Camp From The Port: Episode 005: Wormhole

Nothing like an unexpected event that will lead to an impromptu episode of #CampFromThePort. I got a chance to meet Cloak The Scribe through mutual social media hip-hop lovers and we’ve remained solid and respectful ever since. I was truly honored and appreciative to be tapped to lend a verse for his upcoming project. Shout to Pots and Pans Audio for making me sound pretty incredible!

We talk music industry and the grind of a true Independent artist doing it all dolo and spending the money to stay afloat. I also find out if Cloak is down to collaborate and sign someone from the 815. And if you listen closely, you’ll get to hear some exclusive audio of what Cloak has been cooking up this quarter.

I can’t give it all away now, but look out for my feature on Cloak’s upcoming project. The track is called “Wormhole”.

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Camp From The Port: Episode 004: Latchkey Stories Pt 2

We left off with Marcus finding out I was 23-24 in #ATL. We pick it up there as I share an untold personal story with a silver lining around that time. That leads us to talking independent #music moves and how I got almost everything I wanted as a #rapper without a deal.

We switch gears totalk Zeke, Jordan and Kobe and wonder if Greatness can pick talent. Then we switch gears again and talk #Capitalism and how it relates to the Jay/Roc Nation, Kaepernick and #NFL situation. It’s new content, different angle and alternative perspective, I promise.

It’s a lot to unpack on part 2 of the #CampFromThePort episode. #podcast #media

Bangin On Lunch Tables: 3 Migos Are Better Than 1

A lot of albums dropped and everyone isn’t worth listening to. And it’s time to finally come to the reality that the Migos are better together than apart and they may need to fall back for a second. Cam talks the “Takashi 69 Conspiracy Theory” he heard and we stop giving rappers respect for hitting the same girl on this weeks #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!

New Music – 1:07
-The Gorilla Zoe Run – 3:57
-Smiff N Wessun – 9:08
-Lil Pump – 13:32
-Offset – 17:09

-A Real Migos conversation – 21:15
-The Lox May Really Be The Best Sidebar – 27:40
-The Tekashi 69 Consipiracy Theory – 35:05
– Are we done respecting Rapper’s taste and choice in women? 50:38
– Final Words 1:05:55
– Best “Non Kendrick Album” from TDE
– Lets get rid of relevant/irrelevant 1:12:30

Musical “Did You Know?”

How old were you when you realized “The Alphabet Song” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” had the same melody?

How many of you sung it just to make sure I’m not lying to you.

Nope, you won’t find a meme on this. I’m just pretty smart and know music melodies.