BOLTS Bonus: Obs3rve KaSean & Denzo Laflair Conversation

We got 3 very special guest on deck for this special #BOLTSBonus conversation. Obs3rve KaSean and Denzo Laflair stop through to talk artistry, authenticity, the number 3 and why your success should be your own.

We even get into a conversation about who’s the best songwriter, Sean Garret, Ne-Yo or The Dream.The only place to hear hip-hop content like this is through #BanginOnLunchTables enjoy!

Bangin’ On Lunch Tables: Nicki Is Offended BUT The Best

Happy Birthday Hip-Hop! We kick off the show with some of our great personal moments the cemented us in the culture for life and shared our old emcee names. We then talk J. Cole wanting to freestyle and why nobody should be rapping over the Oochie Wally beat ever again. That then brings us to our “Freestyle vs Feature Run” conversation.

We talk about how artist that actually matter don’t need to flood the market with product, How Freshmen list 2016 may be a top 5 list as well as the Queen album by Nicki Minaj. Spoiler alert! One of us feels Nicki is a better emcee than Rhapsody! All that and so much more on this weeks #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!

Bangin On Lunch Tables: The New Kanye Conversation

Astroworld is out and Cam owes Travis Scott a formal apology. It’s a lead in to what we are calling “The New Kanye Conversation. How does Kanye’s legacy and discography look if he’s not the lead vocal of all of his projects? We talk about that in depth and talk about every era who put influential artist in the “He’s not hip-hop” bag on this weeks #BanginOnLunchTables podcast.

Bangin On Lunch Tables: The Illuminati Microwave

We are back and we ask the question, “Is Hip-Hop The Microwave?” We the people are hip-hop and the microwave is the shelf life of the artist and their content.

We cover legacy acts, concert attendance, our appreciation of the music and artist and so much more in between. Then we shout out Team OVO for being the most self aware team in the game today on this weeks #BanginOnLunchTables podcast.

Bangin’ On Lunch Tables: Maybe You Owe Baby

Kids See Ghost is out and it’s good but one of these artist need to GTFOH immediately!

Wayne is a “Free Man”, but what does it really means and who really cares? We deep dive into that and how maybe Baby don’t owe Wayne a dime!

Then we ask if Cardi B has shut the Women’s Rap division down and can you truly end a rappers career in 2018 on this weeks #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!