An MLK Quote and Elaboration

With all of the heartbreaking and soul stirring images we have seen and stories we have heard, along with some things we have personally experienced. What’s realer than this simple statement?

When we see injustice amongst any group of people for any reason, it’s not right and we should all exhibit courage to do something about it. Living in silence, looking away, and pointing the finger at another known evil isn’t right. Refusing to communicate in an effort to understand isn’t right.

We ALL really have to start focusing on doing what’s right. Not just for the memory of Martin Luther King Jr, but for our future and for our children. Peace, prosperity and love to all. I hope we are remain in the fight for what’s right.

An MLK Quote That Directed My Life

It’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day and this is one of my favorite quotes from him.

Once I truly began to understand what this quote really meant, my life change. Taking that first step out on faith is why I got into broadcasting. It’s why I created and why I’ve pursued this media passion even further while making no money from it for the last year and a half. I have faith that because when I create in this media space I feel complete. I don’t tire or get frustrated. The words fail, quit and move on are non existent when I’m in this space. That’s how I was meant to live life. The staircase to my dream is there. I just have to keep on stepping in this direction. When I was getting paid as a member of the media, the journey got very difficult. A lot of resistance, rejection and “No”. I never let that completely stop me, but it did make this journey within the system difficult. Now, I’m doing everything that got a “No” from others and the feeling is euphoric. That makes it all worth while. Do I want it to pay off? YES! Immediately! However, I want to love it and that means more than anything and is the most valuable piece of this puzzle.

My dream is to master conversation and storytelling. I feel I get closer to that mastery every day I crack a mic or set up a camera. Who knows when the day of mastery will come. All I know is I’m enjoying every mile of the ride.

Salute to Dr. King. A man of great passion, faith and character, who believed his words and actions would change the world. A belief so crazy that it came true in less than 40 years of life. Now his words fuel my dreams and I dream to be as impactful in my own way.

Have a great day!