special family. I didn’t realize how special until I realize not many other families have reunions, especially not for 31 years straight.

I am beyond blessed to have the family I have and I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything in this world. I tried to get as many pictures as I could, but these pictures don’t begin to describe the amazing time that I had. I’m on such an emotional high from the weekend that I don’t even know if this post makes sense. Just know that I am going to continue to work hard until I can make moments like these happen at will, because I have the free time to make it so.

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Nas was Right

It’s truly wild to have so many FB memories with people I don’t speak to anymore…

So many full blown conversations, laughs and memories shared. All seemingly meaning nothing now. It’s honestly sad. You go through life thinking that some people will always be around. That the moments that brought you together create an inseparable bond, but you’re wrong. I understand nothing is forever, but it’s just a reminder how death isn’t the only thing that separates us. One day, we will live, laugh, love and function in our same space and place and there will be new characters in the story of our lives. The old characters will have spin offs. You may make a cameo appearance, be a flashback or not even have a seat at the production meeting. For better or worse you may truly never know. It’s going to happen though. Just prepare yourself for the day.

Nas was right…”Love Changes and Best Friends become strangers”