2020 Mother’s Day Thoughts

I’m in an odd space today. My grandma passed this year and honestly, a lot of my personal life has come tumbling down with that moment. She’s gone, my Mom and I got into it over a personal matter and although there’s been no hostile angry or bitter exchange, my daughter’s mother and I don’t have the greatest relationship.

On this Mother’s Day, I’m going to take the time out to look in the mirror. Understand where I’m falling short. Looking at what I want and how I go about getting it. Where is my focus? How can I build and maintain better relationships with women? Sometimes making yourself the common denominator is the only way you will reach true resolution.

With that being said, let me think on what to do with my time today. Let that time to think today make me better for tomorrow.

If you are a mom or if you’re expecting to be a mom, Happy Mother’s Day. You perform a beautiful act of God and we should respect, love and secure you because of that alone. Condolences to everyone who has lost their mom or the mother in their life. I know a day like this or any other special day can’t be easy. A sincere prayer for you to cope will be said by me today.

Happy Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day. Love

My Spirit on This Mother’s Day

I have typed, deleted and drafted so many times today…

What I will say is this…

Every year won’t be the same for any of us. Maybe a Mother or Mother’s in your life will make you feel differently about yourself, your life and your relationship with them. All I can say is be as respectful and as genuine as you can be to the Mother’s in your life. Even during the most difficult times.

I won’t deny many of my biter feelings over the years. I can’t. What I have done this year is let go of them for every Mother in my life for at least one day, in an attempt to grow as a man. It’s so hard when you feel you have been mistreated because the human in you naturally wants payback. Reality has shown me when you switch the focus from the wrong done to you into the right that you can do, things will only get better for you and it will give you better peace of mind.

So, if your spirit moves you to tell a Mother in your life, Happy Mother’s Day; Do it. That’s an act of God moving and cleansing your spirit of the rest of that hurt, pain and darkness that still lives in you. I don’t want to live in painful darkness anymore. So I’m making my best strides to live in light.

Bangin On Lunch Tables: So How’s Your Mom?

It’s Mother’s Day so we couldn’t kick off the show with out celebrating the Mothers of Hip-Hop. We even got an angle of hip-hop that Cam will not debate! First time for everything.

Speaking of firsts, we talk DMX’s debut, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot and share great thoughts and memories about this album 20 years later.

How genuine is Spotify with their new policy? What are some of the great pointless long ass intro’s on rap songs that you remember? Hear about that and the 3 things that make the 90’s early 2000’s era the best on this weeks #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!