Camp From The Port: Episode 004: Latchkey Stories Pt 2

We left off with Marcus finding out I was 23-24 in #ATL. We pick it up there as I share an untold personal story with a silver lining around that time. That leads us to talking independent #music moves and how I got almost everything I wanted as a #rapper without a deal.

We switch gears totalk Zeke, Jordan and Kobe and wonder if Greatness can pick talent. Then we switch gears again and talk #Capitalism and how it relates to the Jay/Roc Nation, Kaepernick and #NFL situation. It’s new content, different angle and alternative perspective, I promise.

It’s a lot to unpack on part 2 of the #CampFromThePort episode. #podcast #media

Camp From The Port: Episode 002: The Jewelry Box

This episode I get to sit with one of the #Chicago #Media #Legends! Mike MFN Love! It’s only my 2nd time talking to one of the guys on my “Media Mt Rushmore” but it was an amazing experience!

We talk #Veganism and my wife gave him one of her fire ass pizzas!

We also talk about #radio and he shares a story and gives me game about the industry as well as a deep dive on the famous “Birthday Line “now owned by WGCI. This conversation is why I still do this no matter what my employment status is. Thanks for watching and listening!

In 6 Days

In exactly 6 days my official last day working in a corporate radio structure will be 3 years old.

I remember every emotion I went through during that time. I was extremely hurt, angry, hateful and on edge. I felt disregarded, disrespected, unappreciated and felt as if I was suppose to believe I didn’t matter. Those kind of emotions send you on a whirlwind. One that is tough to recover from. All you have is revenge and payback on your mind. Your attitude is “fuck everybody that doesn’t fuck with me” and if it’s fake love, fuck you twice! I was there; Firmly in a hellfire and ready to scorch any being in my reach to their soul if they opposed me. Needless to say it was a bad time.

I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but in reality I had no plan. My exit strategy was accelerated and “help” was minimal or non existent. All the true planning I had was rooted in emotion. I was going to work, but the only actual plan I had was to be happy, feel better about myself and get in an environment where I was loved, respected and appreciated. I wanted to be all of those things so bad in an industry I felt I was born to be in. I was never trying to leave the game, just my environment. I never once thought that I wasn’t supposed to be in broadcasting. However, I did have no clue how I would remain in it with all the emotions flowing through me.

I wasn’t even sure if I should apply for media jobs based on what I had been through. I wasn’t convinced that “things would be different or better” changing companies or markets. I was extremely jaded on what would be the reality. I also looked at the people that “agreed with me” yet maintained position just fine. Again, I was jaded. It doesn’t matter how they function, it’s about me. How am I doing? What will I do to make things right for me? That’s what matters. Not how others words and actions don’t align correctly.

So many reality checks about this game and the people I met in it prepared me for life as I see it now. I understand that “family” talk is just business and many people will only help you as much as you can help them. That new understanding helps me never take certain things personal. One of the most valuable lessons learned was, Many people can’t really help you cause they can’t really help themselves. Some people are not where they want to be and have too much ego to help you get a step closer to where you want to go. That’s a couple valuable lessons of life and industry business for me.

My downtime back in my hometown gave me a chance to exhale and restart. I got back to working smart. Having no shame in starting from the real bottom and on the outside. Not being concerned if the likes, calls, texts and friendships got light or non existent. I wanted to be in the media and entertainment industry, not be everybody’s popular friend.

Fast Forward I work 2 jobs. One Entertainment industry related and making strides. I do 2 podcasts a week and developing a third. I’m writing my ass off, put out a book and the people that genuinely mess with me are still here. I WIN! I live for me and not the perception of what’s popping. Layla’s Daddy can’t be a lame in a quest for clout. Her Daddy works; And the work is the work!

I won’t lie and act like I didn’t try to go back to the place I once loathed. I thought a different market would be a good second chance for me. As the process broke down, it was clear that I would have ass to kiss, would need to “humble myself and be grateful” to be back, because I’m basically still a piece of shit human being to a few too many people that still hold power there. Another valuable lesson learned. My desire has changed so much that I know our paths will cross again. I’ll leave it at that.

In 6 days, it will have been 3 years since I started over. On that 6th day, I will be in my hometown around family, love and with great peace of mind. Everything I was searching for when I pulled up 3 years ago, in my hometown, in the middle of my family reunion, with no career, but plenty of faith.

My Media. My Way

I’m up early and wrestling with a lot of thoughts. One of those thoughts is from an exchange I had a couple days ago. I was placed in a position of “wrong” and my action was deemed “kinda bogus” because I originally couldn’t schedule a couple interviews for Independent artist until October. Keep in mind it wasn’t because I refused to do them at all. I just couldn’t do them during the timeframe this person asked.

It was an instant reminder of everything I loathe about the Independent music scene. Some of the people that you deal with really make you want to walk away from it all. The self absorbed, entitled, “how you not going to do this for me” attitude just blows me beyond belief. I’m also not sure how great it is for your exposure and brand building. Which is the primary reason I do it.

I’m in a place right now where I want to cancel everybody and just go back to not doing any interviews period. I’m not the type of creator that thrives off of guest or needs “a name” to create compelling content. Once this string of interviews is over I will go back to being super selective on what I do and why.

That exchange over booking interviews was a reminder that I don’t need to ever do them and I will be just fine. Every year thousands of artist and dozens of Managers and PR people will want reviews and interviews solely to help them look popping. And every year they will want to get on absolutely any platform they can no matter how new or old. There will never be a shortage of request in that game. And this week reminded me that I never have to play that game in route to my ultimate goal.

Living As CamQuotes

Hello and Good Morning!

This is a post to recognize what will be the final name change to the site. If you’ve been around since the summer when this was the “Pen Pimps” site, you know that the site name has had quite a few changes. Long story story short rebranding and self doubt don’t mix. I also realized how much work I would be “throwing away” if I abandoned my bread and butter brand known as “CamQuotes”. I can give you the transparency with any name. The content doesn’t have to change. I can give you real depth and layers as one entity. So I am going to do that. I’m going to give you my life at all angles. I created CamQuotes in this life. So now you can get more insight on me Living As CamQuotes.

I’m excited! This is going to be pretty cool. You’re still going to get the self reflection moments. You’re still going to get the poetry and other compositions. I’m still going to talk about how I feel about certain national societal topics. With all that you’re also going to get some media from me. I’ve added a podcast category so you can check out “First Black Champ”. It’s a wrestling podcast I do with my family, J.R Bang. I may add a feed to the Absolutely Dope Podcast that I was doing a couple years back as well.

I’m also going to be adding past moments that I think are great pieces from me. I believe a couple are already up and there are definitely more on the way.

I did it! I solved my rebrand issue 48 hours before my official return to social media! Since I’m changing the site again, I will let this go out on my social platforms just to make sure those who don’t follow this blog can see it. Well ladies and gentlemen, thank you. It’s been a jam-packed 3 months mentally and I am finally in a great space. Welcome to the life of CamQuotes.