My One Word: Gratitude

Salute to Evan Carmichael. His One Word is “Believe”

I don’t remember if it was mid last year or earlier this year, when I got introduced to Evan Carmichael’s content, but I instantly understood and liked it from the start. His “10 Rules” videos that he puts together are great! Seeing clips of successful people you admire offer real gems and positivity on how to succeed is something that doesn’t get highlighted enough. I hope to do one some day and hope it inspires someone.

I had been searching for my “One Word”. I didn’t want it to be “Believe” even though I felt that was great and a must have in life. Then I tried to make the cliche words like “Respect” “Love” and “Marathon” fit. Then I just forgot about it. When you force to find it, it’s not real.

Today, my one word officially hit me; Gratitude.

Gratitude in my life has been overwhelming this year. Honestly the last 2 years if I really stopped and thought about it. I finally got to work for a company that really shows me they care about me. They talk me up. They reward me. The are helping me move forward and on to bigger and better things beyond my position. In my now 37 years of life, I’ve never felt that true genuine feeling of appreciation from a job ever. It’s not that I never got anything from some jobs. It’s just that it didn’t feel as sweet and humbling as it does right now. For that I am grateful. For that I have sincere Gratitude.

I am willing to go to out of my way to be an asset to these people and this company. Why? Cause they seen me work, they appreciated the work and rewarded the work in real time. They didn’t forget my great work or treat me like my great work had never happened on a bad or “off day”. The respect built didn’t waiver. The hunger for more didn’t cause concern nor was it met with discouraging words. I didn’t lead to a highlight on the things I can’t do or what I need to change to get where I want to go. I was just introduced to people that could help. That’s all I ever wanted. For that I am grateful. For that I have sincere Gratitude.

I have another job that repaired my lifestyle. It got me away from feeling like a failure while sleeping in a car in hotel parking lots. The people there gave me respect for “doing what I have to do” just to make sure my daughter has medical insurance. They looked at my character and my knowledge and gave me an opportunity. They gave me a contract, with a contingent clause for a raise. They stood on their words in the interview and in that contract and I got that raise. That full raise. For that I am grateful. For that I have sincere Gratitude.

I think I’ve gotten 2 raises that were not minimum wage raise increases in 21 years of working. I doubt I’ve had 3 managers over me or at an executive level really care about me and my future and mean it. I’ve never felt like I’ve had a job that liked, respected or wanted my “PROS” intangibles and ME as an individual at 100% before 2017. I have all that now and a chance to succeed like I know I’m capable of doing. For that I am grateful. For that I have sincere Gratitude.

Gratitude. What I have experienced and now can’t wait to give. The feeling when nothing positive said or done to you has a phony, manufactured or disingenuous undertone. I’ve literally waited all my working life for this feeling. I love this feeling. I can’t wait to provide that feeling to someone else. Gratitude.