Chris Hogan on The Dave Ramsey Show

Need outweighs opinion all day everyday

-Chris Hogan

I’ve Got To Hustle!

Are you the type of person to say I can’t afford it or are you the type to figure out how to get it?

These are the words I said to myself as I begin to look at the number $1340. That’s the subtotal amount for the numerous hoodies I want from a clothing site. As I recognized I didn’t have it, my mind began to turn on how to get it. I have too many wants to not be hustling smarter and harder. I’ll be honest though, I’m not sure exactly what my hustle should be at this point. The obvious choice is monetizing this site and my 2 podcast, but that has also become quite a challenge. Both of them could earn me way more than $1340 a month, but getting there is literally half the battle. If I can make $1 dollar off my platforms, $100 or $1,000 plus will be easy. That first dollar though. It’s been hard to come by.

So I’m on a quest to truly hustle up. I’m going to get those nice and expensive things I want as well as my desired necessities. It’s time to add real hustle to the work and reap the benefits in all ways possible.

A Chasing Revelation While Brushing My Teeth

I think it’s time I stop chasing money. I say that because of my fear of once again being in insurmountable debt. I had an expense that I couldn’t pay cash for and well, now I’m a little more anxious than I was in say June of 2019. I had to charge that expense. Two things popped in my mind when I did this.

1. I am not buying a car anytime soon. I’ll lease or walk.
2. I need to find a way to get this money ASAP!!!

As I get prepared for the day today, a Jadakiss lyric popped in my mind.

Soon as you start chasing the money, that’s when the money start running

To be real, money has been running my whole life. It’s been running my conversations, my aspirations, my fantasies even my career. Now it’s running my family and my mind. I have to stop that today. I realized my purpose and that gave me the peace I needed. Now, I got to make sure that my purpose runs my life everyday and not money.

I live in America. A Capitalist country that runs on the Almighty Dollar. Even with that fact, I can’t let the dollar run me. My purpose is to be a resource and I can be that no matter what is in my wallet.

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

Remembering My Possible Biggest Financial Mistake EVER!

This morning I was in the shower thinking about money. Taking in thoughts of making 6 figures and coming to the realization that if I was to net 250K a year that would be more than enough to do absolutely anything that I want to do in the world.

For some reason this thought lead me to thinking about 2006-2008. At this time, I had my very first salary job. I was making the kind of guaranteed money that I was finally comfortable with and still in my early to mid 20’s. It was that feeling that lead me into what I would realize is my first major financial mistake. Possibly the biggest one ever.

I was looking at my check and how it was breaking down and seen how much I had left over AFTER paying bills and thought, Now I can afford a new car! Keep in mind, I had a car. A Jeep Cherokee. A jeep that I got for free for graduating college. Sure it was getting old, but it was still in great enough condition to get at least 5 more years out of it, if not more. I was so in love with the idea of getting a Chevy Impala as soon as I could, that I didn’t even think about what else I could use that extra few hundred dollars a month for.

Looking back, if nothing else, I should have just simply saved the money. I now sit here 11 years later wishing I could save over $300 a paycheck and not feel the effects of it. I didn’t know much about investing, but I was also trying to invest in myself through my music. Bottom line, I dropped the ball. Life and my bank account would have been a lot different had I just thought about how to keep the money vs what I should be able to afford with the money.

To sum the story up for now, I wouldn’t recover from that decision until June of 2019. Yes! A 2007 decision to buy a car instead of saving the money used for the car took me about 11 years to rectify. Lot of time and money gone, never to return. It took that long and by Spring of 2010, I didn’t have either of the vehicles mentioned in this story. That’s why I equate this to possibly being my biggest financial mistake ever!

There’s a valuable lesson to learn in all this. I think the top lesson for me is this; Don’t think about what the money can do today. Think about what you will need it to do tomorrow.

It’s one reason why now, even if it’s only $5 I’ll save it and I finally have a savings account for the first time in probably 10 years. It’s also a reminder of why I will lease the majority of my cars moving forward.

Second lesson learned. Money is a tool. You can’t fix anything in your life with broken tools or no tools. Right now, I got a toolbox with a hammer in it. That hammer wont fix everything. So I better make plans to purchase a wrench and a screwdriver.